World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 521
Shen Xiang smiled, to iron cage is also being a palm, only hears pā pā pā pā pā pā......” ten crack transmit, is the same with that old man, is the consecutively ten sounds, this is Devil Subduing Energy ten layers. The haughty old man, now was scared, the whole face does not believe looks at Shen Xiang, in other iron cages the person is almost stares the eyeball, before the old man is Dean, cultivates tenth layer Devil Subduing Energy is not the strange matter, but Shen Xiang seems like only a young man, unexpectedly has also learned tenth layer. This...... Is this possible? Present Devil Subduing Energy very good successive?” The old man swallowed saliva fiercely, if so, he thought that he can kill on the wall, oneself practiced such for a long time to practice tenth layer laboriously, but little rascal actually can also achieve now, this made him be uncomfortable very much. Naturally is not, old lady now is only Devil Subduing Energy ninth layer, I in front of her with this tenth layer strength, killed one to provoke my fellow, has contradicted then her several, was made.” Shen Xiang shakes the head sighs. Old Dean, did you call are the name? I have not seen on the Devil Subduing School's history book have about your record.” Shen Xiang said. Zuo Zhenxuan, haven't you looked at my name on the Devil Subduing School history book really?” The old man is angry at this time, he made such big contribution for Devil Subduing School, unexpectedly had become famous, some people will do one's best also to pass on the eternity, but he does not have any status now. Shen Xiang nodded: History book also here.” Saying, he has put out a book, but actually could not give Zuo Zhenxuan to look, because between the iron cages and iron cages had formation. Places in the ground, I can see!” Zuo Zhenxuan said. After Shen Xiang places the ground, sees only the Zuo Zhenxuan brow to congeal, Shen Xiang felt that weak strength transmits, that book suddenly change fast, but the small moment turned, then proceeded to turn from behind.

Zuo Zhenxuan looks at the shameless spasm, that angry mood does not have by in addition duplicate, his suddenly laughs wildly: Ha Ha...... This damn old lady, unexpectedly contributes to cancel to Devil Subduing School's my for ten thousand years, so long as gives me the opportunity, I must perish together with you!” Why Shen Xiang does not know, in the heart suddenly cheers up secretly, he is also repugnant that to call the Liu Yufang old lady, he thought that this old lady does not match to make Dean, radically is a viper poisonous woman. Shen Xiang also planned must break formation with a period of time, but sees this Laoyuanzi so to hate that old lady now, in his heart suddenly had a plan. Old Dean, do you have the big assurance to win that old lady?” Shen Xiang suddenly uses Divine Sense sound transmission. Zuo Zhenxuan was calm immediately, he knows Shen Xiang to be uncommon, young can practice tenth layer Devil Subduing Energy, definitely has the forte, moreover dares to offend Liu Yufang, he is also admires to Shen Xiang. Snort, if her Devil Subduing Energy has not arrived at tenth layer, I have the ten layers assurance! Previous time they are many people besiege, plot against me to make me.” Zuo Zhenxuan responded with Divine Sense similarly. A Shen Xiang intention revolution \; Good, I can put you to exit, but you must accept my condition, keeps a that old lady dog's life, gives me to butcher her! Such one, is I and his hatred, Heaven World above blames is also only my mistake.” Zuo Zhenxuan wants not to think that immediately complies: So long as you can put me to exit, I with every effort exactly catch certainly that old lady to process to you, when the time comes you can also continue to keep Devil Subduing School, I will continue to make Dean.” His words just said shortly , the Shen Xiang whole body shakes, sees only white fog to scatter, floods in this dungeon, during making the person place oneself in one piece is white, anything cannot see.

This is Shen Xiang puts intentionally, he such makes to use Heaven's Crown Gate time was not seen by other people. Heaven's Crown Gate has to pass through the space the ability, these formation have not blocked the space, therefore Shen Xiang was very relaxed opened a door, arrived in the Zuo Zhenxuan iron cage. Felt that Shen Xiang suddenly comes, Zuo Zhenxuan is wild with joy, hastily holds the Shen Xiang's wrist|skill: brat, you were my obligation person!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Said again!” Was saying he opened Space Gate, draws Zuo Zhenxuan to step into Space Gate, arrived in one ocean waves impacts sand beach, this is the island of King Continent seashore, has very far distance to that Devil Subduing School. Shen Xiang such does also take risks, if Zuo Zhenxuan is the evil person who ten are not wickedly, he has troubled, therefore he will arrive at the seashore, this helps him displaying Water Escape, can run away in very short time. But what makes Shen Xiang feel relieved, Zuo Zhenxuan sees all over the sky stars, with that by the boundless sea area that the moonlight illuminates, he kneels in front of Shen Xiang's immediately: little brother, please receive Zuo Zhenxuan to do obeisance!” Dean please get up quickly, I!” Shen Xiang hastily helps up Zuo Zhenxuan. Zuo Zhenxuan did not ask how Shen Xiang is makes him, he knows that is others' secret, he plunges into the sea now, is cleaning own body. I called Shen Xiang, was one month ago entered Devil Subduing School's, at that time went in also thinks good, but afterward......” Shen Xiang told Zuo Zhenxuan his Devil Subduing School's bitter experience.

After Zuo Zhenxuan hear, said: This damn old lady, really same as usual. Hehe, I must thank her now, if not she closes you, perhaps I could not come out.” Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang laughs, he knows that he quick can kill with one's own hand that old lady. Zuo Zhenxuan worthily is Dean, can calm down very much, although before him, is very angry, but after coming out, has not shouted must revenge. It seems like besides vice- Dean Zhao Tao and Yu Baixiang, other old things by that old lady subduing! It seems like I must need further consideration.” After Zuo Zhenxuan washes is clean, has changed one clean clothes, storage equipment of his also stealth, therefore initially many things had not been robbed. Combs the hair and wash the face cleanly, after changing the new clothes, this Zuo Zhenxuan looks like quite the features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality, to person a very gentle feeling. Dean, if you can the Devil Subduing School control in the hand, you be able to let me and my wife once more have the younger sister, enters that Big Dipper Realm?” This is also the Shen Xiang risk a big goal that Zuo Zhenxuan puts. Zuo Zhenxuan straightforward complies very: Does not have the issue, but that Big Dipper Realm is very special, a person are most can only go for ten days, in is also ten years of matter, then did not have what effect! However I can actually go for ten days!” Hehe, that Big Dipper Realm fierce place was being grasped by me, otherwise Devil Subduing School will not limit such deadly! I dare saying that these for 300 years, enter Big Dipper Realm inside person not over ten people!”