World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 539
All around the Shen Xiang observation roughly more than half double-hour, had not discovered that other people in, at this moment he slightly is also excited, considering the Li Tianjun small method, he was worried one will be very disappointed. Sister Meiyao, you said that what intention this Li Tianjun does disseminate this first Mysterious Realm to have in Heaven World in all directions?” The Shen Xiang doubts said: This does not have advantage to him probably, really to revenge? Words that such comes, his personal enemy also very much may obtain this inside herbs.” Shen Xiang starts off once again, at the same time and Su Meiyao was discussing. „If I, I will not leave behind many herbs in this first Mysterious Realm absolutely, only stays behind at most does not have maturity! Li Tianjun definitely knows, even if Earth Level pill also has very big use on Heaven World, you obtained that two medicine garden that from before, Earth Level pill's herbs was very few, Profound Level High-Grade Dan was also so. Obviously, this first Mysterious Realm inside high level herbs will not be many.” Bai Youyou said. On Heaven World completely is not Immortal, words that because above many people, were just also born, the aptitude aspect is better than the mortal, cultivates to be able the mortal to be quicker, can see from that Zheng Chu, on Heaven World, although has Immortal, but the person under Nirvana Realm is actually most. Perhaps in this has any resources, can cause the person to rumble to snatch, I think that he definitely is worried this first Mysterious Realm forever nobody will discover, feared was wasted! This first Mysterious Realm is similar to small world, Spirit Qi was rich, the time of having was also very long, can breed many mineral lode absolutely.” Su Meiyao said. Perhaps so, early knows that came me to have a look with Emperor Crystal, perhaps can also discover some mineral lode.” Shen Xiang somewhat regrettably said. Climbs up a mountain, Shen Xiang overlook the following giant lake, this circular lake Spirit Qi is very rich, on the level of the lake braves the smog that becomes by Spirit Qi condense. Li Tianjun construction medicine garden here under lake.

What investigates under to have? Such lake, the foot bred a mountain that big giant beast, I do not want to be eaten below.” Some Shen Xiang fears said. Has not discovered any everybody, under the discovery lake bottom has formation actually, the water cannot go there, went to White Tiger Mysterious Realm that seabed islands to be the same with before.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang from mountain fierce bounces, jumps to that lake, crashes to the level of the lake quickly time, he turned into a small fish, dug in the water, swims away toward the lake bottom fast. This lake is very deep, what makes his surprised is, more arrives below, Spirit Qi is rich, this really has very good help to the growth of growth spirit flower spirit grass(es). Quick, he saw under the lake bottom to appear has wiped the white light, when he approached, discovered that below has medicine garden of small house size, in inside full flowers and plants trees, was long very luxuriantly, although Shen Xiang also had the 1st Stage distance from the lake bottom, but his eyes looked at the past, can see many familiar spirit fruit trees. He penetrated that formation very much with ease, enters in medicine garden, this inside has Gathering Spirit Formation, absorbs Spirit Qi to take the formation power, meanwhile can be used to plant spirit herb, making spirit herb grow very well. As expected, are not really many!” For all that but Shen Xiang not disappointed, in the look full is excited, because he sees some precious spirit herb. „Is this tree Soul Breaking Tree?” Shen Xiang is stroking pure white trees gently, this tree has about three people high, the trunk and branches of trees is very long looks like the skeleton of person, but the leaf actually likely is the palm, looks from afar that to is a little terrorist, likely is the ghost of making threatening gestures.

This thing are few in Heaven World.” Su Meiyao said slightly with amazement. The Soul Breaking Tree flower, fruit, leaf, branch, tree root and skin, these types of things have the different characteristics, the words that combines, can refine a very evil and cruel thing, is called Soul Eroding Powder! So long as occupies point type of powder, fleshly body will be corroded, let alone fleshly body of person, even if will be weapon, stone, diamond and other things is corroded, will be very terrifying, if the fleshly body not strong person, were scattered to this type of powder, instantaneously will be perished. Regardless in Mortal World or Heaven World, this Soul Eroding Powder only uses, once were discovered that will issue a warrant for arrest by Righteous Path surely. It is said this tree will be long to one zhang (3.33 m) high first, suddenly is longer is smaller, Soul Eroding Powder that more slightly refines is fierce, when only then the finger is so big, including divine body is corroded, but in Legend, must grow thousands of years to arrive at that stage.” Su Meiyao said here , cannot help but excited, because this type of thing understood the evolution. Other spirit herb, even if Heaven Level, how is fierce, can refine Heaven Level pills, but this Soul Breaking Tree understands the evolution, the Soul Eroding Powder intensity of refining also differs from, this type spirit herb is few, the words that must see were more difficult. maturity needed 30,000 years!” Shen Xiang sighed one: Has not thought that will fall into my hand, now probably just maturity.” Um, Soul Eroding Powder that maturity later refines should have the standard of Profound Level Middle-Grade Dan.”

Looks at all around these flowers and plants trees, Shen Xiang laughs immediately: That group of fellows wanted came in vain.” Soul Fixing Pill herbs, this is Profound Level High-Grade Dan, after the person dies, the soul will dissipate, but swallows this Soul Fixing Pill words promptly, the soul can condense together! If in the practice, needs to consolidate the soul, can take this pill, regarding soul helpful pills, is very expensive rare.” Shen Xiang looks at some white grass and florets, that is Soul Fixing Grass and Mind Calming Flower. This medicine garden inside herbs is very complete, the in other words majority can collect a home remedy, obviously some people such do intentionally. Transformation Dan, Profound Level High-Grade, can want Profound Beast to have pill of certain probability turn into a human shape, is the rare thing! Halting Face Dan, Earth Level High-Grade, is in Legend can let appearance eternal invariable pill of person, thing that the woman most loves? Life Essence Dan, Profound Level High-Grade, can increase 50 years of life essence, the thing that is these soon die old fellow that most needs! Great Life Essence Dan, Earth Level low-grade, can increase 500 years of life, is old fellow most loves! Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, Earth Level low-grade, one type can let fleshly body become stronger east! Life Returning Pill, Building Foundation Dan and Five Elements True Elemental Dan, Black Sun Fire Pill and Elemental Spirit Dan......” Many pill's herbs were Shen Xiang some, but these things did not fear many. What thing is this? Quite strange!” Shen Xiang is touching pinky such big black flowers, what making Shen Xiang curious is, this Little Black flower surrounding three feet places, are infertile, obviously the uncommonness of this floret. Transcend Nine Deaths Flower!” Su Meiyao shouted tenderly, shouted.