World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 544
Xiao Ziliang once and Holy Light Church cooperation, moreover almost kills him, this enmity he has borne in mind, moreover he also knows that Xiao Ziliang hates him. Who lets you and I have a grudge?” Shen Xiang sneers wear a look, toward Fire God Palace's Palace Master, Ying Jingkun walks, fire vine that he releases strengthened, he cannot this group to run away. Has not killed a person, Shen Xiang's Slaughtering Heart will absorb completely that person of murderous aura, making Shen Xiang's murderous aura stronger, his present Slaughter Qi, is several Nirvana Realm sum totals, is very intense, the strength bad person, facing this Slaughter Qi, is hard to come to a stop radically. Shen Xiang, you did not fear that Heaven World above Fire God Palace does know? Do not think something people who you are here do not know.” Ying Jingkun knits the brows saying that on the face falls many beads of sweat, looked that this Shen Xiang walks, his body shakes fiercely, although he was being entangled by burning hot fire vine, but he thought that at this time is similar to the icehouse is the same. Shen Xiang laughs: „When I killed your Fire God Palace's elder before, has not feared you, arrives at Mortal Martial World from your Fire God Palace, I set firm resolve to want you, except that...... Starting off!” Similar to the lightning has delimited generally blade edge, chops to chop above the head of Ying Jingkun, looks on that face full is the frightened head falls, other these Nirvana Realm martial artist, despair, feared. In this group of people, the Ying Jingkun strength is strongest, the influence is biggest, before they surrounded Liu Meng'er, was because had Ying Jingkun here, therefore has not had scruples. Now Fire God Palace's Ying Jingkun died, explained that Shen Xiang will not keep the living witness, at the same time the matter exposes, regardless of they said anything, will be killed by Shen Xiang! Makes me share for you.” Liu Meng'er unemotionally, walks toward old man, then the Kiss of the Jade Dragon fierce thorn, instantaneously is several thorns, on that old man, on the throat punctures several blood holes. Liu Meng'er as Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Empress, except for displays the woman to have the tender feelings that in front of Shen Xiang and caresses flatters, other times, is a ruler imposing manner, will start not to be certainly unambiguous, facing begging for mercy of many people, with imploring urgently, she will disregard directly, will be decisive the spear|gun, 11 will assassinate these people. Shen Xiang has not killed Qin Zejun and Wang Quan first, but massacres other people first, he must let Wang Quan and Qin Zejun experiences one that death before the incomparable fear, but that feeling the ratio dies also uncomfortably.

Quick, the ground on full is persons head and corpse, but Slaughter Qi that on Shen Xiang accumulates also even more strong, Liu Meng'er feels incomparably uncomfortably. Now only remaining Qin Zejun and Wang Quan, they look that Slaughter God general Shen Xiang walks, immediately was frightened the complexion to be pallid, the whole body trembles! I had already said that not bullies youngster to be poor! In the past you think Will kill me time, there are to think this day?” Shen Xiang looks at Wang Quan, Wang Quan does not have to think after one have lost to Huang Jintian, now must be killed by the Huang Jintian's apprentice. What make his aggrieved is, his Nirvana Realm martial artist, unexpectedly will die on little rascal of Peak Realm strength! This is also many expert moods, their at the point of death that instantaneous, regrets, should not enter this first Mysterious Realm, they not only had not found anything in this inside, instead has compensated a life. Together black Slaughter Qi spout from the Shen Xiang's body, is similar to the heavenly pillar sprint the sky, passes through the clouds, that not fills a blade that murders to wield, Wang Quan and Qin Zejun complete head falls, dies with injustice unredressed! Shouted......” Shen Xiang to close eye, released magic power, was hard to restrain murderous aura that to suppress that in within the body. Liu Meng'er walked, holds Shen Xiang from back, the cheeks is pasting back of Shen Xiang's, said gently: Thank you, little rascal!” Shen Xiang is shaking her hand gently, lightly smiled: What with me to be polite? Hurries to tidy up, all gets up with the restriction seal these corpses, do not let the energy flux come out, later I am useful!” Heard Shen Xiang saying that these corpses were useful, Liu Meng'er knit the brows to ask: Is useful?”

Brings to exercise martial arts! Hehe......” thinks the previous time, Shen Xiang smiles evilly. Snort!” Liu Meng'er light lightly snorted, puts out arranges the material that restriction uses, she cannot use True Qi now, can only carry on through something. 32 corpses, are Nirvana Realm, the Fire God Palace's person has three, person who that has Fire Spirit. Burns down after here, Shen Xiang is pulling the Liu Meng'er's white hands, leading the beautiful woman to fly from not far away mountain forest, arrives in a lonesome and quiet mountain valley. Sister Meng'er, did you come? Aren't you are closing up in Danxiang Taoyuan's forbidden land with Hua Xiangyue?” Shen Xiang hugs Liu Meng'er in the bosom, sits in depending on a big tree. I come out to ventilate time, knew that this first Mysterious Realm news, I know you will certainly come, I am worried about you, therefore came!” Liu Meng'er has pinched Shen Xiang that only dishonest color: You also really dare to come, unexpectedly butchered completely that group of fellows.” „Does Hehe, what have not to dare?” Shen Xiang light one her forehead: Who makes them such not be concerned about face, besieges my Sister Meng'er, this is they brings upon oneself at death's door!” Hee hee, although savage a point, but I like!” Liu Meng'er lies down in the Shen Xiang's bosom, is looking up at Shen Xiang that handsome face. That Heaven Mending Stone what's the matter? Shows me quickly, I have not seen this thing.” Liu Meng'er has put out a very big five colors stone, this stone is similar to a person is so high, each inch is five colors, under the sunlight illumination, is very beautiful.

Surrounding that no wonder that group of fellows can not be concerned about face she, this Heaven Mending Stone was really too big, in Heaven World, had appeared has persons head to be so big! Your that Heaven's Crown Gate, mixture this Heaven Mending Stone, can therefore open Space Gate!” Su Meiyao sucked in a cold breath. Shen Xiang is stroking Heaven Mending Stone, stares greatly the eye: Sister Meng'er, how do you get so far as?” „After I come, looks for you everywhere, who knows that has astrayed Danger Zone, I kill there Demon Beast, enters mountain scene [lineage/vein], induction to spatial stone mineral lode, place that also a moment ago you killed people, there spatial stone are many, has a hill to be so big probably! I slightly induced with Divine Sense, this Heaven Mending Stone braved, flew the upper air, erupted five colors light glow.” I have used very big strength, receives this Heaven Mending Stone, but has actually brought in that group of fellows, they surround me, the later matter you knew.” Liu Meng'er said reluctantly that then received Heaven Mending Stone. Shen Xiang touches the chin, said: Said that we go back, to take spatial stone! This is the good thing.” Walks, when I have the time, my you refine space very big storage ring.” Liu Meng'er is intimate is holding the Shen Xiang's arm, went out of the mountain valley with Shen Xiang.