World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 518
Seeing Shen Xiang must carry on the life and death struggle with Zhong Quan, many people look to disdain, especially these want with the student who Zhong Quan becomes friends with, exits the satire. He thinks that what he is? Spirit Martial Realm does early stage, want to win Soul Martial Realm early stage Zhong Quan? Others Zhong Quan is an important Thunder Spirit person, this type of thing is rarer than Fire Spirit.” Snort, overreaches oneself, this brings death simply, the Zhong Quan Boss can with stamp Qian Liguang such a moment ago, blows away this fellow.” Heard that previous time was hit to lie by a Zhong Quan fist, now unexpectedly also dares to come, Zhong Quan is young, has to practice second layer Devil Subduing Energy, this fellow is brings death really!” If I, might as well am accompanying that two beautiful woman together, heard that he can have today, depends upon the woman!” Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan hear to frown in the one side, if no Xue Xianxian here, that several people who spoke a moment ago perhaps, already were scolded by Leng Youlan. When Shen Xiang just wants to get rid, several intense aura suddenly transmit, he only sees vice- Dean Zhao Tao and white-haired, but the skin actually white and tender very old woman arrives, in them behind also with several hair white Hua Hua old men. The Shen Xiang fist grasps, he knows that this definitely is Yu Baixiang calls, the old woman is Devil Subduing School's Dean, a powerful person, fears including Fire God Palace, with these people who whose she comes is old fellow in Devil Subduing School, the strength was crossing the Nirvana 78 tribulations. Liao Shaoyun also came, has such one group of people, Shen Xiang knows if one want to massacre Zhong Quan was also difficult, even if he has the strength to defeat Zhong Quan, but there are these expert to stare at the same time, when necessary definitely will be prevented.

Zhong Quan is young, the talent different reported that has rare and formidable Thunder Spirit, lets him on the road of practice problem-free, almost does not have what bottleneck, enables him to grasp very terrifying lightning strength, in this Devil Subduing School, but the excellent talent, said that he is not overrated for first under heaven young expert. Zhong Quan really has the proud capital, but Shen Xiang thinks that does not understand why such a person can walk such nearly with Liao Shaoyun, moreover is willing to listen to Liao Shaoyun to direct, he thought that these definitely have the secretive secret. Oh, it seems like today cannot kill you!.” Zhong Quan was very not happy at this time that he wants to massacre Shen Xiang very much, but suddenly came such a ticket person, perhaps when the time comes will be stopped. Dean and vice- Dean came, did not speak, was only serious, stood looks there. Sees Zhong Quan that boots above flesh and blood, Shen Xiang's Slaughtering Heart to beat immediately suddenly, the anger rises dramatically, is burning his blood, making his whole person seethe with excitement in the endless anger, that crazy fierce universe arrogance from his body, the hair spurts comes out thinly, true is bringing murderous aura fiercely burns the heat wave, sweeps across eight sides, making people feel in the fear incomparably burning hot, because actually that cold and gloomy murderous aura hit one to tremble! Today I must kill you in any event, who prevents me, is the personal enemy of my Shen Xiang this whole life, so long as my Shen Xiang must have the one breath, I with his irreconcilable!” The Shen Xiang that wild and angry brave words in reverberate compared with martial stage, lets all person dumbstruck, because his words said in the old fellow hears to these institutes without doubt. Person who his unexpectedly dares to threaten Dean this rank! Simply was extremely arrogant to the extreme! Dean that fair and contained on the elastic face to reveal the scowl slightly, if she did not have a snow white hair, likely was not old man, was only the middle-aged appearance.

Ha Ha...... Really is the thing of acting recklessly!” Zhong Quan thought one heard the funniest joke to be the same a moment ago, his laughter suddenly stops, but person actually vanish from sight. The people hold the breath immediately, are staring at that flame steaming Shen Xiang, they know that Zhong Quan started to attack, the Zhong Quan speed was fast, the attack tyrannical overwhelming power, was many people sees. „” Crack, sees only the space as if to ripple general, this unexpectedly Devil Subduing Energy, suddenly flying shoots at Shen Xiang together, across the past time, shakes the air, seems like similar to the entire space receives the fluctuation to be ordinary, that strength is also very astonishing, moreover is having a very tyrannical lightning aura, making the person heart jump crazily, as if must shell to be the same that strength. From the beginning is Devil Subduing Energy! Remembers many people think the Shen Xiang's body will explode a blood hole time, is „” transmits, this unexpectedly is also Devil Subduing Energy! Shen Xiang has blocked that with Devil Subduing Energy toward him Devil Subduing Energy that flies to shoot, moreover might unexpectedly was overbearing, when causes two invisible Devil Subduing Energy bump into, sticks out suddenly wave that Qi Energy forms, but this wave actually scrapes off in Zhong Quan of Shen Xiang body side toward that. Many people open the mouth unable to speak! They know that Shen Xiang just came in this Devil Subduing School one month, moreover one month closing in that cave, at that time he had also been injured by Zhong Quan, but his unexpectedly has learned Devil Subduing Energy one now. From Shen Xiang, in that releases the Devil Subduing Energy technique instantaneously, he completely grasped! Yu Baixiang also stares big old eyes, does not believe completely looks at Shen Xiang, he remembers that Shen Xiang has taken his class, learned Devil Subduing Energy!

Devil Subduing School's these old fellow studied diligently Devil Subduing Energy already many years, but looked like Shen Xiang this studying such quick matter first time to see! Can have the formidable strength, can sometimes be said as the luck, or is the inborn odd personality, but can learn this type abstrusely martial skill that is difficult to build up, that is not inborn can achieve, takes Zhong Quan, he sufficed the talent, but he was also same as other people, has studied Devil Subduing Energy several years, peak also in second layer! Naturally, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan they, when told a while ago Teacher they learn second layer, has caused a stir in the Devil Subduing School's high level, making them be puzzling. Zhong Quan sneers: actually learned Devil Subduing Energy by chance, dares to clamor.” Although he said that but in heart also is very surprised, moreover envies very much, he understood that studies the Devil Subduing Energy pain, if not this martial arts can be used to cope with Demon and Devil, he is disinclined to study, he therefore has also cost many time, otherwise he thought that own present at least is Tempering Realm. During the speeches, Zhong Quan waves like lightning, is „” an explosive, he has released Devil Subduing Energy, at the same time moves with the extremely quick speed, making people think that he probably was vanish from sight such. Devil Subduing Energy, Shen Xiang not again by the Devil Subduing Energy parry, but is receives with the hand directly, he knows now very thoroughly about Devil Subduing Energy, even if Devil Subduing School these old fellow does not have him such to be skilled, therefore he utilizes the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art mysterious characteristics, melts that Devil Subduing Energy with ease.