World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 542
Shen Xiang in this True Qi by the environment under suppression , can still practice True Qi, moreover can use the fierce flame through Fire God Art! This is the Fire God Art reason! He altogether has killed 30 Black Rock Flood Dragon, but now his some are the time, naturally swallows completely, cultivates True Qi. Black Rock Flood Dragon beast core, enter several breath time in his dantian, completely was melted refined into pure True Qi, was absorbed by five beast image voluntarily, presses in true element grains. Enters into Spirit Martial Realm early stage time, his Five Elements beast image inside true element grains altogether shone 5000 grains, each beast image 1000 grains, but if now he wants to enter into Spirit Martial Realm middle stage, again shone 500 grains, was each beast image increases 100 grains respectively. His stage, True Qi that must compress are more can lighten true element grains, is very difficult, but he learns Fire God Art now, there are massive Pure Elemental Golden Pill, he has very big confidence regarding practice speed. These Black Rock Flood Dragon are the Profound Beast rank, the energy that beast core inside contains is vigorous, although after being gobbled up, Shen Xiang can only obtain the energy of part, but 30 grains added to be many. Has troubled, now True Qi cannot control as one desires, although can melt refined into True Qi, but must make five beast image compresses highly has the difficulty.” Shen Xiang knits the brows saying that he most was worried, if he can control True Qi, can fast the True Qi fast compression in true element grains, making the True Qi mass concentration high, such can shine. Long Xueyi said: This simple, with magic power, definitely compared with your actually controls True Qi the time easy-to-use! When you learn with magic power controls True Qi the time, you later will again not receive the restraint of this environment.” Shen Xiang hastily releases magic power, enters in the dantian, making magic power turn into invisible strength, wraps these unable to enter true element grains True Qi in his dantian, quick, these True Qi along with the Shen Xiang's magic power control, indentation true element grains in gradually. This truly he usually cultivates the time is better, because True Qi does not compress easily, moreover must compress highly!

The time in the past, Shen Xiang's progressed little very rapidly, his aura jet, his body was braving steaming burnt the heat class, welled up with the vigorous True Qi aura, his True Qi vigorous degree was promoting rapidly. Quite a while passes, the Shen Xiang's body sends out the buzz that qi flow spout, as he displays devour divine art, rich Spirit Qi is similar to flows rapidly general, emerges his body through Gathering Spirit Formation crazily, after entering his body inside meridians, is given the smelting by the fire of smelting Blazing Dantian sends out instantaneously. Massive Spirit Qi drove out the impurity, turns into True Qi, was used magic power to compress by Shen Xiang again in true element grains. Continuous massive Spirit Qi emerges his body, is similar to continuous True Qi wells up to be the same, because his builds up the process to be short is only flash's matter, now he even more thought that Fire God Art was the good thing, later he does not need to experience Spirit Qi to build up to turn into True Qi that long process. Must break through! 500 grains of true element grains only missed one grain to shine completely.” Shen Xiang said excitedly that at this time on him emits qi wave unceasingly, by formation, is attacking the lake bottom, causing the lake to fluctuate turbulently. He has practiced for one month in this lake bottom, if not because gobbles up that 30 grains of beast core, his progress is not rapid! Completed!” In the Shen Xiang heart moves, each beast image respectively increased 100 grains of glistening true element grains. Um? What situation is this?” Shen Xiang suddenly one startled, because he stopped cultivating, but actually many energies do not know that emerges in his body from there, enters the dantian, voluntarily compression! Quick, he calls out in alarm: Martial Dao the strength of granting, how many?” Before Huang Jintian told him, cultivated the Martial Dao person, whenever broke through time, will obtain the strength of this granting, was not just obvious below Peak Realm, after Peak Realm, becomes very obviously.

Before he entered into Spirit Martial Realm time, obtained the strength of almost ten times of granting! Sister Meiyao, you cultivated in the past time also has the strength of this granting?” Shen Xiang asked. Has, you enjoy slowly, why now nobody can understand will have the strength of this granting.” Su Meiyao happily said with a smile: I entered Spirit Martial Realm in the past time, obtained eight times of promotion, Senior Sister is little than me.” You enter into Spirit Martial Realm time, only then 500 grains, after obtaining the strength of granting, is 5000 grains, increased nine times, after this, is you obtain the primary standard of strength of granting, will not be lower than this standard.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang sucked in a cold breath, he thought that this obtains the standard of strength of granting is individual aptitude is related, but he thought that he compares that two beautiful women to be many, aptitude is definitely better than them. His previous time enters into Spirit Martial Realm time, the strength of that granting obtains made him compress for more than 20 days, but uses for 15 days to complete now. Still is nine times! Let him increase 4500 grains of True Yuan, in his Five Elements beast image altogether shone 10,000 grains of true element grains, that vigorous True Qi, felt including him shocking! Nine times are quite high, many people are about five times, sometimes therefore cannot look at a strength of person depending on cultivation base, must rely on the True Qi vigorous degree!” Su Meiyao said. His time True Qi becomes more vigorous, he when uses Dragon Force, can support is longer, moreover along with True Qi quality become stronger, his Dragon Force also will become more terrorist.

He has drilled formation, turns into a fish, comes up toward the level of the lake tour fast, because of Fire God Art relationship, he can use Universe Fire to attack, that Universe Fire has extracted the strength of universe, be fiercer than the strength of universe! Shen Xiang arrives on a mountain peak, was waiting for Long Xueyi displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to seek for prey, he looks at his fist, the intention moves, Fire God Art revolves, in the dantian is burning immediately the raging flame, strong flame spout from his fist, heat brilliant, covers in the entire mountain top. Well? That side resembles one group of people, but there has any thing probably, my consciousness approaches, becomes very unstable!” Long Xueyi said strangely. What direction?” Shen Xiang hastily asked that ten had ** was that crowd of Nirvana Realm, now he does not fear them. In that side.” Long Xueyi had pointed out a direction, Shen Xiang jumps down from the high summit immediately, dashes about wildly in that direction. Not long, Shen Xiang broadcasts the weak sound on the hearing front distant place. Liu Meng'er, hands over Heaven Mending Stone, otherwise you cannot run away today absolutely!” Hears these words, in the Shen Xiang heart jumps, in the heart ascended suddenly the flaming anger, Liu Meng'er unexpectedly is besieged, he has not thought that prepared transcends tribulation Liu Meng'er, now will come this first Mysterious Realm.