World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 541
Shen Xiang on coming the lake bottom medicine garden road, uses a small part of that month of understanding Fire God Art, after having looked at front some sutra chant, he knows that this Fire God Art is suitable he. He had been worrying cannot display his Fire Spirit martial arts, although Vermilion Bird Divine Art is formidable, but is only attack type martial arts, but can make his fire attribute obtain very good display. But this Fire God Art is different, this is internal strength sutra, practice his Fire Spirit of depth, can wondrous use Fire Spirit. Shen Xiang thought that a fiercest point, person who has Fire Spirit, cultivates this Fire God Art time, can practice a furnace in the dantian, that is in a body furnace, can smelt these tyrannical Spirit Qi, melts the impurity, only leaves behind the pure part, so long as can practice this Blazing Dantian to come in the dantian, later he absorbs Spirit Qi time, Blazing Dantian will produce the unusual flame, flows to all the limbs and bones, once Spirit Qi moves to these flame, will be smelted immediately. After turning into pure Spirit Qi, through his Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art revolution, contains fleshly body again, builds up to turn into True Qi, this can strengthen his True Qi. No matter what thing can smelt, is really what kind of? Then I coordinate that Engulfing Devil Art words again, to want heaven defying?” The Shen Xiang big mouth gasps for breath, displays the Engulfing Devil Art malpractice was worried that True Qi builds up results in insufficiently purely, gradually, will accumulate will produce the malpractice in the body. But after having this Blazing Dantian, no matter is tyrannical, how muddy True Qi, once were smelted, will become pure incomparable! If were on Fire God Art said really likely, then used Engulfing Devil Art time did not need too to have scruples!” Bai Youyou said. Now Shen Xiang understands, why before , that Fire God Palace middle age that he kills, believed the oath to say broad and level this Fire God Art was very fierce, the person who to having Fire Spirit was supreme treasure, now looks like really so, even if did not have Engulfing Devil Art, can play very major role in the practice.

But at the martial arts contest, most is worried to be poured into some wild muddy True Qi to wreak havoc in the body by the opposite party, once society Blazing Dantian, can release that type of unusual flame, smelts to enter body inside energy! What fierce place also has?” Su Meiyao asked curiously, although she now does not have Fire Spirit, but she knows that had Shen Xiang this to have the fellow of king of Fire Spirit, she later some were the opportunity fuses Fire Spirit. Can be used to quenching fleshly body, in some sutra through Fire God Art, making the flame in Blazing Dantian stronger, can quenching fleshly body from the interior, this looks like probably be much better than from outside body cultivation.” Shen Xiang deeps frown: But this consumes True Qi to be very big, because the person of practice flame himself is the fire resistance, to produce a stronger flame to need very big energy!” „Didn't your body earth core flame fear? What flame can also have to quenching to obtain you?” Bai Youyou asked that Shen Xiang's fleshly body was not because too strong did not fear the flame, because he had the Universe Fire Spirit reason, advantageous also had the shortcoming, this will cause unable to quenching his body with the way of flame. Flame Body Refining is best, but in Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique of Shen Xiang practice, majority are to need the flame stimulates, naturally lightning, but that energy is extremely tyrannical, grasps well, very much easily is divided. „It is not, this Fire God Art Quenching Body flame can disregard the resistance of Fire Spirit, the quantity of heat can make me feel the ache! This Fire God Art is who creates? This fellow definitely is because had Fire Spirit to be too worried, created this Fire God Art to come!” Shen Xiang is excited at this time. This Fire God Art can solve him to practice the problem that the speed has quickly without doubt, had this Fire God Art, when he cultivates does not need to be worried that the foundation is not steady, when he cultivates coordinates this Fire God Art, fairly is long in thousand hammer hundred refined into so, not only can quick and can be steady.

This is not very difficult, the foundation must practice Blazing Dantian, on Fire God Art uses the Fire Spirit ingenious method to base on that Blazing Dantian.” Shen Xiang starts to practice, at the same time was reading these sutra chant, this was to let Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou remembers. Even if they do not practice, but understood that studies diligently these martial arts, will make them benefit greatly, the development field of vision, this and reads a truth, they idle in inside in any case are also idling. They can affirm, so long as they as soon as restores the peak strength, they certainly promote more than actually. Had understood after Fire God Art above difficulty, Shen Xiang cultivates very smoothly, he cultivates many fierce Divine Level martial arts, has the solid foundation, therefore many martial arts succeed in obtaining, he can understand insightfully in very short time. A day passed by, under the Shen Xiang attempt, integrated his fleshly body and fleshly body inside flame suddenly repeatedly has the sound, Shen Xiang also said that marvelous feeling, he felt that the dantian gave off heat slightly, dantian that Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram suddenly rapid revolving, five beast image were shone by the flame, Fireball of Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram in dantian covered continuously, five elements of True Qi from Five Elements beast image is flowed out, gathers the strength of universe, permeated in Fireball. Shen Xiang only thought that now his whole body gives off heat, his fierce opening eye, shouted angrily, the flame sprays suddenly from the body, this type of flame explodes to shoot from his dantian inside that furnace, from Blazing Dantian, is different from other flame. Here cannot use True Qi, but after I practice Fire God Art, can actually through controlling Fire Spirit, absorbs the strength of Five Elements universe through Fire Spirit, can make me release the produce fire flame to come, although is also Universe Fire, but has other mysterious strength, should be the strength of that unusual smelting.” Shen Xiang does not have to think an own day grasped, moreover can make him use the fierce flame. These flame through Universe Fire that the strength of ingestion universe burns, this is equal to Shen Xiang can use True Qi to be the same, but is unable to make him use other Dragon Force and attribute True Qi.

Ha Ha...... I was invincible in this, his paternal grandmother, Holy Light Church Qin Zejun and Divine Martial Palace's Wang Quan and Fire God Palace's Palace Master, as well as Eastern Sea old fellow of many influences in this, you best not to appear before me, otherwise the father is impolite!” In the Shen Xiang heart seethes with excitement. I must look for him, this is the good opportunity, does not kill them, after waiting for them, found the opportunity to kill me?” In the Shen Xiang heart moves, hastily stands up. Calm, kills must certainly kill, but you should better or promote some True Qi to say again that this Blazing Dantian consumed True Qi was right! If you were besieged, that is not the matter of joking. In this is also hiding many fierce beasts.” Bai Youyou said. The Shen Xiang nod said: Right, they can half leave in any case for a while, this first Mysterious Realm inside time also and outside different, I can also win some time here.” Saying, him was revolving Fire God Art, burnt Blazing Dantian, then before having swallowed grain of him, Black Rock Flood Dragon beast core that obtained, beast core entered in Blazing Dantian, was melted refined into pure True Qi instantaneously, by that five beast image greedy absorption, was compressed again in true element grains.