World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 526
By cave that in the illumination stone illuminates, Shen Xiang lies down is spreading the ground of bedding, the body is twitching slightly, works loose his suppression along with Thunder Spirit little, his pain also slowly intensifies. Sees Shen Xiang to withstand this ache, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan's heart also slightly pulls out the pain, but they actually anything cannot do now, can only look at Shen Xiang to endure the ache. Shen Xiang had has fused the experience of Fire Spirit twice, although at this time feels the severe pain to be incomparable, but can deal with comes, understood how to fuse this Thunder Spirit. This Thunder Spirit is very strong, but before does not have him, Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit and Earthly Yin Fire Spirit that fuses are fierce, as he starts revolution Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique body cultivation, the ache reduced, but still makes him feel very painful. body cultivation at the same time, he also cultivates Nine Turn Dragon God Technique , to promote own Divine Soul, he must maintain the similar speed promotion by his fleshly body and Divine Soul. Brother, how do I want to help you?” Leng Youlan kneels by Shen Xiang, closely is holding Shen Xiang that struggles in the ground, on her face worried completely that is anxious her eye socket fully is the tears, she is a very strong woman, but now because actually sees Shen Xiang to be so painful, loved dearly to cry. Leng Youlan does not know that Shen Xiang fuses Thunder Spirit, the pain when does not know to fuse Thunder Spirit must bear, but Xue Xianxian actually knows that she is biting the lip tightly, said to Leng Youlan: Youlan, he is fusing Thunder Spirit, the process is painful, once fuses successfully, he will become stronger.” Sister Xianxian, you are more intelligent than me, you try to find the solution quickly! Brother he quick pain dies now.” Leng Youlan sets out, held Xue Xianxian's, the teardrops was falling. Sees this white hair beautiful woman to sob, Shen Xiang clenches teeth saying: Youlan, does not need to be worried my, I was all right, endure on the past!” What Shen Xiang said is the truth, now he thought that Thunder Spirit before him that two Fire Spirit that fuses are easier than to cope a lot. But...... However I see you to be so painful, I...... I am also very painful.” Leng Youlan wipes tears to say. Xue Xianxian sighed, was cleaning the tears on Leng Youlan face, said in a soft voice: Youlan, you go to cave entrance there to defend, I had the means.”

What means?” Leng Youlan looks the happy expression immediately, hastily asks. I have means that's it, you go to cave entrance to defend quickly.” Xue Xianxian's face suddenly red, appears very shy, Leng Youlan can certainly see that charming stance of this time. Although Leng Youlan is curious, but she knows that Xue Xianxian does not want to make her see anything, but for does not make Shen Xiang so painful, she has obediently arrives in cave entrance, in any case here from cave entrance is also only the roads of ten steps. Xianxian...... do you want to do?” Shen Xiang sees Xue Xianxian that charming seductive appearance, in the heart cannot help but, cannot help but has thought of anything, this made his suddenly forget the ache. The Xue Xianxian's face was redder, on her taking off slowly that snow white women's clothing, Shen Xiang of severe pain web suddenly has forgotten the ache at this time probably, looks at her exquisite escaping clothes stance steadily! Saw Xue Xianxian that to jump to clear such as jade snow rabbit suddenly, Shen Xiang was swallowing the saliva fiercely, although he was not first time has seen, but this fell off under this dim ray and Xue Xianxian under slowly white skirt, appeared entices beautifully. Quick, the Xue Xianxian's snow white long skirt has taken off completely, that gorgeous luster of the skin is gorgeous, seems releasing pure white light glow. Slender jade leg and slender gentle and charming barbarian waist, the abundant very clear chest, that sweet and pretty carriage just likes Lingfeng show Mountain range is ordinary, under dim ray illumination, pure and holy, but is only beautiful. Xue Xianxian is looking at stupid Shen Xiang lightly smiled to that the beautiful woman smiles, is similar to all flowers blooms together general! „Is this my Fairy wife?” Shen Xiang knows that Xue Xianxian must do now, his heart middle stage treats incomparably, but some do not endure to blaspheme this Fairy common wife. Sees Shen Xiang that pair of fiery look, thinks the matter that and other can have, on the Xue Xianxian face reappears a bashful condition, the luster of the skin reappears a crimson, annoys the person to be enchanted by, that dim caressing flattering lets swing the person heart and soul.

Leng Youlan looks in not far away that she thinks the doubts, she has not thought that Xue Xianxian takes off the clothes, Shen Xiang is not painful, has not made the painful sound again. Because this she is not a man, naturally does not know reason. Xianxian...... you......” Shen Xiang, although wants to hug this handsome moving Fairy wife very much has loved tenderly well, but he knows that his present situation is not very good, the words that such makes, will perhaps injure Xue Xianxian. Let alone, I am your wife! I already was your person.” The Xue Xianxian gentle voice said that the cordiality of if in the autumn waters common pupil full being the lane. She bent down, unties the Shen Xiang's clothes slowly, looks that hangs to Jade Rabbit hangs at present, Shen Xiang wishes one could to nip one, at this time his evil fire fierce from the lower abdomen ascension, is burning his whole body, fused the pain that Thunder Spirit has deeply to press that. Leng Youlan understands that now Xue Xianxian must make anything, Xue Xianxian once among the matters with her some men and women, at that time she thought that somewhat shames with curiously, but she can actually witness now, this makes her curiosity big. Youlan is still looking!” The Shen Xiang's clothes by the Xue Xianxian darkness during eclipse, he have not thought of the own first time, unexpectedly is the female is initiative. What relationship has?” Leng Youlan asked puzzled. Naturally has relationship, has turned around, do not look!” Shen Xiang shouted, his suddenly thought that under body that fierce thing was being grasped by the Xue Xianxian's white hands, this made him send out one **. Shen Xiang sighed one darkly, oneself have lacked prospects, first unexpectedly was led by a woman, this made him feel that he did not have the face very much. Sees Xue Xianxian to grasp that big thing, Leng Youlan is very curious, the below of man with her is why different, unexpectedly has such a thing, moreover usually cannot see...... Xue Xianxian does not have to think one so will be bold, can make the matter that such feels ashamed on own initiative, her luster of the skin slightly is also giving off heat at this time, the face ruddy desire drops, the stance that type flatters bashfully, makes the person evil fire ascend.

Shen Xiang fierce has hugged the beautiful woman, does not give a thought to ache, wild presses the beautiful woman under the body, although he arrived at this time lost the sane edge, but he actually knows that must to a Xue Xianxian glorious memory, he suddenly becomes gentle, caressed some Xue Xianxian that to shame hot face with the hand back gently, then hotly kissed with her. Xue Xianxian sees own move of effectiveness, happy, she crazily is also sucking in the liquid in Shen Xiang mouth at this time, the fragrant tongue and Shen Xiang's tongue are twining. Shen Xiang and Xue Xianxian kiss, while is caressing that with the hand to clear snow rabbit, when they arrive at the passion the peak, they have panted, the passion had been shouldered. Xianxian, I must go in!” Shen Xiang light nan was saying that sound is excited somewhat shivers. Um!” The Xue Xianxian look should say blurredly that anticipation and somewhat frightened, has mixed feelings. Quick, Shen Xiang found right the place, directly attack the root of the problem. „...... Pain, light!” Xue Xianxian recited one painfully tenderly. Um......” Leng Youlan looks at two to straighten, she knows that now why Shen Xiang must make her turn around, although in that dim ray she cannot see clearly something, but makes her slowly somewhat is shy, especially sees behind Xue Xianxian that the pain recited tenderly to send out one type wonderful and is overwhelmed with emotion **, in the heart has the feeling of not being able to say.