World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 522
Shen Xiang also thinks that Big Dipper Realm can go in casually, actually has the limit, but can go for 20 days also to calculate well, in is 20 years! Thinks to make him excited. Big Dipper Realm needs very formidable energy to maintain, had preserved long ago many energies, just only then I can release these energies to come out, now they want to open the Big Dipper Realm words, must first consume very big strength to open an entrance, uses again has the thing of energy to start Big Dipper large formation.” Zuo Zhenxuan then said. Shen Xiang suddenly asked: Said that Dean you can allow me to enter Big Dipper Realm now?” Naturally, but in Devil Subduing School, when I rest for several days, goes back to cope with that old lady!” Zuo Zhenxuan said that then closes the eye, is absorbing world Spirit Qi nurturing own body, he up was so long in that iron cage, but damaged to damage many Yuan Qi. Sitting of Shen Xiang Jing Jing (quietly) in one side, is also sensing in that Devil Subduing Energy strange sutra chant, he must understand that 11 th Completion Realm! Devil Subduing Energy Completion is very definitely fierce, fuses ten layers chant, but this is not good to operate. Shen Xiang, if you borrow my strength, with my strength fusion, can contend with that Liao Shaoyun! This fellow must deal with Nirvana Tribulation quickly, even if you could not kill him, can destroy him to cross the Nirvana Tribulation opportunity while this, making him receive the severe wound, such one, he later must cross Nirvana Tribulation to be difficult.” Long Xueyi said. Liao Shaoyun is the Peak Realm peak, so long as he crossed Nirvana Tribulation to enter into Nirvana Realm, but Nirvana Tribulation drags for a long time, the might is bigger, Liao Shaoyun definitely to not delay the transcends tribulation time will suppress cultivation base. But if his severe wound, to avoid being induced by Nirvana Tribulation, definitely the meeting has to carry on to suppress cultivation base. „Do you have confidence?” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, he Spirit Martial Realm early stage, copes with Soul Martial Realm is very strenuous slightly now, let alone Tempering Realm above Soul Martial Realm. Do not look down upon the person to be good, others compared with your adolescence, flew to divide the strength to me quickly the words, I now at least am also Tempering Realm!” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said.

Shen Xiang already knows that the Long Xueyi's strength is not simple, now one hear, is really frightened, must know the Long Xueyi use Dragon Force, but is authentic, moreover does not consume like him very in a big way. You know that you need with my strength Wang Quan fusion, to have any consequence afterward, you are clear.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang's fleshly body is very strong, he thought himself, even if integrated Long Xueyi's strength, will not have any very serious consequence, must know that many Nirvana Realm martial artist, do not have his fleshly body and Divine Sense is formidable. Good, after returning to Devil Subduing School, I immediately look for Liao Shaoyun!” Shen Xiang has made the decision, he must remove Liao Shaoyun this again and again with he is to the person. Snort, underestimates my strength, when the time comes you knew, fuses my strength, has very big injury to your fleshly body, but will actually be insufficient to leave behind any malpractice to him.” Long Xueyi said. For revenging, Shen Xiang which tube that many, otherwise he in that tone by heart feeling stifled. Several days pass by, he arrives at ten layers sutra chant to screen Devil Subduing Energy, wants to compose 11 th sutra, but has not actually succeeded, because he does not know how should reorganize, once even/including Cuo, but meets qi deviation. Walks!” Zuo Zhenxuan at this time face glowing with health, bursting with life, the body is winding around light mist, looks like probably is Immortal is ordinary. Can solid such fierce person, in the Shen Xiang heart very be also happy. Shen Xiang does not know how Zuo Zhenxuan knows direction that Devil Subduing School is, but closed one's eyes to induce, was drawing him at the extremely quick speed, dashed about wildly in the sea level, was only several instances, they have been far away from that island, arrived on continent, dashed in the hills high mountains.

Zuo Zhenxuan is jump one after another one by one, that speed must make Shen Xiang not gasp for breath quickly. Good fierce fleshly body, it seems like I can also be quicker.” Zuo Zhenxuan he he smiles, the speed was also really fast, Shen Xiang only thought that now these qi flow are similar to the sharp knife, is shearing his body. Slightly quite a while, Zuo Zhenxuan and Shen Xiang saw that big broad many constructions, that is Devil Subduing School. In the past had to old fellow that I got rid, must die!” Zuo Zhenxuan this looks like gentle old man, body suddenly erupts swift and fierce murderous aura, his for 300 years suppressed fully the anger, now wish one could to release altogether completely. Dean, you best are make them, do not let them join up, otherwise that is disadvantageous to you.” Shen Xiang said. In this Devil Subduing School had several to cross old fellow of Nirvana eight tribulations, Zuo Zhenxuan also with their similar strength, but Zuo Zhenxuan actually understood Devil Subduing Energy ten layers, therefore be fiercer than them, if independent combat, he can occupy completely the winning side. I know! Deals with their this deceitful villains, must reply in kind.” Zuo Zhenxuan gloomy and cold smiles, leaves behind I two characters, on vanish from sight. Shen Xiang looked at Sun in sky, shakes the head sighs: It seems like today must have several fierce old fellow die.” This is the matter that he does. dragon brat, locks that Liao Shaoyun, so long as these old fellow die, the opportunity one, I get rid.” Shen Xiang said.

Knew.” Long Xueyi uses Nine Heavens Mental Exploration Divine Ability, was fluttered by own consciousness in Devil Subduing School, again through inducing the Liao Shaoyun aura, seeks for the place that Liao Shaoyun is. Long Xueyi just started not long, in Devil Subduing School erupts one bang the sound, Shen Xiang sees a giant building to be shaken to break to pieces by suddenly from afar, but around Devil Subduing School a surrounding area hundred li (0.5km) place was also attacked by the crazy fierce vibration, the ground was shaken split open. This crossed person fight of Nirvana eight tribulations, the serious point can ruin continent, let alone an institute! His mother, early knows that first lets Xianxian and Youlan comes out.” Before Shen Xiang, urged Zuo Zhenxuan to fight quietly, but has not thought that the sound so will be big. This makes him have to use Heaven's Crown Gate, opens Space Gate, to Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan's residence. After entering Space Gate, Shen Xiang appears in the bathroom, only saw Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian Zhengguang the body, was taking some flower petals with the white hands, was rubbing their perfect non- flaw luster of the skin gently! Sees these two to fully occupy the snow white tender body of flesh color flower petal, Shen Xiang is almost made almost to suffocate by the impact of this vision, especially sees that two pairs of clear perfectly round jade peak, he cannot help but fierce took a deep breath, making oneself calm! Brother!” Leng Youlan sees Shen Xiang to appear, hastily has swooped.