World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 534
Although this canyon is not a road which must be taken, but is actually a recent road, Zuo Zhenxuan and Zheng Chu can come here, they clearly have this first Mysterious Realm inside map. What Shen Xiang they are surprised, besides him, unexpectedly also has other people to enter this first Mysterious Realm, but also takes this road! Quick must arrive, these two fellows are riding any fierce magic treasure probably, therefore the speed is quick.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang hastily flies to plunge into a Black Rock Flood Dragon cavern, hides in inside. Xueyi, can you constrain Zuo Zhenxuan? Should better lead away him, although I am this fellow savior, but I worried that and other he will prevent me to kill Zheng Chu!” Shen Xiang said that the fist grips tightly slightly, he must take this opportunity, Zheng Chu butchering. Does not have the issue!” Long Xueyi was saying, changes to a white light, flew from the Shen Xiang's body, at this time Shen Xiang only saw Long Xueyi to attack to the thing that on speedily flies, the accurate hit on the body of Zuo Zhenxuan, hits Zuo Zhenxuan fell. Along with it, is one brings white light glow huge Tornado to appear suddenly, Zuo Zhenxuan was inhaled in Tornado, was flung, flies to shoot very far place. I can only make these!” Long Xueyi does neatly, making Shen Xiang suck the tongue, is only the short instance, Zuo Zhenxuan making. That Zheng Chu gets down from Heaven World, Shen Xiang was worried about Zuo Zhenxuan to hold on to the Dean position, can collaborate to attack him with Zheng Chu, when the time comes he is hard to start. Zheng Chu stopped, at this time what Shen Xiang saw Zheng Chu to ride is a very huge symbol, above is braving the ray . Moreover the flying speed is quick, this is Shen Xiang first time has seen this type of thing.

Is Black Rock Flood Dragon? Very strong aura.” Zheng Chu looked below, discovered that below has many Black Rock Flood Dragon bloodstains, his brow wrinkled slightly. Who is, should not be stealthy.” Zheng Chu judges quickly, before some people struck to kill Black Rock Flood Dragon here, and has killed many. This canyon leads to that to plant the spirit herb place, Zheng Chu they rides fierce spirit talisman to come here fast, but now some people are earlier than them, but also ambushes they, this lets in his heart surprised. Is your Sir I!” Shen Xiang grins fiendishly, calls God Slaughtering Hand and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, although cannot use True Qi, but strength causes after the fierce appearance glove through that strength also will become more formidable. Cold and gloomy murderous aura follows swift and fierce blade Qi, blots out the sky to cover toward that Zheng Chu, this blade, although does not have Shen Xiang that terror vigorous True Qi, the imposing manner of but releasing still boundless shocks, speed quick such as electricity rainbow, cuts wild from the Zheng Chu top of the head, raises intermittently such as dragon tuck dive general Qi Energy. Shen Xiang!” In the Zheng Chu heart arrives at the extreme panic-strickenly, he in that short instantaneous, the hastily shunt, making Shen Xiang chop spatial, looked to explode to break to pieces that flying talisman. Although a blade not, but Shen Xiang does not think to be a pity that the backhand chops a swift and violent blade, is mixing with pā pā pā pā crack, shakes the air, sweeps away all obstacles, condense leaves together very terrifying strength Qi Energy, the potential like the thunder, quickly like the lightning, is similar to long spear like that as if can pierce in society all, thorn to Zheng Chu. Whiz, Qi Energy of that powerful penetrated the past, pierced the left shoulder of Zheng Chu, strikes on the mountain wall, has left behind a hole of fist size on the mountain wall, deeply does not see the bottom! This Zheng Chu was one crossed the people of Nirvana eight tribulations worthily, responded and speed surpasses these Peak Realm, the Shen Xiang this consecutively two swift and violent attacks, is unable to kill him.

Before, Shen Xiang in these two struck all imposing manner and strength condense, now has not hit, his imposing manner also abated, has only been able from new condense. Their same time both feets touch, Shen Xiang that two struck a moment ago, completes in falling, obviously speed quick. Ominous color that Shen Xiang that whole face murders, the whole body is seething Evil Dragon general murderous aura, the firm and ice-cold pupil, explained all he must kill the determination of Zheng Chu. Sees this, in the Zheng Chu heart with amazement, the unprecedented frightened ascension, in had experienced to the Shen Xiang strength as well as that dreadful slaughtering imposing manner a moment ago. You...... Do you want to kill me?” Zheng Chu does not know that suddenly is why angry, he exploded has roared, small Peak Realm, if actually wants to kill this to control the Immortal talent on Heaven World, this made him feel that the dignity was trampled. Shen Xiang wields Divine Blade, in the pā lā explosive resounds continuously, slashes along with a Shen Xiang blade, incomparably formidable tyrannical Devil Subduing Energy condense becomes a point, to the Zheng Chu lasing in the past. You can kill me, I can kill you!” As the Shen Xiang's voice falls, Zheng Chu in that avoidance was pierced the body by Shen Xiang's Devil Subduing Energy, this time in his left shoulder. In has no alternative but to use in the True Qi situation, the strength that Shen Xiang shows actually exceeds the imagination of Zheng Chu, especially that type lets his fearful and apprehensive strength qi flow, that is the True Qi equally fierce thing, only when fleshly body after being repeatedly tempered, after the furnace fever builds up, will produce, only then that assiduous body cultivation person can have. You......” Zheng Chu just said this character, under the Shen Xiang both feet stick out suddenly all at once the wave, the whole person is similar to escapes the profound quick arrow, grazes toward Zheng Chu.

Snort!” Shen Xiang with knife whipping maliciously on the cheeks of that Zheng Chu, the racket will fly the hit on the mountain wall. Has God Slaughtering Hand and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade Shen Xiang, in cannot use under the True Qi environment, powerful incomparable, making Zheng Chu frightened, sees Shen Xiang one after another, stopping at nothing attacks him, Zheng Chu realized that Shen Xiang will fall the homicide, but strength that now he actually continually counterattacks does not have. Lay down just wants to set out in Zheng Chu of ground, sees only Shen Xiang to leap the upper air, body suddenly was similar to Tito is ordinary, fierce crash, a foot stepped in the Zheng Chu left key. kā chā the resounding, Zheng Chu that Nirvana Realm fleshly body, was quenched many years of skeleton to step on by Shen Xiang by formidable True Qi crushes, the flesh and blood splash, Zheng Chu has also sent out sad and shrill roaring hiss, this time he, collapses at the first blow radically. Your this fleshly body, was too rotten!” In Shen Xiang eyes flashes through wipes callously, Devil Subduing Energy gushes out from the under foot, fiercely is stamping a foot to the left shoulder, steps on the skeleton crushes, making Zheng Chu be in deep sorrow. You are Heaven World get down is also what kind of? The father stamps you in the same old way!” The Shen Xiang complexion is fierce, the item contains mean, is stepping on to the body of Zheng Chu crazily fiercely, each foot strength is very appropriate, is insufficient to step on completely squashed to be broken Zheng Chu, but lets the Zheng Chu mouth like the fountain, the wind projects blood arrow. The incomparable humiliation and severe pain, making Zheng Chu think one are similar to ants, although in the heart has the dreadful hate, but has no alternative, he does not have to think famous talent of own this on Heaven World, unexpectedly maliciously is devastated by little rascal that Nirvana Realm does not arrive in Mortal World.