World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 538
Shen Xiang acts in a self-serving manner now, these Nirvana Realm present in his eyes is also the strength suitable person, whom he wants to kill to kill anyone, let alone Big Shot of this evil and cruel influence. Shen Xiang, you cannot kill me.” That middle age clenches teeth to say. Oh? why?” Shen Xiang is stamping a foot to his abdomen fiercely, „” an explosive gets up, was attacked by Devil Subduing Energy, that middle age thought that the abdomen was poured into by lightning probably together is the same, the pain results in the mouth to brave the blood. I had killed that three fellows a moment ago, you thought that I will let off you?” Shen Xiang laughs, fiercely stepped on several feet to his abdomen and chest, all steps on the skeleton and internal organs of this middle age disrupts, that extremely tragic calling out, returns in the horizon, hears appallingly. That middle age knows , to maintain a livelihood, must put out something to exchange, otherwise he will be killed by Shen Xiang, in such a short time, what fellow he experiences to Shen Xiang thoroughly is, when kills their these Nirvana Realm come, the unexpectedly eye does not wink, even if they, kills many a little has scruples. I know that you have Fire Spirit! Moreover your Fire Spirit imagine compared with us formidable, I have not guessed wrong time, your Fire Spirit should be Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit!” That middle age is enduring the severe pain, clenches teeth to say. Shen Xiang slightly frowned, he has not thought that was looked, he stepped on the foot of that middle age to strengthen strength: Then you planned that what action can take to me?” Our Fire God Palace has to withdraw Fire Spirit secret method, generally was withdrawn the Fire Spirit person, mostly disabled, unconscious, the death was also not infrequent! Our Fire God Palace proliferates each world, to collect these scatters in Fire Spirit of world of mortals, so long as is the person who Fire God Palace works, can be granted, obtains quite inferior Fire Spirit.” This middle age knows to maintain a livelihood, must reply the Shen Xiang's words honestly: We truly very much want to rob your Fire Spirit, but has scruples, but we have determined, when three realms great war erupts, while grabbing thoughtlessly with you!” „Were you too naive? You think really I am so good to cope?” Shen Xiang said with a sneer. Right, although your present strength is not strong, but must catch you is very difficult, but passes through me to investigate, your friend and your woman......”

Said here, in the Shen Xiang heart a anger, the under foot crack, Devil Subduing Energy brought murderous aura to well up, has blasted out a blood hole in the abdomen of that middle age. „......” That middle-aged pain must call out one, his solemn Fire God Palace's elder, crossed my expert of Nirvana Realm seven tribulations, at this time unexpectedly must live to might as well die by a little rascal devastation of Spirit Martial Realm, this makes in his heart resent, but actually does not help matters, even if he now wants dead is not he decides. Wants...... So long as you let off me, I teach your martial arts! This martial arts is Fire God Palace's top-secret cultivation technique, the person who practice is only suitable to have Fire Spirit, a Fire Spirit stronger person, more can play this cultivation technique might.” That middle age said. Shen Xiang smiles brutally: Does not need!” Saying, his palm whips in the head of that middle age, in the mouth is reciting the incantation, displays Grasping Soul Devil Curse, searches this middle-aged the memory. This middle age lived was very long, the memory were many, the absorption words, Shen Xiang only met the headache all of a sudden completely, therefore he only thinks that want to look, if so, will make that middle age be in deep sorrow. This group of fellows, were really despicable, unexpectedly they are included in the list of capturing and killing...... Shen Xiang to search a list Sister Meng'er, Xiangyue and Elder Dan, the above person was outstanding with the fire. Fire God Art?” Shen Xiang murmured, he had found that cultivation technique, inside content is a lot, but instantaneously was actually inhaled in his mind by him, became his memory, he then must do well understands this Fire God Art, has a look fiercely. Really is Fire God Art, in Heaven World is also famous martial arts, this is also Fire God Palace formidable is, Fire God Palace inside many cultivation technique create through this Fire God Art, only then these have Fire Spirit, person who is loyal and devoted to Fire God Palace can learn! In your hand should not be entire!” Su Meiyao said amazed. On that middle-aged face pale, he is Nirvana Realm, even if carried on by Shen Xiang multiple suffers, but has not actually fainted deadly in the past.

You...... What have you made to me?” That middle-aged anger sound said. I searched your memory!” Shen Xiang smiles lightly. What? Your unexpectedly understands this taboo evil art, you...... You......” The words have not said that the Shen Xiang's big sword strap deep murderous aura, heartless cutting is falling, strikes to kill this middle age. Has killed, is the good things, must remain well.” Shen Xiang gets up that corpse seal with restriction, the Fire God Palace's corpse is most precious, because inside has Fire Spirit, has fierce Fire True Qi, later has the opportunity, he can these skill devour slowly, thinking the means to extract Fire Spirit. Must die meets several Fire God Palace's to be good again, they can extract others' Fire Spirit, my Shen Xiang also!” After Shen Xiang that four corpses process, has adjusted the condition, is broken that stele bang, then hides the spirit herb place to run swiftly truly toward that. He knew from the memory of that middle age a moment ago, on Heaven World before that Solar eclipse arrived at a day, has sprinkled many maps, therefore brought in many influences Big Shot to come, but Fire God Palace and Suppressing Devil Temple early obtained that map, in the first Mysterious Realm detailed map. Definitely is Li Tianjun spreads, this fellow also is really lest the world is not chaotic!” Shen Xiang criticizes to say. In the past chased down his person to be many, I think that he should bear a grudge, wants these to slaughter in first Mysterious Realm mutually, perhaps he still has raised many fierce things in this inside!” Su Meiyao said.

Thinks of this, the Shen Xiang's complexion becomes heavy, he from the memory of that Fire God Palace middle age, knew luckily Liu Meng'er has not come, otherwise he will be worried very much. Because in this environment, no one dares to say one are invincible, if were besieged, inescapable, that has at death's door one. Later arrives at Heaven World, I must be able well this Li Tianjun!” Shen Xiang said. Will have the opportunity, defeats him in the convenience of alchemy.” Su Meiyao haughty smiles, she is very confident to Shen Xiang, is she instructs to come out after all personally. After long rushing about, Shen Xiang has used for one month, finally arrives on that stele has been carving nearby the map, sees mountain peak that on many maps has indicated that this time he previous time is not excited, because this is very likely a that Li Tianjun farce, perhaps there is a trap, moreover in this also has influence Big Shot in every way, Shen Xiang has to be vigilant.