World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 532
Shen Xiang on a piece of high plain, after he walked several, the complexion changes suddenly, because his True Qi suddenly is unable to revolve, probably broke the relation to be the same with him, he can feel True Qi in the body, but is actually not able to use! Before Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, is this situation, how Mysterious Realm formed, obtained massive memory inheritance Long Xueyi not to know that what can determine, some Mysterious Realm had been transformed by some expert, has joined some powerful formations and restriction. Cannot use True Qi! Really discomforting!” Shen Xiang has put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but so Divine Blade that weight actually still exists, will strengthen to increase along with his strength. Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor can also use.” Shen Xiang releases Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, wraps his body, looks like powerful, is handsome. Confirmed that after these can make him maintain life the thing that can use, Shen Xiang is not relieved, he has put out Heaven's Crown Gate, stimulates to movement with Divine Sense, but Heaven's Crown Gate is actually not able to extract True Qi of his within the body, this fierce space magic treasure unexpectedly was limited. Somewhat troubled.” This is the thing of Shen Xiang escape, although this is world's first mysterious realm, but inside bad risk no one knows that he naturally fine does completely. Now he can use, only then magic power and Divine Sense, he has displayed 72 Transformations, can turn into a bird very much with ease, this is also his a method of concealment, especially in mountain forest. Changes the human form, he starts to read chant, releases magic power, in the upper air of distant place Spirit Qi tuck dive, crazy condense together, this is Heavenly Dragon Seal, although is unable to extract True Qi in his body, but Heavenly Dragon Seal actually can still the condense sky spirit strength attack, but requires certain time. Hears these gloomy beast roars that transmits in all directions, Shen Xiang slightly took a deep breath: Spelled!” Is place that is far away from that to come, Shen Xiang more is felt that the step is serious, he only thought that the body like was suppressed by thousand jin (0.5 kg). It seems like now I truly entered first Mysterious Realm! unexpectedly has such strong pressure! This inside Demon Beast and plant, if also comes under these gas fractions, is not certainly simple.” In the Shen Xiang heart is slightly excited, because spirit flower spirit grass(es) under this environment can survive, definitely is the good variety.

Naturally, the beasts will be also stronger! Probably is 20 times of gravity, the gravity that you withstand now has 20 you to be so heavy!” The Long Xueyi sound is somewhat surprised: Moreover time and outside also different, in this inside ten days, outside should only past the day, this is a quality very high world.” The quality better world, more is difficult to collapse, for example Heaven World, consolidates compared with Mortal World a lot, Spirit Qi is also very rich. 20 times of gravity? An influence does not have.” Shen Xiang smiles lightly, thinks that can seek for these rare and precious spirit herb in this inside, he feels excited. Walks into the mountain forest deep place, Shen Xiang discovered that this inside plant vitality is tenacious . Moreover the resilience also makes people feel shocking, he chops a blade on the bough, but in a minute that bough restored . Moreover the bough was also firm, he made an effort also to divide. Has been a pity, if can absorb in this these to have vitality Spirit Qi to be good.” Shen Xiang revolution Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, but a point cannot attract. Gives a try with Engulfing Devil Art!” Bai Youyou said that although Engulfing Devil Art does not attack type martial arts, but looks like in Bai Youyou, this is compared with many divine art and devil art fierce thing, because of can devour, Shen Xiang because understands this Engulfing Devil Art, obtained very big overflow. Those who make Shen Xiang surprised is, he displays Engulfing Devil Art, massive Spirit Qi emerge in his body, after entering the dantian, builds up voluntarily, but is impossible to use. These Spirit Qi implication very rich vitalities, can accelerate the spirit herb growth! But you walked for quite a while, available spirit herb does not have, it seems like spirit herb should be planted in an assigning place.” Su Meiyao said that she knew about spirit herb, comes, although many Hua Hua carelessly, but does not have spirit herb. Shen Xiang took that first Mysterious Realm map once more, on this map only then goes to the Sun Moon Island route he to attempt, does not have other, Shen Xiang had already looked at many times.

But now he takes the map, that map suddenly floats, comes flatly and smoothly, above presents some golden spirit pattern slowly, all around Spirit Qi emerges in the map, golden light is shining, looks at Shen Xiang to be dumbfounded. This Li Tianjun is really an outstandingly able person, makes including the map such mysteriously.” Shen Xiang had exclaimed in surprise, but that map turned into the golden color at this time, is drawing up this first Mysterious Realm simple road map above, but is marking the red point place, Shen Xiang guessed that is the place that spirit herb is. This Mysterious Realm is really big, unexpectedly is bigger than King Continent!” Shen Xiang looks at the map, was speculating this Mysterious Realm size, the place that he is at now is the Mysterious Realm edge, although he walked for quite a while, but also is only the edge, but on the map is marking place, actually in Northeast peripheral zone. He in the southernmost, he cannot release Vermillion Bird Fire Wings now, cannot use True Qi, the words that must go to want for a long time, comes one at least to need a half year, luckily this inside time and outside different, otherwise is hard to arrive there in one month. Shen Xiang goes after quite a while, was sent out the white light crack to illuminate in well-illuminated Sun Moon Island, gathered a troop person, these person of bustle, are merry, some mutual ridicules, that expert that dares to come from numerous continent, altogether has 70-80 people. Chenwu Mainland only then Gu Dongchen, Lian Mingdong and Xiao Ziliang arrive, this surprised people quite at that time, especially when has not seen Empress Liu Meng'er and Danxiang Taoyuan's Hua Xiangyue, the people have doubts. Liu Meng'er's Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire is also very time-honored, but Hua Xiangyue is in Mortal Martial World famous builds up the Dan Ancestor master, unexpectedly has not come. They do not know are, Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue are doing to cross the preparation of Nirvana Eighth Tribulation. Sees Gu Dongchen, Fire God Palace's Palace Master coldly snorted: Your Extreme Martial Sect that hasn't little rascal come? This is really the accident!” I also want to call him, but could not find him.” Gu Dongchen smiles the island pale.

What you said is Shen Xiang, this brat offended an extraordinary fellow.” Potential suddenly covers to come, making that 70-80 expert all at once cannot help but be startled. This degree of imposing manner, they , is facing the Huang Jintian's time to see! But this person is not Huang Jintian, but has someone else. Zuo Zhenxuan and Zheng Chu came, their two imposing manners also emit, truly frightened many people. I am Devil Subduing School's Dean, Zuo Zhenxuan!” Zuo Zhenxuan said with a smile. I am the Devil Subduing School's temporary elder, Zheng Chu! I just got down from Heaven World, before seeing Shen Xiang has killed Devil Subduing School's Dean, if everybody has the Shen Xiang's whereabouts, but also please inform one, I thanked surely again!” Zheng Chu mentioned Shen Xiang, on the face cannot conceal anger. Gets down from Heaven World, this makes all people shock incomparably, immediately looks to awe looks to Zheng Chu.