World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 520
Various types shock the same time to emerge in the heart of people, lets the person scant of breath! Shen Xiang unexpectedly defies Dean, and has learned Devil Subduing Energy tenth layer, instantaneous ten make a sound Devil Subduing Energy, steps on a first under heaven young expert foot crushes! Looks that these were similar to the flesh and blood that the blood splash fell gently generally, the people cannot help but hit one to tremble, before to the person who Shen Xiang taunted, now in the heart is uncomfortable, Shen Xiang not only has killed Zhong Quan, but also practiced tenth layer Devil Subduing Energy! Naturally, he a moment ago such, even if not use Devil Subduing Energy ten layers strength, can massacre Zhong Quan, he such does to show off, making others know that he compares the Zhong Quan talent! Yu Baixiang is very clear not to explain the second layer above content, but Shen Xiang has actually learned tenth layer, this explained that Shen Xiang is studies independently, is self-taught, this is lets in Devil Subduing School these old fellow most shocking places, even if they, in the past also underwent others' attentive instruction, can learn! But Shen Xiang not only in short one month in learns, but also has learned the maximum level, they also saw the tenth layer might a moment ago, Shen Xiang Spirit Martial Realm early stage displays, that strength unexpectedly compares Soul Martial Realm is fierce. Dean is gripping tightly the fist, because Shen Xiang has defied her orders, unexpectedly worked as her surface butchering Zhong Quan, did not pay attention to her, but she here Dean, governed the entire institute, after Devil Subduing School arrived at Mortal Martial World, can frighten eight sides depending on her strength, but little rascal actually here provokes now her dignity. Catches him!” How Dean cannot attend to Shen Xiang learning Devil Subduing Energy tenth layer, now she only thinks that has applied makeup, some people, but also looked at the face is more important than the life. After Dean issues an order, Yu Baixiang and Zhao Tao appear in Shen Xiang behind, held his both arms, letting him to move. But a Shen Xiang face calmly, said securely: Why?” „Did you kill people? You offend the rule of institute.” Dean was angrier, Shen Xiang to this time, has not been willing to lower the head to her unexpectedly.

This is the life and death struggle, he also complied, but here many people saw! I remember that in Devil Subduing School had said has probably the big enmity words, can carry on the life and death struggle.” Shen Xiang indifferently said. Few idle talk, catch him, closes into the dungeon!” Dean shouted angrily. Snort, Devil Subduing School's Dean is also mediocre, I was acclaiming still the Devil Subduing School's rule to be stern, but this is also looked that now the individual sentiment decides, do not forget, I had said a moment ago, if some people prevent me to kill Zhong Quan, is I biggest personal enemy, I can with his irreconcilable!” Shen Xiang vision one cold, said solemnly. Dean brow tight wrinkle, she wishes one could to pat now a Shen Xiang palm, but she actually cannot such do, knew about Shen Xiang according to her Shen Xiang is the Huang Jintian's apprentice, is Extreme Martial Sect Three Great Big Shots Martial Uncle, if Shen Xiang died, this Devil Subduing School said that anything also by Extreme Martial Sect reckless murdering those who have cheated them, that is the gain does not equal the loss! pā! two suddenly crack, see only Liao Shaoyun suddenly to appear before the Shen Xiang body, a fist bang hits on the Shen Xiang's abdomen, sticks out suddenly two Devil Subduing Energy crack, although is Devil Subduing Energy first layer strength, but releases by Liao Shaoyun this strength, the might is also big. You......” Shen Xiang throat one sweet, the blood that welling up swallowed, he knew about Devil Subduing Energy luckily that can melt these to enter his body inside strength instantaneously, otherwise he already lay down now. Dares to contradict repeatedly Dean, this is to Dean does not respect, this has violated the rule of institute!” Liao Shaoyun coldly looks at Shen Xiang, said mean: I maintain the person of order as Devil Subduing School, has the authority to get rid to you!” Can complete, closes into the dungeon Shen Xiang!” Dean appreciates the Liao Shaoyun procedure, approves one greatly, shouted. Old lady, my Shen Xiang and your irreconcilable, not bully youngster to be poor!” Although the Shen Xiang's sound is tranquil, but that resenting and that killing intent, can actually deeply be able to feel.

Shen Xiang looked at Liao Shaoyun, that look looks like poisonous snake such, making the Liao Shaoyun heart jump, he knows that Shen Xiang is a very big threat, he had not been worried before, but sees the Shen Xiang's strength to increase day by day, approaches him gradually, makes him hotch, he must remove Shen Xiang, reckless! Although Dean is angry, but she knows, some are the opportunity punishes Shen Xiang, endured, now makes her feel what is not feeling well, Shen Xiang unexpectedly has learned tenth layer, she for these years, is ninth layer. Shen Xiang carried off, closes in a dungeon, in the shackles has powerful formations, is very difficult to run away. Little brother, how were you pass/test?” The old man of Shen Xiang next door shackles asked. Defies that old lady, but also scolded her, contradicted she, threatened her...... This sufficed.” Shen Xiang low coldly snorted. This old lady is this, she always violates the institute rule, but actually punishes the person who oneself cannot get used to seeing with the rule of institute, I like this am closed 300 years by her.” The old man hates said. 300 years! Shen Xiang is secretly surprised, he looked at these shackles inside people, majority are the strength is quite strong, even also has Nirvana Realm. This made Shen Xiang sprout a thought that completely let out this dungeon inside fellow! Although in this nobody safeguards, but actually many powerful formations, let alone Shen Xiang, even if enters Nirvana Realm is hard to attack the to break the formation method.

But Shen Xiang knows that formation is not the storm can break, if skilled to formation, that strength is weak, can the to break the formation method exit suddenly. Grandfather, what was closed is here fiercest is who? How was here person pass/test?” Shen Xiang inquired. Snort, fiercest is the old man, I am on Dean, the old lady unites that several old fellow, trigs me, then closes into this, the reason was I have killed a student, has violated the rule.” A moment ago and old man of Shen Xiang speech got angry the sound to say. Shen Xiang had a scare by this old man, first Dean can be closed, he is knows that old lady was fierce. „Does the old lady name? Her name is not probably public.” Shen Xiang asked. Called Liu Yufang, she was inexpensive goods, does not know that with any method, with Heaven World's Suppressing Devil Temple on good, the authority was very big.” The old man said. Shen Xiang good some have not believed that sees his question the look, an old man palm makes, the bang is hitting the iron cage, erupts pā pā......” a series of sounds, that is Devil Subduing Energy tenth layer, consecutively ten sounds! Devil Subduing Energy tenth layer, the old lady now cannot achieve!” Old man proudly said, this makes many iron cage inside people throw to envy and respect look, Devil Subduing Energy ten layers, that is they have a dream to practice.