World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 536
In this cannot control in True Qi Mysterious Realm, Zuo Zhenxuan thought one are incapable he, after he was released Tornado that throws by Long Xueyi, is unable to control the body, can only , whatever that huge strength flings. Although does not know that at that time what happened, what he can actually determine, that strength some people of deliberate releases, intentionally separate him and Zheng Chu. Zuo Zhenxuan returned to that canyon quickly, but he actually only sees the ground to have some bloodstains, that is the blood of Zheng Chu, he guessed that some people seize Zheng Chu, making Zheng Chu guide to go to that to hide the place of strange flowers different grass, because Zheng Chu has said that only then he has in this first Mysterious Realm detailed map. Shen Xiang turned into a bird, quick has been far away from that canyon, hid in a piece of remote mountain. This box is really difficult to open, the small thing, covers entirely fierce restriction, if destroys forcefully, will start these restriction, will make the box explode.” Shen Xiang knits the brows saying that in that box is depositing Heaven Level pill, but is very difficult to open, this lets him anxiously. Early knows that uses Grasping Soul Devil Curse to search the memory of that fellow, depending on me the understanding to formation, is unable to open now.” Shen Xiang shakes the head sighs, he can only think of the Heaven Level pill's box to receive temporarily this, waits to see the Liu Meng'er's time, makes Liu Meng'er help to open again. In order to avoid meeting Zuo Zhenxuan, Shen Xiang has not walked according to the map on, he is worried about the Zuo Zhenxuan also map, although was Zuo Zhenxuan knows the homicide Zheng Chu, cannot be what kind of him, but he actually wants to do well relationship with Zuo Zhenxuan, letting him to make a profit in Devil Subduing School. Shen Xiang turns into a bird at this time, speedily is flying toward the target point, he knows that Sun Moon Island sound is so big, now is the special period, definitely quickly by these Dean Big Shot is known, therefore he must a bit faster go to hide the spirit flower spirit grass(es) place to that. Although Shen Xiang turned into the bird, because True Qi was affected, with here pressure relationship, the flying speed also becomes very slow, he flew continuously for two months, approaches the destination, what lets his accident is, the place that he is at is very barren, the trees withered, a bleak picture. Really far, luckily here time and outside different, otherwise that entrance had already closed, I must a bit faster go to that place, succeeds in obtaining spirit herb high.” Shen Xiang looked at all around: How here saw that likely is not planting the places of many strange flowers different grass.”

Here Spirit Qi is much thinner, but here is also the first Mysterious Realm edge, Shen Xiang guesses first Mysterious Realm Spirit Qi by condense in the central region, therefore after here, he has doubts very much, because according to the general knowledge, here is impossible to make a big piece of strange flowers different grass grow many years. It seems like that map above marking point is not that growth spirit herb place, should be only a prompt!” Su Meiyao said that if can also grow these precious spirit herb in this place, only then a possibility, here has fierce Gathering Spirit Formation, but Long Xueyi has not induced to such formation. After the less than half double-hour passes by, Shen Xiang crossed a barren hill, only front sees is a piece of desolated plain, is standing erect together stele on the plain. stele is not big, only then a person is so high, although also in very far place, however appears very dazzling on this plain. Damn Li Tianjun!” Shen Xiang scolded one lowly, then continues to dash, comes all the way, if to a bit faster not come here, he has killed many fierce Demon Beast, obtained many monster nuclei, that was a large sum of money wealth. But under he hurries along continuously, arrives is actually the damned place that a bird does not defecate. The stele above handwriting is Li Tianjun, the content are not many, but is very exasperating. Arrives here person, thinks very angry? Thought came in vain? Other life Qi/angry, I to let you understand this first Mysterious Realm inside Mei and Jing! In the past I was stranded in this many years, therefore idled bored, strolled this.” Hehe, in this in all directions is precious spirit herb, but was actually picked by me, most spirit herb when my alchemy ashes, only then a few part was migrated by me to approaching the first Mysterious Realm place, below is a map!”

Shen Xiang wishes one could a palm racket to break to pieces this stele, his untold hardships come here, unexpectedly is only a joke that Li Tianjun plays, luckily in this also some spirit herb, otherwise he can definitely be mad spits blood. Do not be worried, spirit herb that Li Tianjun planted in the past, definitely some grew!” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang also hopes so, he starts takes down on that stele to carve the map. Ha Ha...... This first Mysterious Realm inside spirit flower spirit grass(es) completely was our Fire God Palace's.” Together the loud and clear and excited sound big laughter transmits. Naive Devil Subduing School, they definitely have not thought that we have this first Mysterious Realm inside map!” Moreover the temperate sound has the expression of taunt to say together. Shen Xiang hears these two sounds to transmit from afar, turns into a stone on hastily, hides in stele not far away. Damn, this what's the matter? This group of fellows can enter this first Mysterious Realm not to be strange, but has the map!” In the Shen Xiang heart has doubts said. Quick, Shen Xiang sees a middle age and a youth dashes about wildly to come from the distant place, that takes care is the Fire God Palace's clothes. Really, with the Shen Xiang expectation is the same, after they see the stele above content, flies into a rage.

I have examined, this all around does not have other people have arrived at the trace, it seems like it was we had first found here.” That youth said. In this time, the distant place hears a big laughter: Right, first was you found was also what kind of?” During the speeches, two wear old man of white robe to graze to come, appears on stele, their eyes swept saw the stele above content, looked secretly makes them knit the brows. Is the Divine Martial Palace's elder, I have said! The Divine Martial Palace's fellow is not the good thing, initially they also had a design to want Will kill me.” Shen Xiang secretly said in heart. His suddenly discovered that enters this first Mysterious Realm influence to be many, Divine Martial Palace and Fire God Palace's elder also arrived here. Divine Martial Palace's Palace Master and Fire God Palace's Palace Master? They should arrive first!” In the Shen Xiang heart has doubts , to continue to wait and see, if Divine Martial Palace and Fire God Palace's person has the conflict, that should better , when the time comes he waited to profit from another's strife that's alright. Two side influences, simultaneously know this place, only then a buried treasure, to obtain that buried treasure, only then a result, that eliminates the opposite party, has sole possession of the buried treasure.