World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 529
Zuo Zhenxuan won! This makes Shen Xiang delighted, hastily goes out of the cave to look for Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian, sees only two females to play playing with water on the sand beach, made that the whole body is dripping wet, thin clothing close , performs obviously the attractive graceful curve, lets initially taste the forbidden fruit Shen Xiang to be cannot help but dry and hot. Later some are the opportunities, has the first time, will have the second time, the third time......” Shen Xiang recalled when the Xue Xianxian wadding entangles the peak that obtains is happy, in the heart said secretly. Shen Xiang ran, simultaneously puts out Heaven's Crown Gate. Dries the clothes, must go back, Old Zuo won.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, was sweeping two female that attractive moist tender bodies greedily. Two females emit heat, dries the clothes instantaneously. Brother, previous time you bring us with this thing here?” Leng Youlan asked curiously. Right, this is your elder brother's fierce treasure, I escaped depend on him!” Shen Xiang hey smiles. Under that two eggs compared with you returns the treasure?” Leng Youlan blinks to ask. Sees Leng Youlan that earnest facial expression, Xue Xianxian pū chī to smile tenderly: Youlan, are you thinking how always your elder brother that two fruits?” Shen Xiang is also speechless, by Leng Youlan this violence female caring that two treasure, but also is really a very terrifying matter. Because Leng Youlan said often anything stresses explodes your fruit and so on vulgar language, this with her father study. Dead girl, said that two eggs are elder brother's family jewels! You asked Sister Meng'er, she definitely carefully will tell you.” Shen Xiang has patted her head, has pinched her face.

Didn't have that two fruits to urinate?” Leng Youlan looks like a curious child, asked naively. Shen Xiang felt that a parade is big: You did not say that often what grasps explodes the egg what? Is this meaning, that is to the man most virulent one attack, you can use to others, but you go I not to come this move to Brother, very awfully. Naturally, does not have the fruit words, should be able to urinate.” Your two brother and sister let alone! Goes back quickly!” Although Xue Xianxian has been smiling tenderly, but face is glowing red. Shen Xiang suddenly has a very evil idea, was sacrificed, making Leng Youlan personally experience that matter, like her anything will not know. Naturally, he knows that Xue Xianxian definitely temporarily will not comply, because Leng Youlan is very fuzzy to the Shen Xiang's sentiment. Enters Space Gate, they arrive at outside Devil Subduing School's, but here actually had the earth-shaking change, beautiful mountain forest disappears, is burned black, many mountains collapsed, the earth full is the crack, but in Devil Subduing School is complete, only then two giant tall buildings dump. Zuo Zhenxuan is Shen Xiang puts, Shen Xiang is his obligation person, later he and two females will definitely fill of enjoyment in Devil Subduing School, thinks of this, he secretly is excited, is holding two female hands, dashed. He can see many Devil Subduing School's students all the way, on the face full is the fear and doubts, they thought a moment ago the world must destroy such, thinks that the fight scene of that shock, they had a lingering fear a moment ago. Sees Shen Xiang to pull two beautiful woman Royal Court Institutes to rush, these students envy and are envying, Devil Subduing School was tranquil at this time , some courageous people same rush to the institute with Shen Xiang. All Devil Subduing School's students, but also wants to keep the Devil Subduing School's words, hurries the institute develops the martial stage convergence greatly!” The Zuo Zhenxuan sound conveys, is full of dignity, irresistible, but Devil Subduing School also covers under his might.

Although many people have doubts, but they are very clear, if must kill them a moment ago, they already died. Develops martial stage greatly is very huge plaza, usually is the institute gathers in the place that the student meets, but now on above stage, actually lying this way and that is lying down several old man corpses, these old man die very miserably, some heads disrupt, some whole bodies are bruised and lacerated, only Dean Liu Yufang is also living, but actually looks deathly pale, the head stepped on by Zuo Zhenxuan in the ground. Arrives here student to see this, cannot help but hit one to tremble, powerful incomparable Dean and that several mysterious study Dean were old, unexpectedly by Zuo Zhenxuan defeating! The people look like to Zuo Zhenxuan this features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality general old man dread immediately, this strength, in Mortal World is very unusual! Many people think that Zuo Zhenxuan must destroy Devil Subduing School's, but sees Zuo Zhenxuan behind to stand vice- Dean Zhao Ting, Yu Baixiang Teacher, as well as other teachers, the people have also felt relieved. I am Zuo Zhenxuan, is on Devil Subduing School Dean, 300 years ago , because this old lady colludes with this group of bastards to collaborate to plot to murder me, detains me in the dungeon! For tens of thousands years, I contribute to Devil Subduing School's am actually cancelled from the history book by this old poisonous woman! This matter my behind Teacher can testify! Starting today, Devil Subduing School from is managed by me newly.” The Zuo Zhenxuan sound is loud and clear, deafening sound eight sides, such as the thunder resounds in the people ear bank generally, making the person have the dilutedness. Does not want to continue in Devil Subduing School is staying the person, hurries to depart, my Zuo Zhenxuan does not stop!” Many students were discontented with that Liu Yufang Dean, because she harbors some contrary students frequently, causing these people domineering and tyrannical in the institute, the humiliation is small and weak, but Zuo Zhenxuan shows his powerful strength now, the people have had to take. Snort!” Zuo Zhenxuan coldly snorted, a foot tramples appearance fierce Liu Yufang to Shen Xiang nearby! Sees this, the people are one startled, does Zuo Zhenxuan kick Liu Yufang to Shen Xiang does do? Quick, the people think that Shen Xiang flees the dungeon the matter, the people start to guess that Zuo Zhenxuan is Shen Xiang puts!

Shen Xiang, is really you! I initially really should not close you.” Liu Yufang said fiercely, on the face full is the lamentation. I have said that I can with your irreconcilable!” Shen Xiang complexion ice-cold, in the hand azure light dodges, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade appears, cold and gloomy murderous aura spurted from blade edge comes out thinly, making his all around person have a shiver. Liu Yufang suddenly grins fiendishly, but actually smiles like crying: Shen Xiang, do you kill me really? I already informed Suppressing Devil Temple, some people will descend to earth from Heaven World not long, when the time comes is your times of death!” Snort, is that also what kind of?” Shen Xiang lifts up high the broadsword, Zuo Zhenxuan is the facial color is also serious, because he knows what Liu Yufang said is real. But he was actually not worried, because all these can push to Shen Xiang, his in other words to take revenge to kill that several accomplices, Liu Yufang is Dean, is Shen Xiang kills, if Suppressing Devil Temple has taken his Zuo Zhenxuan, that was very perhaps difficult to find fierce Dean. When Shen Xiang must brandish a sword cuts to fall, in the sky suddenly transmits very powerful space power, in the deep blue sky presented a huge cyclone immediately, an incomparably powerful imposing manner transmits from that cyclone.