World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 519
Saw Shen Xiang with ease melting fierce Devil Subduing Energy, these old fellow think immediately Shen Xiang possibly mastered Devil Subduing Energy inside knack. Although Shen Xiang is only a Spirit Martial Realm person, various important matters that but Shen Xiang tosses about in Mortal Martial World, keeping them from neglecting Shen Xiang, therefore they had also known about Shen Xiang that but Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan live in together, the short 1-2 months can learn second layer, this explained must have the connection. Zhong Quan planned the rapid traverse, releases Devil Subduing Energy to Shen Xiang unceasingly, how wants to have a look at Shen Xiang to resist, but has not thought that a Shen Xiang palm pats his fierce Devil Subduing Energy vanishes into thin air! However Zhong Quan not, therefore receives hand, release Devil Subduing Energy that but keeps in the distant place, making this Qi Energy be similar to the sudden downpour is ordinary, covers to Shen Xiang, that type pā pā pā pā a series of explosives, shock many people not to learn the Devil Subduing Energy student, making them quite envy. Shen Xiang coldly smiled, sees only behind him suddenly to transform many arms, looks like resembles him to have superhuman such, is resisting these Devil Subduing Energy that flies to shoot. He had now discovered a Zhong Quan weakness, is fierce martial skill that Zhong Quan has are not many! Must want to grasp fierce martial skill, requires many time, let alone many, but divine art of Shen Xiang practice is Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao with Divine Sense to pass on merit laws, letting him immediately to achieve mastery through a comprehensive study, grasps with ease, therefore he foundation in martial arts aspect is solid, he had studied afterward Nine Turn Dragon God Technique, Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art and Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique, Suppressing Devil divine art, this makes his foundation thicker! Devil Subduing Energy had been learned tenth layer by Shen Xiang, moreover he also touches the Devil Subduing Energy Completion level, now he most does not fear is Devil Subduing Energy, this Zhong Quan attacks him with Devil Subduing Energy, making him laugh secretly. Your cultivation base, although is Soul Martial Realm early stage, but True Qi is not very vigorous, the foundation is not very reliable, you are only explosive force, but lasting words, humph, humph! Let alone you do not have the fierce martial arts support!” The Shen Xiang previous time is because has not paid attention, was wounded by this Zhong Quan suddenly, but currently he had the protection, but can also see the Zhong Quan weakness! Although Shen Xiang now is angry, although wishes one could to kill Zhong Quan, but he can actually maintain calm! The anger and hatred can stimulate strength of person, but can actually to lose the reason, but Shen Xiang now stimulates strength to come by the anger and hatred, has not actually lost the reason! This is the most fearful place. Sees Shen Xiang to analyze the Zhong Quan weakness now calmly, these think a moment ago the Shen Xiang overestimate one's capabilities people cannot reach an agreement the words! Instead is Zhong Quan becomes angry, because his attack is not effective, but he actually does not dare to approach Shen Xiang, this lets him anxiously, but the Shen Xiang's words are heavily hits his atrium.

If Shen Xiang any worry, he has not eaten pills also to attack Tempering Realm quickly, but actually need more time firm foundation, even forever is unable to establish the foundation. Coped with you to be enough!” Zhong Quan drinks one coldly, flies to dodge, appears behind Shen Xiang, to Shen Xiang was being a heavy blows bang in the past, that fist ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), the electric light four dodged, this somewhat dim illuminated compared with martial stage well-illuminated, this crazy fierce thunder fought with the fists, the world changed color. The people hold the breath to look that they have been able to see Shen Xiang to hit the flesh and blood splash! Fist pounding maliciously on the Shen Xiang's chest, the flesh and blood has not blasted out, but Shen Xiang actually turned into Qi mist, that crazy fierce fist strength from the fist turbulently, is similar to together the peerless thunder, hits in the ground of martial arts contest stage. Water Mirror Art! In Black Tortoise Divine Art one unsurpassed movement technique, in fleeing, can in leave one with water vapor condense instantaneously with my exactly the same virtual image! The people have been shocked, because they see Shen Xiang to appear in Zhong Quan behind! The Shen Xiang fist clashes, „” crack, True Qi in within the body wells up crazily, gathers the turn into dragon strength, finally turns into Devil Subduing Energy to explode to shoot, strokes in the back of Zhong Quan, Qi Energy passes through the back of Zhong Quan directly. Puff the blood tuck dive of Zhong Quan within the body, in the mouth spouts blood arrow, Devil Subduing Energy emerges in his body together, has the incomparably formidable explosion, but his within the body has wilder lightning attribute True Qi, suppresses that terror instantaneously Devil Subduing Energy. Zhong Quan unexpectedly was hit by Shen Xiang spits blood! The people cannot believe that this is real, but they truly witnessed a moment ago! With such that Shen Xiang said that Zhong Quan has not learned any fierce martial skill, his striking power and speed, although is very fierce, but defends actually rottenly, once the dew vacates the gate, will come under the deathblow! Shen Xiang had been trained by Huang Jintian, has fought many battles, has carried on all kinds of fights with Huang Jintian, will be hit each time lives to might as well die, therefore his fight experience told that can when the fight, carry on the calm analysis, makes the accurate judgment, strikes to the match fatally!

Zhong Quan just True Qi of revolution within the body, wants to shunt Shen Xiang fast, but Shen Xiang actually does not give him the opportunity, fights with the fists! pā pā!” This is two continual thunderclap crack, shakes everyone to be at a loss for words, is similar to the stone carving is ordinary, because this is Devil Subduing Energy second layer, continual crack! These two loud strength compared with a sound strong two times! Zhong Quan condense True Qi must be defeated and dispersed by this Devil Subduing Energy impact instantaneously. Shen Xiang sneered, this Devil Subduing Energy releases through his killer's hand, the might becomes stronger. Zhong Quan just spouted to vomit a big booth blood, is pā pā three transmits! unexpectedly is three sounds! Besides Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian, all people think is own misunderstood, Shen Xiang unexpectedly cultivated third layer Devil Subduing Energy, released Devil Subduing Energy time stuck out suddenly three sounds! Zhong Quan carries now to Shen Xiang, his back had actually been used Devil Subduing Energy to destroy by Shen Xiang, the five main internal organs (entrails) in within the body was broken cannot again break to pieces. Shen Xiang knows fierce of Devil Subduing Energy now, but this Zhong Quan fleshly body also misses makes him knit the brows, keeping him from having a look at fierce of Devil Subduing Energy again. When the people that three made a sound by Shen Xiang Devil Subduing Energy shocks, pā pā pā pā is a series of explosives transmits, making people such as by the thunder stroke ordinary, the whole body hit one to tremble! Devil Subduing Energy four! Before on that Devil Subduing List can practice to three also several, but Shen Xiang actually arrived at fourth layer now!

Zhong Quan had been hit by that four loud Devil Subduing Energy crawls to the place, the entire back has crushed. Sufficed!” Dean took a deep breath, Shen Xiang can practice fourth layer, these definitely masters the knack, this lets her surprisedly, wants to know that knack is anything. Shen Xiang looked at that old woman, the brow wrinkled slightly, he had said a moment ago, today must massacre this Zhong Quan not to be possible! You dare!” Old woman voice ice-cold, she is Devil Subduing School's Dean, is here highest control, nobody can revolt against him. Shen Xiang looks to lie to pour in place Zhong Quan, double fist fierce grasps, is stamping a foot to the body of Zhong Quan fiercely, simultaneously revolution Devil Subduing Energy! pā pā pā pā pā pā......” consecutively ten times thunderclap crack suddenly erupts one after another, this is tenth layer, Dean cannot be this level, but Shen Xiang actually achieved! The body of Zhong Quan was stepped on with ten layers Devil Subduing Energy by Shen Xiang, that wild strength emerges in the body of Zhong Quan, making that body suddenly explode! That is scattering blood fog, flesh and blood of splashing down, deep is shocking the mind of everyone!