World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 531
In Devil Subduing School, angry Zheng Chu was reproving Zuo Zhenxuan, he was unable really heavy fine Zuo Zhenxuan, because Zuo Zhenxuan practiced tenth layer Devil Subduing Energy, this Zheng Chu he is unable to achieve, in Heaven World's Suppressing Devil Temple , many people could not practice this. Now Devil Subduing School needs a fierce person to assume personal command, Zuo Zhenxuan is the best candidate, although he has killed several fierce elders, but this also showed that he can be a worthy opponent these elders and Liu Yufang. I must kill this to call Shen Xiang's brat, unexpectedly dares to provoke I, does not pay attention to me!” Zheng Chu said angry that he has not thought Shen Xiang unexpectedly can sneak off under his nose, this to him is also an enormous insult. Zuo Zhenxuan shakes the head sighs, asks: Elder, you get down should not handle Devil Subduing School this broken matter, I remember that you are not low in Suppressing Devil Temple inside status, can control Immortal, this minor matter unexpectedly will alarm you!” Zheng Chu frowned: You know are really many, you so are no wonder long as Dean, with the Suppressing Devil Temple ditch through many times, contacts the person who above has come to be also many, but I want to know that is who mentions to you my?” He He, Elder Zheng is young, only used for 500 years to cross the Nirvana eight tribulations, Suppressing Devil Temple came the person the time, with they chatted, majority refer to this matter.” Zuo Zhenxuan said with a smile, this flatter patted superficially, enjoys. Because Zheng Chu has very high status in Suppressing Devil Temple, therefore he arrives at Mortal World, by Shen Xiang this is not the mortal provokes again and again, this makes him angry. Zheng Chu looked at out of the window, said: You know that now why day meeting suddenly is black?” The Zuo Zhenxuan brow concentrates, looks at dim out of the window: Solar eclipse, supreme treasure Mysterious Realm opens, it is said this mysterious supreme treasure Mysterious Realm is coveting including some Heaven World's influences, now looks like if so!” This does not have the matter of means that three realms great war must open, the resources are deficient, the extensive resource that in this supreme treasure Mysterious Realm contains, can alleviate the Heaven World floor martial artist awkward environment.” Zheng Chu nodded.

Zuo Zhenxuan is somewhat discontented: This can Mysterious Realm in Mortal World, how transport Heaven World inside resources?” Snort, is not only we are staring, Fire God Palace and other knows that supreme treasure Mysterious Realm matter in the Mortal World influences of some Heaven World people! You not in Heaven World, therefore you do not know that supreme treasure Mysterious Realm map all over the sky is, if we do not go, others will also go.” Zheng Chu said. „Does Oh? have the map really?” Zuo Zhenxuan stayed for many years in Mortal World, that world's first mysterious realm always heard, but actually does not know the accurate place. Otherwise you think that what above makes you wage a war to migrate makes to here?” Zheng Chu has put out a map: Here, this islands are called Sun Moon Island, Solar eclipse will at least maintain for one month, we have one month!” ...... King Continent, in the Divine Martial Palace's great hall suddenly presented old man: This is a map, we must find that Sun Moon Island, when the time comes will emerge the supreme treasure Mysterious Realm influence to be definitely many, I must complete the worst plan!” Similarly in King Continent, Fire God Palace's Palace Master, urgently convened Fire God Palace all expert, has a map in his hand similarly! Not is only King Continent above ancient influence, so long as had left person of transcend on to Heaven World, these influences obtained that map, after Mortal World elitist transcend in many sect, will win over by the Heaven World influence, now they such do, but for had been stayed by oneself sect slices. Naturally, is capable of shipping the commodity from Mortal World to Heaven World's also on such several influences.

Teacher's teacher, I receive the above message, has about that world's first mysterious realm, I obtained a map, now when is Solar eclipse, above makes me go to supreme treasure Mysterious Realm.” Gu Dongchen by that huge deep hole, said. That goes, careful, this Mortal Martial World situation was getting more and more complex, it seems like after me, a strength has not sufficed the strong person to frighten some opportunities.” Huang Jintian said. Many sect are inherits for several thousand years, even above the hundred thousand year, has some Dean transcend Heaven World, at this time they use biggest strength, transmits that world's first mysterious realm matter. But Shen Xiang is actually pleased with oneself now, thinks one can have entire world's first mysterious realm, actually does not know that at this time is having fierce old fellow to rush to that Sun Moon Island, does not know that on this day inferior Mysterious Realm was called supreme treasure Mysterious Realm in Heaven World! Really is far, my current strength, was unable to go to that livelihood one time, scores points ten times to be good.” Shen Xiang took Heaven's Crown Gate, unexpectedly was finding the position that Sun Moon Island was, this explained that Wu Canghong has also gone to Sun Moon Island. The day was completely black, this condition will continue for one month, therefore Shen Xiang he has one month, otherwise that world's first mysterious realm, once closes, he can only wait till next time to open, that wants long time. Shen Xiang uses Heaven's Crown Gate, opened Space Gate, after going, he arrived at the sea, then continues to open Space Gate...... This has carried on continuously 13 times, he comes that Sun Moon Island! Sun Moon Island is very huge circular islands, at this time near Sun Moon Island regarding a white light, but the central place actually spurts to be thin very strong Yin Qi, after going, making people feel cold incomparable.

Really is a strange place, Mysterious Realm worthily is Mysterious Realm, each Mysterious Realm is so!” Shen Xiang looks among inconceivable Sun Moon Island attains the space huge space crack that slowly splits, looks from afar that looks like braves the white light the front door to open together slowly. This is first Mysterious Realm in Legend, has not thought unexpectedly after Dan King Li Jun base, will be obtained by my Shen Xiang!” Shen Xiang long smiles one, half step dashes among Sun Moon Island. Good fierce space strength, this Mysterious Realm is not simple, is very firm, if your strength is insufficient, that uses Heaven's Crown Gate to go in very much!” Long Xueyi said. Looks from afar, among Sun Moon Island that is standing erect the giant crack looks like white light perpendicular incidence sky, but enters looked that entrance is much bigger, making Shen Xiang think that is similar to the fontanel is ordinary, rich Spirit Qi are braving unceasingly from inside, but quick was received to attract. What he does not know, at this time had many strengths to catch up rapidly in martial artist of Mortal Martial World peak on the road, moreover this crowd of old fellow are he is familiar! I have delicious!” Long Xueyi giggle smiles tenderly, now Shen Xiang is natural to her, because Shen Xiang can come out with these Soul Creation Fluid fast creation massive spirit herb, does not lack. Shen Xiang has walked into that giant crack, walks fully in one is in white light passage, after he steps forward passage, then hears the intermittent clear beast roar, rich incomparable Spirit Qi heads on, this inside unexpectedly is the Lan Tian white clouds, fierce Yanggao hangs! This Mysterious Realm what's the matter? I remember that Mysterious Realm inside day and night is also same as outside, but outside now Solar eclipse!” The Shen Xiang doubts look at present that innumerable verdant mountain ridge, at this time he thought that here is not Mysterious Realm, but is Great World.