World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 533
Facial expression that sees the people, on the Zheng Chu face full is proud look, but in he opinion, these in the person who in Mortal World was born, certainly must lower him to be first-grade, he from looks down upon this group of people at heart. Naturally, the people have not thought that Shen Xiang annoyed such a fellow. The people are only and some old friends talk about old days, flew toward that huge white crack, in they go in perhaps, but to obtain these spirit herb, can have the conflict with own these old friends when necessary. After audiences expert enters first Mysterious Realm, immediately does not think right, the complexion big change, is all surprised, because they cannot use True Qi, words that spoke, they can only depend upon own fleshly body strength to resolve the crisis in this. Moreover here also has certain gravity, many people were considering if wanted leaves here, the intermittent beast roar that because that occasionally transmits, is bringing very sufficient strength, if meets the Demon Beast group to encircle, they cannot use True Qi, that is quite danger(ous). Quick, some people have made the decision, has drawn back, seeing some people to walk, quick has many people to exit in abundance, but the expert 50 people of stay here surface, they have not feared. This first Mysterious Realm is very big, so long as the people disperse in abundance, takes the respective road, seeks in this these rich resources, they know that are not many in this inside time, therefore dispersed all of a sudden. ...... Shen Xiang is going through at this time in a canyon, Grand Canyon sinister woods, are somewhat dim, moreover on the two sides canyon mountain wall also some holes, look like probably have any fierce thing to hide in are the same. His step suddenly becomes very slow, moreover walks does not make any sound, the aura is also restrained, because he feels danger(ous) in front, giant cave on that mountain wall two sides. This type of aura...... Is it possible that is Black Rock Flood Dragon?” Long Xueyi fierce calls out in alarm.

Black Rock Flood Dragon? Is that type the thing that becomes by the Black Rock Python evolution?” In the Shen Xiang heart jumps, this type of thing is very powerful. Is this type of thing.” Long Xueyi urged: You are more careful, if possible, kills this type of thing, then can take their beast core, their beast core can the swallow alive.” Long Xueyi just said that Shen Xiang sees a shadow suddenly flies to leap up from a cave, flew to shoot toward him. Shen Xiang continuously in vigilant, seeing the thing to attack, during avoidance, called Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but that Black Rock Flood Dragon has not hit Shen Xiang, dug in the stiff rock ground. Python general body, the whole body jet black full is the stone common scales covers on the body, the head also the corner/horn, on the body has the claw, looks like quite a little appearance of dragon, but actually and dragon has very big disparity, but has python no tyrant Dao Qi breath, that fleshly body strength, Shen Xiang in can at the same time the deep induction. Black Rock Flood Dragon has sent out roaring hiss fiercely, the tail sweeps toward the Shen Xiang ball, Shen Xiang not only has not avoided, instead is a swift and violent blade chops to chop, although does not have True Qi, the speed of but brandishing a sword actually is still that quick, blade edge cuts the air, as if must chop the space crack to be together ordinary, bringing incomparably powerful fleshly body strength, the knife to feel Shen Xiang's strength, suddenly changes heavy, is similar to heavy hammer, pounding maliciously sweeps the great tail that comes in that crazily. blade edge slashes on that stiff tail, shook Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to send out dragon roar, swung a black soil block, Shen Xiang is also dashed the strength to fly by that violently, hits on the wall, but that Black Rock Flood Dragon also has actually made a painful sound. Enraged Black Rock Flood Dragon, wild cry at the same time, opens the big mouth, when toward Shen Xiang devour in the past, speed like wind, sprint that Qi Energy that erupts, making the stone of ground be ground the dust. Snort! Also mediocre, you cannot use True Qi!” The Shen Xiang arm wields suddenly, dense and numerous, is similar to intermittent strong winds general blade Qi appearance suddenly, is bringing sweeping away all obstacles might, fires into Black Rock Flood Dragon that big mouth, strong ferocious Qi Energy erupts through Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, after entering in the Black Rock Flood Dragon mouth, twists the smashing the teeth of these rewards instantaneously, pours into from the throat, the reconnection attacks rear!

Although Black Rock Flood Dragon outside is firm, but in the delicate incomparable, long body, by such stock powerful Qi Energy lu, inside all was actually destroyed torn to pieces, the pain results in Black Rock Flood Dragon to send out intermittent sad and shrill whinning, pours in the ground, tumbling. Induces according to Long Xueyi's, Shen Xiang had found Black Rock Flood Dragon that beast core is, Divine Blade lifts up high, the hand has the blade to fall, that Black Rock Flood Dragon stiff body cuts two, braves to burn the heat breath the blood crazy class to continue intensely, is having a very rich life aura, glittering the green rosy cloud, is similar to the rod-like crystal of fist size spout along with some blood and internal organs. Is so small?” Shen Xiang knits the brows saying that but with after the hand, discovery this Black Rock Flood Dragon beast core inside the pure energy of implication is very vigorous, lets him surprisedly, because of the energy of this rank, but is equal to the Spirit Martial Realm rank, Demon Beast of this rank was Profound Beast! Was careful!” Long Xueyi suddenly reminded one. Shen Xiang also feels one qi flow, his flies to jump, leaps to about ten zhang (3.33 m), sees is only Black Rock Flood Dragon swoops from a cavern, what makes his inconceivable is, these Black Rock Flood Dragon unexpectedly independent combat, on. But even if all throws, Shen Xiang will not fear, he had known about these Black Rock Flood Dragon strengths now that these Black Rock Flood Dragon cannot use True Qi, the strength sells at a discount greatly, only relies on quite fierce fleshly body to launch the attack, but Shen Xiang has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, can cut diamond, let alone this type of rock common scales? Roar......” Black Rock Flood Dragon rave, that thick body suddenly becomes flexible, the speed like the electricity, throws toward Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang laughs at one, unexpectedly does not use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, is being a palm bang hits to that big mouth, pā pā pā pā......” five continual explosives spread. Although cannot use True Qi, but Shen Xiang within the body has produced strength qi flow, when fleshly body will have this qi flow after being repeatedly tempered, at this time he uses this qi flow, displays Devil Subduing Energy!

But Devil Subduing Energy explosive at the same time, passes through from the throat of Black Rock Flood Dragon, sees only Black Rock Flood Dragon that giant body, starts from the place of throat rear, sticks out suddenly intermittent blood fog one after another, unexpectedly is exploded the tail by that Devil Subduing Energy from the throat. Shen Xiang did not have takes out that beast core with enough time, is a shadow dodges. Comes just right!” Shen Xiang takes forward one step, is a palm makes, Devil Subduing Energy connects the explosive, pierced that Black Rock Flood Dragon stiff rock scales, beast core is hit, lost beast core, Black Rock Flood Dragon is killed violently instantaneously. One after another, these Black Rock Flood Dragon are stupid makes Shen Xiang inconceivable, is only in the short time, 30 Black Rock Flood Dragon one after another come to bring death. Shen Xiang with Devil Subduing Energy, is not brandishes Divine Blade in hand, cuts to kill that leader huge Black Rock Flood Dragon, harvests their lives. After killing, Shen Xiang takes out beast core of Black Rock Flood Dragon within the body, receives again the corpse. Some people came, is Zuo Zhenxuan and that Zheng Chu!” Long Xueyi suddenly shouted, the sound is very surprised.