World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 537
The person who sees other influences arrives, the Fire God Palace's middle age complexion becomes gloomy incomparable. „Are you King Palace that has newly send? In Heaven World is also is only small ants.” Fire God Palace's middle age said with a sneer. No, we are Divine Martial Palace's, I want not long, to have the small space on Heaven World. Naturally, you must have the life to live transcend Heaven World, can see.” Divine Martial Palace's old man said with a smile lightly, but in eyes contained murderous aura completely. Shen Xiang one startled, he knows that Divine Martial Palace is belongs to branch of King Palace in Mortal World, now unexpectedly thinks to be independent, this explained behind Divine Martial Palace, has a strength to endure compared with the Human King person is supporting. The influence dispute, is very brutal, currently Shen Xiang also had a higher understanding to Divine Martial Palace boast shamelessly, I acknowledged your anything Human King bloodline a little way, but our Fire God Palace was is not a vegetarian, let alone now we cannot use True Qi, do not forget that our Fire God Palace's elders were having anything!” The Fire God Palace's middle age, the fist grasps, body unexpectedly erupts a scalding hot aura. This makes Shen Xiang slightly surprised, in this type cannot use in the True Qi situation, that Fire God Palace's middle age unexpectedly can release the quantity of heat, explained that he can use the fire. But Shen Xiang has Universe Fire Spirit, but he actually cannot achieve this! Fire Spirit! Really so, we already heard, your Fire God Palace's person, is Evil Devil, plunders Fire Spirit specially in all directions, then uses the Fire God Palace's evil method, integrates your bodies!” Divine Martial Palace's old man grips tightly the fist, skeleton pā pā in within the body is resounding, strength is welling up in his body crazily. The strength of both sides is similar, but they, when uses True Qi, was limited, therefore their fights, where also to will not go fiercely.

These four strength well-matched people, no longer bicker, simultaneously initiates fiercely attacks, fights handata-titleo-hand. Although cannot use True Qi, strength that but they display through fleshly body also is very formidable, but Shen Xiang also gets rid in the waiting opportunity, Fire God Palace is not the good bird, plunders Fire Spirit specially, he meets such an opportunity, definitely will not let off, but before Divine Martial Palace, wants to make him die, he does not keep the hand now. Because cannot use True Qi, these four Nirvana Realm eruption fights, the sound is not very big, will not bring in other people. Can practice True Qi time, most people not too many energy under fleshly body above, only if when Peak Realm Tempering Realm, that right and wrong practice may not, if enters into Nirvana Realm, many people will put aside the fleshly body practice, mainly cultivates vigorous True Qi. In this 20 times of gravity environment, consumes the physical strength, four people hit are loath to part from each other, but more than double-hour pass by, their strength weakened the larger part, is sweating profusely. But at this time truly Fire God Palace was in the upper hand, because they have Fire Spirit, attack time can release threatening heat, to the person is also suffering. Was similar, dragon brat, favors the opportunity to coordinate my.” Shen Xiang said that Long Xueyi will not receive anything to affect in this environment, what because she uses is magic power, she can condense between Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi, attack as her strength anytime and anywhere. Found these spirit herb, has delicious ate that's alright to others.” Long Xueyi very clever saying. Installed the tender old girl regarding this all day, Shen Xiang is also unalarmed by strange sights.

A moment ago also obstinate argumentative, it seems like you are also mediocre! Your Divine Martial Palace wants to betray King Palace, this is the big crime, if you kill undying we, Hehe......” that Fire God Palace's middle age said pantingly that but at this time both sides also call a halt, they know that continues again, will be only mutually wounded, when the time comes no one has the advantage. This is also because they were too self-confident, will otherwise not spout rhetoric from the beginning. Relax, today your cannot run away!” Hears this sound, Fire God Palace and Divine Martial Palace's elder whole body shakes, they are familiar with Shen Xiang, this sound can they not know? As the Shen Xiang's sound conveys, azure light flashes through together, the Shen Xiang broadminded appearance, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in hand has lifted up high, chops to chop toward a Fire God Palace's youth overhead suddenly under. Because beforehand four people after long anti- fights vigorously, now regardless of strength or the speed, large scale weakening, facing Shen Xiang that swift and violent wild attack, does not have the strength of resisting., azure light glittering at the same time, red blood also splashes, is similar to the safflower splits open general, in the air scatters, sprinkles on other three people of faces, making them cannot help but hit quickly grasping the meaning of something. Shen Xiang!” The Fire God Palace's middle age has roared, to Shen Xiang that suddenly is presenting is a fierce fist, but his fist hit the past time, the Shen Xiang's body in a flash, displayed light and lively movement technique, dodged that Divine Martial Palace's two old man behind., pā pā pā pā......” explosive one after another transmits, the echo ripples in the silent wilderness, the Shen Xiang's broadsword chops horizontally simultaneously, erupts Devil Subduing Energy that sweeps away all obstacles, speed like electricity, breaks off old man that two just want to run away around the middle. In a flash, Shen Xiang killed three to cross formidable martial artist of Nirvana seven tribulations! But in the Shen Xiang heart does not have mighty waves, this matter he had already done.

Shen Xiang is very calm at this time, on the face also hangs is wiping the smiling face, looks at this time makes Fire God Palace that middle age have a thought that escapes! He does not know that Shen Xiang with any skill, can go into hiding in all around, when they hit uses up efficiently to brave, uses the vigorous and resolute attack again, kills three people! Therefore he can affirm that his present strength is inferior to Shen Xiang this freak, if continues to stop over, then death is he. Shen Xiang has to acknowledge that this Fire God Palace's middle age at this time with a sudden burst to escape, the speed is much faster, is dragging a long illusory image, speedily dashes about wildly, suddenly dashes to distant place the summit of mountain on. However the Long Xueyi's speed is faster, is similar to the light flies to shoot generally, turns into a white band of light, is twining the middle age of that escaping. Sees Long Xueyi to go well, Shen Xiang leisure receives storage ring that on three individual hand that died, who knows that he just wants to open, actually discovered that storage ring has damaged. Was some slippery customers, unexpectedly wells up this move of guard worthily.” Shen Xiang sighed, some storage ring increased mysterious formation, if the storage ring master died, storage ring also met the destruction. The Fire God Palace middle age that escapes, was tying up by Long Xueyi, brought in front of Shen Xiang. Fire God Palace? humph, humph, plunders the Fire Spirit evil and cruel influence specially, you make me fearful and apprehensive.” A Shen Xiang foot steps in the cheeks of that middle age, indifferently said.