World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 546
Shen Xiang has not pursued immediately, but side Liu Meng'er, that shadow did not plunge a moment ago his, but is Liu Meng'er, therefore he must protect Liu Meng'er here. After that group of flame destroy completely, Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er only see the middle-aged man who on is winged, his body wears the clothes that beast skin makes, the appearance is extremely ordinary, at this time is looking at Shen Xiang angrily. Really is Shapeshift Demon Beast, but he cannot use True Qi, how to cross Nirvana Tribulation?” The Shen Xiang doubts said. His fleshly body is very strong, you that fist was not weak a moment ago, but his matter does not have now.” Liu Meng'er knits the brows to say. Shen Xiang has also discovered that if his fist hits on the bodies of other Nirvana Realm, can spit blood fully, the flame can infiltrate in the human body, burns the five main internal organs (entrails). Bird man, why do you want to attack us?” Shen Xiang loud voice asked. That has the middle-aged person of wing not to like this name obviously, immediately angry roar, is similar to the falcon long and loud cry is ordinary, the personal appearance like the arrow, Shen Xiang swoops once more, although the speed is quick, but actually appears very slow in the Shen Xiang's eye. „” Crack, Shen Xiang through intense Universe Fire, has displayed Devil Subduing Energy, although is only a sound, but the might is very big, let alone Shen Xiang this time the fist is not only a fist, but is the instantaneous dozens fists, sincere crack, is wild Devil Subduing Energy, blotting out the sky fist image is similar to the difficult situation, the violent storm is common, submerges that bird man. The short several instances, that Shapeshift Demon Beast thought that own body was hit several hundred to be the same by crazy lightning explosion probably, the spicy pain of that ignition, is similar to the wound drop of hot pepper water such, making him painful only calls. Devil Subduing Energy of Shen Xiang use brings to burn hot fire Qi, the feather on that Shapeshift Demon Beast wing was burnt down completely, this person burned black smoking. Can the Shapeshift beast crossed Nirvana Tribulation, but in this first Mysterious Realm also has the Nirvana Tribulation words, explained that this first Mysterious Realm has evolved small world!

Last fist, Shen Xiang has used Devil Subduing Energy ten layers strength, a fist hits that Shapeshift Demon Beast hits to fly in not far away the mountain wall of that mountain, splashes a crushed stone. Under the Shen Xiang both feet spout the flame, making his whole person explode to shoot, hand like dragon claw, fierce pricked in that Shapeshift Demon Beast abdomen, has pulled out grain of golden beast core, rich life element and energy spout, this was beast core of Nirvana Demon Beast rank, after Shen Xiang ran away, that Shapeshift Demon Beast immediately died. Devil Subduing Energy is really fierce.” Liu Meng'er has grazed gently, seeing own man to become such formidable, Liu Meng'er also is very happy, Shen Xiang's progresses very amazingly quick, making her very gratified. Shen Xiang is taking that grain of beast core, swallows in the entrance directly, this frightens the Liu Meng'er complexion to be pallid, this is beast core of implication very strong energy, Shen Xiang such swallows down, she worried that Shen Xiang cannot withstand. Relax, that beast core inside energy cannot let my True Qi promotion, but can strengthen fleshly body, strong soul.” Shen Xiang waves to say. Blazing Dantian burns, that beast core was smelted instantaneously, the boundless strange energy emerges Shen Xiang's all the limbs and bones, integrates in his meridians, skeleton, muscle and blood, is strong his five main internal organs (entrails), integrates each of his within the body, is strengthening his fleshly body. After fleshly body is strong, his Divine Soul also follows to be formidable, but these energies he requires certain time to digest. Has a cave above, I have investigated, inside has a box probably.” Long Xueyi said that this makes Shen Xiang look up that great mountain immediately the mountainside. Has a look!” Shen Xiang is drawing Liu Meng'er, fierce jump, jumped in that cave of halfway up the mountainside directly, in this cave was very black, Shen Xiang put out the flare to illuminate. Liu Meng'er asked: How you know that here does have a cave?”

Shen Xiang said with a smile: I know that goes to have a look, perhaps has any good thing.” This mountain is very big . Moreover the position that now is at is also first Mysterious Realm compares the middle place. Comes to the end, Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er then sees on a stone table to place a box, this is a pitch-dark wooden crate, but looked like actually experienced hardship to the full, above full was the slash and fissure, moreover some being in charge. It seems like this box had fought for by many people.” Liu Meng'er was saying, turns on this box pitch-dark, but inside has beast skin. Launches beast skin, Shen Xiang with flare illumination, only sees on beast skin or a circular thing, in some in also many traces, understood at a glance that this is formation. Liu Meng'er most infatuated formation, she sees this formation, on the face full is pleasantly surprised, excitedly said: This is Teleportation Formation, cross-boundary Teleportation Formation!” cross-boundary Teleportation Formation! Can go to formation of other world, Liu Meng'er so will be no wonder excited, goes to other world to travel, is her ten points hope, but could not find the good method. Now Shen Xiang knows why that box can these many people rob, he guessed that is Li Tianjun places here. Sacred Dan World? Legend Sacred Land of alchemy master?” Liu Meng'er looks at the back of beast skin, that above writes many dense and numerous small characters, Shen Xiang understood at a glance when that is arranges Teleportation Formation must adjust the transmission position the thing. This transmits Sacred Dan World!” Liu Meng'er said with amazement: I very small time, listened to my parents to say this Sacred Dan World, heard there and Heaven World was equally fierce, many Heaven World's Immortal frequently went to there to ask pill!”

Before Shen Xiang, listened to Su Meiyao saying: Has the opportunity to have a look!” He brings that beast skin, takes down that Sacred Dan World some bearing data, he discovered that can also transmit through the adjustment with that Heaven's Crown Gate to this Sacred Dan World. Although this first Mysterious Realm Spirit Qi is rich, but has some strength limit person to use True Qi, Shen Xiang does not know how in the past that Li Tianjun crossed the long day in this inside. Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er in this leisure is walking, this inside time and outside different, they meet rarely, naturally must to meet together a period of time, all the way, Shen Xiang also occupy many convenient well, all day and Liu Meng'er is intimate, but has not arrived at that most intimate situation. Quick, Shen Xiang went out of first Mysterious Realm with Liu Meng'er, at this time outside is a darkness, after walking, Shen Xiang hastily puts out Heaven's Crown Gate, opens together Space Gate, is far away from this Sun Moon Island. Sister Meng'er, I must return to Devil Subduing School, do you have a look at Xianxian and Leng Youlan?” Shen Xiang just and Liu Meng'er kissed violently, then said. Liu Meng'er reorganizes by the white clothing that Shen Xiang messes up, slightly frowned is said: „Do you want to go back really? You, Suppressing Devil Temple certainly also will send for carefully! Some Fire God Palace's Palace Master people will also take over control, Holy Light Church likely will have actually the turmoil.” Knew, when I my matter solution, I look for Danxiang Taoyuan to look for you.” Shen Xiang has kissed the Liu Meng'er's cherry lips, then steps into Space Gate to depart.