World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 543
Shen Xiang turns into a bird, the speed run in the past, Liu Meng'er was besieged, this is very danger(ous), Liu Meng'er cannot use True Qi, her Icewind Divine Art is unable to use, the strength will fall short greatly. Make Shen Xiang burning with impatience. Heaven Mending Stone! This is a refinement space class magic treasure good thing, can refine immortal tool, moreover is rare, are not many in Heaven World.” Su Meiyao suddenly said. Has the Heaven Mending Stone place, will have spatial stone, no wonder will affect my consciousness.” Long Xueyi also somewhat worried at this time: Shen Xiang, what to do do you plan?” What to do? Has to besiege the Sister Meng'er fellows to die!” Shen Xiang angrily said: Some how many people?” Probably 30!” Shen Xiang had known about spatial stone and Heaven Mending Stone that Heaven Mending Stone was one type can fill the space crack strange stone, in Legend Heaven World and Mortal World had the crack, must fill with this Heaven Mending Stone. But spatial stone refines the ore that storage equipment needs, in spatial stone has a small space, storage pouch and storage ring anything refines with this spatial stone. spatial stone very little and very few, but for many years many people in Mortal World found, when refines storage pouch, only needs to put in the grain of rice size spatial stone, can the space of room size, but spatial stone that large capacity storage equipment, needs are also more, the refinement difficulty is also higher. It seems like here had spatial stone mineral lode.” Bai Youyou said. Liu Meng'er grasps the White Jade dragon bone spear|gun, if surface the cold frost, the white clothing is floating, in beautiful eyes full is anger, stares at all around these to encircle her in middle expert, moreover these expert are the men. Snort, your one group of men deal with my woman, but also if wanted face?” Liu Meng'er shouted to clear the way coldly, she cannot use True Qi, can only rely on physical strength, her double fist difficult enemy four, but she was actually not resigned to hand over that Heaven Mending Stone, not the piece of spatial stone mineral lode that was resigned to her to discover. Seeing has the share, although you discovered that is you obtain, but......”

old man just said here, red light suddenly glittering comes together, threatening heat covers suddenly, steaming murderous aura seem to be innumerable the wicked beast, was similar to the ocean waves sweeps across to come, making the people have a shiver. But your Sir!” As Shen Xiang roars to transmit, that old man that spoke a moment ago had been divided completely squashed to be broken by blade Qi of Shen Xiang that everywhere instantaneously. Shen Xiang stands in front of Liu Meng'er, sees the face that several he has been familiar with, Fire God Palace's Palace Master and Divine Martial Palace's Wang Quan and Holy Light Church Qin Zejun, Free Immortal Sea Xiao Ziliang! This group of fellows are hoodlums, naturally is not concerned about face!” The Shen Xiang sound full is murderous aura, grasps Divine Blade, protects Liu Meng'er. Shen Xiang one, moreover is having this boundless imposing manner, lets these are surrounding person cannot help but retreat several steps, they can see that Shen Xiang had used True Qi a moment ago . Moreover the strength has been probably also increased, makes Nirvana Realm martial artist be killed violently instantaneously. Cannot use True Qi, these expert are unable to resist Shen Xiang that wild space. Sees Shen Xiang to arrive, Liu Meng'er relaxed, is soft looks at Shen Xiang, wishes one could to hug with Shen Xiang, but now is not good. A middle age shouted that is looking angrily at Shen Xiang, said fierce: Shen Xiang you...... Elder who you dare to kill our Dragon Feimen......” This middle-aged human language has not played, Shen Xiang is being a fist bang hits to him, Fire Dragon makes threatening gestures, howls again and again, is having the threatening imposing manner, is similar to together fire lightning-like, fires into that middle age. „” Crack, that Fire Dragon has passed suddenly through the body of that middle age, explodes suddenly, explodes the burned black meat to be broken that middle age, scatters the four directions, falls on everyone. The people tremble, because also has a Nirvana Realm martial artist tragic death before them!

Fire God Art!” A manner uncommon middle age, wear a look of cold Xie, angrily shouted: Shen Xiang, your where does plagiarize come?” This is Fire God Palace's Palace Master, named Ying Jingkun, was one crossed the people of Nirvana eight tribulations! murderous-looking Shen Xiang, did not speak, void was a blade, the knife flame sparkle, heat is threatening, is similar to fierce Yang Yiban erupts ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) ray, blade wind that blazing fire Qi condense came out, was similar to the raging fire storm is ordinary, toward that Ying Jingkun swift and fierce assault. Ying Jingkun early has the protection, seeing Shen Xiang to brandish a sword, fierce shunt, but his behind two old man so are not quick, was divided burning hot blade Qi that chops to hit by Shen Xiang directly void, changes into the grey carbon instantaneously! Although the people were covered by one in scalding hot, but actually cannot help but the whole body feels cold at this time, Shen Xiang can use True Qi, they cannot, they only be able to contend with Shen Xiang with fleshly body, but looks like this radically fights a hopeless battle now, they have many people insufficient Shen Xiang to kill. The people realized quickly that they do not have the strength to hit back in front of Shen Xiang, they start running away at once, otherwise they definitely will be killed by Shen Xiang. This crowd usually keeps aloof, strength outstanding Nirvana Realm martial artist, unexpectedly is panic-stricken, that intense fear is filling their heart, lets them now only then a thought that escapes, will otherwise be killed by Shen Xiang! Saw Shen Xiang a moment ago that savage method, the people did not doubt, so long as were caught by Shen Xiang, they must die without doubt! Do not want to run, you must die!” Shen Xiang roars latter, is bringing frigid murderous aura burns the heat wave to explode to well up from his body, toward sweeps across in all directions, is similar to the wave is ordinary, sweeps away all obstacles, the speed is extremely fast, is only instantaneous, many trees were fired the ashes, but these to the person who the four directions run, suddenly have anchored, because their bodies were being twined by fire vine. This makes that more than 20 expert suddenly feel desperate, to Shen Xiang that dreadful murderous aura, they knows that Shen Xiang will not let off them. Shen Xiang, three realms great war must arrive quickly, you have killed us, this Mortal Martial World strength will drop! Will make when the time comes perhaps Mortal Martial World fall to the enemy.” Xiao Ziliang hurriedly said.

Your this crowd of waste, will only harm pot soup!” Shen Xiang is raising Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, suddenly arrives at the Xiao Ziliang front. Liu Meng'er, you is a being in power person of side influence, you must take the larger situation into account, we besieged you a moment ago, is we are not truly right! We certainly will carry afterward the generous gift, visits to express gratitude, but also asked you to urge Shen Xiang!” Qin Zejun also hurriedly said, in his heart frightened incomparable, he now has controlled almost Eastern Sea, crossed the people of Nirvana eight tribulations, only missed one step to be able transcend Heaven World, he cannot such die here. Liu Meng'er looks at Shen Xiang, Youyou sighs: I cannot urge!” You are his wife's Master, is his elder, how can't you urge?” Qin Zejun was anxious. The death, was stupid to this group of people, perhaps when they were young had this fear, but they stand above the strength peak now, can control trillion people of life and death, gradually has put behind this feeling. But now, Shen Xiang makes them feel this incomparably frightened situation again. Shen Xiang, if you have put me, you study the Fire God Art matter passing not to investigate, our Fire God Palace will also visit to apologize to Liu Meng'er! Also asked you to take the larger situation into account.” The Ying Jingkun expression was softer, strength is the strong person, fears death on exceed, because they arrive at these step not to be easy. Few idle talk, I one month ago, decided that must butcher your this group of bastards.” Shen Xiang has the blade to fall, cuts to fall the head of Xiao Ziliang, starting time unambiguous, the eye does not wink.