World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 540
Hears Transcend Nine Deaths Flower these characters, Shen Xiang whole body, incomparable wild with joy wells up the heart pain, making him almost more excited much falls! Because this refines Transcend Dan thing, but Transcend Dan Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan, although named transcend nine dead pill, but actually crossed the person long-awaited things of Nirvana eight tribulations. Eats up Transcend Dan, can cross Nirvana Ninth Tribulation directly, obtains greatly strengthened strength, then direct transcend, does not need to face that fiercest Nirvana Ninth Tribulation! No one knows that this heaven defying pill does not know has any energy, can avoid Nirvana Tribulation, moreover can obtain compared with crossing the Nirvana nine step also formidable energies, but under the clothing/taking this pill, or the success, either dies! That plants flowers, although named Transcend Nine Deaths Flower, but after practicing pills, the opportunity that can succeed has 50%, eats the colored words directly, has 10%! Do not be happy, this plants flowers only to Nirvana crossed Nirvana Ninth Tribulation the time useful, the Nirvana nine steps arrive eats up, 50% probability Nirvana Tribulation will not come, 50% will come! If comes, will unable to deal with Nirvana Tribulation dead!” Su Meiyao said. Probably Oh? records with the books on is different.” Shen Xiang also thinks that was crossed any Nirvana Tribulation to eat. Naturally is different, eats the Transcend Dan person to be few, but I had refined two grains, a person eats up later Nirvana Ninth Tribulation not to come, crossed successfully, after another eats up, Nirvana Ninth Tribulation came, finally died a tragic death under Nirvana Tribulation.” Su Meiyao said. Bai Youyou said: Small hasn't Master said? If eats up ten grains of Transcend Dan, Nirvana Tribulation ironclad will not come.” Small Master?” The Shen Xiang doubts asked that if were eats up ten grains not to need to face that most terrorist Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, that this was the heaven defying matter, moreover by Shen Xiang's Soul Creation Fluid, so long as gave him the time, this type of thing wanted many to have many, can be more than bean.

Teaches me alchemy, he has said that but he has not tried, Heaven World or Mortal World, Transcend Dan has not presented simultaneously ten grains, therefore cannot confirm, but currently has the opportunity!” Su Meiyao caresses flatters smiles, she is interested in this aspect, but Shen Xiang also cautious and solemn moves now this flower. dragon brat, comes out to help! Do not eat that's alright randomly, selects me some these things to eat.” Shen Xiang makes Long Xueyi come out to help, here is not safe, Shen Xiang does not want to make in ring that two beautiful women come out to take risk. Destroys completely, takes away completely!” Shen Xiang obtains this batch of spirit herb now, enough he refined the Earth Level Low-Grade Dan level, but he now also only then more than two years of time, this was definitely insufficient, he knows that own anything talent is unable these days to go to that level again. Therefore he needs to enter Devil Subduing School that Big Dipper Realm, wins the time in inside! Now he is also highest can also refine Profound Level middle-grade Pure Elemental Golden Pill, at least must refine two different pill, he can on a stair. Profound Level High-Grade Dan suffices me to drink a pot, let alone Earth Level pill! Elder Dan gives my test really is very difficult.” Shen Xiang sighed reluctantly that Elder Dan must go to transcends tribulation, but transcends tribulation time, the success or failure was very difficult saying that if were defeated, this woman fragrant will disappear dead honorably. Shen Xiang has wanted to unveil the veil of this mysterious woman, because since he enters the Extreme Martial Sect's time, he thought that this woman knows him, moreover probably also a little hates him. Perhaps she is a disfigured, I have won her, she depended to decide me to trouble.” Shen Xiang shakes the head smiles, Elder Dan has said that so long as has won her, obtains her approval, she can become the Shen Xiang's woman, whatever when the time comes he acts in a self-serving manner.

From the skin, hair and stature, can her fantasize very much with ease becomes a pretty woman, but cheek aspect was very difficult to say.” Su Meiyao said with a smile. Quick, spirit herb that this first Mysterious Realm only saves was plundered by Shen Xiang, these spirit herb most can refine two pill, what are least is only one, but to Shen Xiang, wanted many to have many. The batch of spirit herb that this time obtains, has very major function, is rarely and is very popular, Shen Xiang can determine, if takes away the auction, can definitely sell very high price. Halting Face Dan, had this thing, I want many women not to have the issue, I thought that is the Tempering Realm woman also has is willing much the obediently taking off clothes and I does that anything!” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile, reminded him cannot help but of Xue Xianxian at this time at being overwhelmed with emotion colorful matter that in the cave has, making him fondly remember. Because some people meet the bottleneck in the practice, stagnates the too long time, fleshly body will be senile, but some people can before the body wants to be senile breaks through, can be young, therefore these Nirvana Realm expert look like, has old also has young, generally young these are aptitude are good. If there is Halting Face Dan, that can avoid senilly, can preserve the vigor of youth, can attract many beauty-loving female martial artist, therefore Shen Xiang grasps this type of thing, he must be able to establish a super big harem absolutely, because Halting Face Dan does not eat one grain to preserve the vigor of youth, must eat continuously. Snort, your this little rascal, dares with the words that this Halting Face Dan acts unreasonably, looked how I kill you!” Su Meiyao threatens him to say. Ha Ha, can I regard as this am you am jealous?” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing. Has the Rejuvenation Dan words, the woman who you must obtain will be more, moreover changes from the old lady.” The Bai Youyou's words make Shen Xiang not know why the whole body draws out the chicken skin.

Long Xueyi giggle said with a smile: Has to let pill who the man turns into the woman? Then this little rascal's woman were more.” This also really has, that is called Male and Female Manipulation Dan! However uses on the beasts, because some rare Demon Beast were very difficult to find, if had one pair male or female, needs with this pill changed, such came to breed.” Su Meiyao smiles the flowering branch to shiver all over: Naturally, uses on the body of person.” Shen Xiang suddenly thinks very disgusting: Let alone, I have a little wanted to spit!” giggle......, therefore after you, is best not to be a womanizer everywhere, some fellows to depend upon the man obtain the massive practice resources, will eat up that Male and Female Manipulation Dan really......” Sister Meiyao, let alone! Right, has that Rejuvenation Dan really? I think that many old fellow should be interested in this pill very much.” Shen Xiang asked that after these very old martial artist ate up, can change young, after all no one wants to have a old fellow appearance. Naturally has, but is Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan, moreover herbs was also very difficult to find.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang has not left here, because here Spirit Qi is very rich, Spirit Qi of lake was very rich, in addition Gathering Spirit Formation under this lake bottom, this is very good practice environment, therefore the Shen Xiang decision must practice that Fire God Art here!