World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 530
A sky threatening imposing manner wells up crazily, has one to absorb the person aura, presses the people to rush is not panting comes, to see only one to wear the white robe, calm and composed, the eyebrow clears vision bright scholarly middle age suddenly to appear from that cyclone. The imposing manner on this middle-aged person releasing is very strong, he looks at Shen Xiang now, the brow wrinkled slightly, a pressure covers on Shen Xiang's immediately, making Shen Xiang almost kneel down in the ground. Shen Xiang by that invisible pressure was made blood in within the body wells up randomly, making him almost let spit blood, he clenches teeth secretly, revolution Dragon Force, making Dragon Force shake on the body, shakes the powder these pressures, the blade that lifts up high cuts suddenly! Under blade keeps the person!” That scholarly middle age exploded has drunk one, waved to release a multi-colored sunlight, at the same time, whole person moving sideways of suddenly, arrived in front of Shen Xiang. The white light that he releases hits Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang actually knows that he must get rid, displays Water Mirror Art to avoid, the white light struck on that virtual image, poured into the ground, this strength condense strength was very strong, penetrated to directly deeply, then blasted out below, has not a small vibration. When that middle age thinks that Shen Xiang oneself kill, the Shen Xiang's blade has cut to fall on the Liu Yufang nape of the neck. The body of Liu Yufang a moment ago by a pressure pressing, head suddenly was being cut at this time, the blood of her within the body that tuck dive spurts suddenly, is similar to together the fountain, fierce lasing on the body of that middle age. Audience in an uproar, everyone is fearful and apprehensive, looks that a that fountain blood sprinkles on the white clothing/taking of that scholarly middle age. The people can guess correctly that this middle age should be the person who Heaven World above that Suppressing Devil Temple sends, but has not thought that even if so, Shen Xiang dares to cut the head of Liu Yufang, it may be said that is bold! That scholarly middle age has not thought that on this day under some unexpectedly people dare before him dissolute, he thinks Shen Xiang will stop, but unexpectedly is actually avoiding his attack simultaneously, but also cuts the head of Liu Yufang, the speed also quickly must make him suck the tongue.

That scholarly middle age whole body red blood, has a fierce head in his ground at this time, the Liu Yufang original manuscript thinks one have been saved, in high spirit, but she has not actually thought that Shen Xiang is a brave person, on Heaven World, although comes the person, but actually still dares to brandish a sword her kills! All people on the scene swallow saliva, that scholarly middle age has also gawked staring, he is looking angrily at Shen Xiang: You...... You dare, dies......” The scholarly middle age, he thought angrily he had been provoked by an ant, he waves to release to contain very formidable strength Qi Energy together, Qi Energy has sent out sōu sōu the sound, produces intense qi wave, is bringing powerful shock-wave, toward the Shen Xiang impact in the past. Shen Xiang wants to run away, but that Zuo Zhenxuan actually suddenly leaps, the double palm pushes, keeps off to fly to shoot the sky that Qi Energy, in the air arouses qi flow, makes whistling the sound. You, although is Suppressing Devil Temple sends, but works also comes according to the Mortal World custom! You have not clarified the matter process, twice is weaker than you to a strength these many people getting rid, the words that passes on, the Suppressing Devil Temple's honor definitely will be lost completely.” Zuo Zhenxuan coldly said, his unexpectedly does not fear that middle age. Shen Xiang implored the one breath slightly, that scholarly middle age presents time, he is very panic-stricken, did not plan kills that Liu Yufang, who knows that scholarly middle age actually must kill him, angry he firmly decides, cuts the head of Liu Yufang. Relax, the strength of this fellow did not have your Master to be formidable, in this Mortal World, if in Mysterious Realm, cannot allow to surpass the strengths of Nirvana Realm eight tribulations!” Long Xueyi said. Once crossed the Nirvana Realm nine steps, will be induced by divine tool strength, when the time comes will be inhaled Heaven World! No one is able to evade, therefore the person of Huang Jintian this strength, can only hide in Mysterious Realm, this scholarly middle age is True Qi is quite at most vigorous, otherwise his attack not by Zuo Zhenxuan keeping off under easily.

Zuo Zhenxuan has certain hate to Heaven World above Suppressing Devil Temple, because is the Heaven World above decision, causes him to be closed into the dungeon, at this time he naturally must protect Shen Xiang vigorously. That scholarly middle age looks at Liu Yufang that died, looked at Zuo Zhenxuan, then coldly said: Liu Yufang colludes with some people to usurp the throne, the private pocket Devil Subduing School's resources, this we investigated thoroughly, for all that but their actually crime not until death! It is not one's turn this brat to sentence to beheading Liu Yufang.” Scholarly middle age contains the stern countenance, stares Shen Xiang loud voice to exclaim: I called Zheng Chu, Heaven World above Suppressing Devil Temple sent, handled the Devil Subduing School's critical business specially!” The sound is shocking, with overpowering momentum, making people very uncomfortable, secretly dislikes this to call the Zheng Chu person, sends to send, but to deter them, actually releases this pressure, making people uncomfortable. „Are you Devil Subduing School's?” After Zheng Chu has indicated the status, expression was stronger, evidently he to deter these people, must handle Shen Xiang. Yes!” Shen Xiang should say that but he is also ready that must momentarily escape, sees his secure appearance, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan slightly relaxed. Liu Yufang crime not until death, but you do not have the authority to kill her, therefore you must be punished seriously.” Zheng Chu said fierce. Penalty?” The Shen Xiang eyebrow selects: I and Liu Yufang have hatred, I kill her am only because hatred between individuals, does this close your trifling thing?” Courts death!” Zheng Chu has gotten angry, True Qi of body turns to well up, immediately move the earth and shake mountains, lightning flash thunder cry, but he only saw on the Shen Xiang face to show a smiling face, then the water column sprayed together suddenly from the Shen Xiang's under foot, Shen Xiang also vanish from sight.

Black Tortoise Divine Art Water Escape, can run away to fast being away from him recently had the water place, but Shen Xiang this time True Qi is vigorous, displays the Water Escape Art speed becomes quickly, the place that runs away is farther, is only suddenly, he appears in being away from Devil Subduing School very far rivers. Bastard! Really aggrieved, meets strength that this fellow I resist not to have!” Shen Xiang resents said that his strength is too weak, let alone that type person who eight tribulations that crossed Nirvana Realm, even if Tempering Realm martial artist, he is unable to cope, his present wishing one could lets own strength leap. Shen Xiang sits in the riverside is restoring consumption Black Tortoise True Qi, but sky actually gradually dark, he looks up, sees only the sky is hanging the roaring flame, had been covered one slightly side. Solar eclipse!” Shen Xiang has called out in alarm one, but he first time sees this picture. Sees this picture, his hastily has put out Heaven's Crown Gate, seeks to approach the Sun Moon Island position, he obtained a map from god of medicine Li Tianjun there before, has world's first mysterious realm in the livelihood to there, is the biggest treasure house in Mortal World, inside has precious spirit herb, Li Tianjun in the past also because of grasping this Mysterious Realm matter is chased down by many people. world's first mysterious realm must open, must, when Solar eclipse appears, before Shen Xiang, has missed, this time he cannot miss!