World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 548
Shen Xiang arrived in a high roof Devil Subduing School among Zuo Zhenxuan, this tall building is located in the middle of other five upper air, understood at a glance that this is to combine formation. In this big stone house top in a giant stone chamber, Zuo Zhenxuan places on a giant column, releases intermittent strength from the body, pours into the stone column, sees only that stone column to revolve slowly, sends out white light glow. Quick, presented a gate on that stone column, Zuo Zhenxuan said: This enters that Big Dipper Realm entrance, after you go, will appear in a room, everyone who going , the independent rooms, will do this to not disturb mutually.” Shen Xiang said: If I can come out?” You are most in can only stay for 20 days, by that time I will put you, if you must come out ahead of time, can use inside laying aside crystal ball, through the Divine Sense way bush telegraph, I can receive.” Zuo Zhenxuan said. Shen Xiang has walked into that sliding door of stone column, stands around one is in the white cloud small rooms, but that sliding door also slowly closes, at this time he only thought the place that one are at fast is revolving, how long but could not continue, his all around white light vanished on suddenly, he appeared in a warm yellow color ray stone chamber, this stone chamber also calculated very in a big way, had the clean bunk and chair, to pack the hot water the bathing pool, under the warm yellow light glow illumination, appeared very warm. Was a pity, if Xianxian Youlan also because of were also good.” Shen Xiang has taken off the clothes, plunges into that bathing pool, soaks in the hot water. You must stay the last 20 years in this inside, I have arranged the practice plan for you! You must practice through Fire God Art every day, meanwhile needs condense to leave Soul Creation Fluid, naturally, waits for the much time is to place on alchemy.” Su Meiyao shines, sits by Shen Xiang's, she pulls up trouser-skirt, puts in pair of fine jade the bathing pool fully, this makes Shen Xiang unable to bear hold her tender and delicate jade foot, has pinched gently. Snort, little rascal, was really bold!” Su Meiyao ridicules saying that but also is pinching the Shen Xiang's ear maliciously, Bai Youyou also came out from that ring at this time, sits in Shen Xiang other one side, is similar to that the beautiful jade sculpture common lotus puts in the bathing pool to soak fully.

But Shen Xiang actually the whole person soaks now in inside, these two beautiful women in the side, let his cannot help but recollections in close succession, wishes one could to dig up the light them, making them help him rub the back. The Shen Xiang present courage is truly big, he felt the Su Meiyao's jade foot, but now actually slowly follows from the calf comes up, that big hand did not arrive at Su Meiyao's to become known on the leg very much honestly, but actually by Su Meiyao racket maliciously. little rascal, I am not your Sister Meng'er, do not play a dirty trick to me.” Su Meiyao tenderly snorted and said. Kissed in any case has kissed, looked has also looked, traces nothing.” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying that this makes Su Meiyao that caress flatters the moving face to reappear wipes quiet red, spat one gently tenderly. At this time Shen Xiang looked to Bai Youyou of that wear snow white pure and holy women's clothing, although this is a female devil, but at this time looked like actually likely is a sacred and pure goddess. Let Shen Xiang look crazily that Bai Youyou is only on the face is having her unique callous smiling face, does not evade Shen Xiang that burning look. Looks that Shen Xiang's probably was also being controlled by some strength, brave has extended the hand, held that to be only icy cold from the water the tender soft jade foot, this made Bai Youyou frown slightly, but Su Meiyao eyes glittering at the same time the strange ray, she must have a look at the Shen Xiang's courage but actually in a big way, has a look bottom line that Bai Youyou's withstood where. Bai Youyou had not opposed that but Shen Xiang sees this, the hand also slowly slid, moves slowly from the calf, when passed over gently and swiftly that creamy and solid calf, but also has cannot help but pinched. Quick, the Shen Xiang's big hand searched into under Bai Youyou's snow white skirt, placed that exquisitely such as on the icy cold thigh of jade, back and forth was stroking, making the Shen Xiang ten shares receive. Su Meiyao looks secretly sucks the tongue, she has not thought that Bai Youyou unexpectedly can also tolerate Shen Xiang compared with her, can make Shen Xiang such touch her becoming known leg.

Shen Xiang in the heart ripples at this time, the evil fire surges upward, something already in submarine fierce. Sister Youyou...... gets down washes together!” Shen Xiang smiles was saying. Other not satisfied with small gains!” Bai Youyou coldly looked at his one eyes, making his hastily receive the hand, but stroked the feeling of Bai Youyou thigh a moment ago, has actually been able hardly be removed in his mind. Sigh that the Shen Xiang ten shares receive, looks at Su Meiyao to say with a smile: Your Senior Sister is more natural than you, stingy ghost!” Snort, little rascal!” In the Su Meiyao heart is not feeling well very much, she has not thought that Bai Youyou unexpectedly so will be natural, touches the thigh to Shen Xiang. Is secret in this stone chamber, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also dare to come out, they stay very stuffily in that ring, can come out to chat with Shen Xiang this little brat face to face is also a quite happy matter. After relaxing, Shen Xiang has put out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, he had understood that now refined Pure Elemental Golden Pill this Profound Level Middle-Grade Dan, generally speaking, at least must study to refine about three types same rank pills, built the solid foundation, can on, be able the quite easy seat of honor when refinement high level pills. „The Profound Level Middle-Grade Dan medicine that I can also refine now has Heavenly Lightning Dan, and Soul Eroding Powder, attacks the nature, perhaps did not understand the refinement on past that Dan King Li Tianjun.” Shen Xiang has put out the Heavenly Lightning Dan material, The Profound Thunder Grass seed and Lightning Element Fruit, this refines Heavenly Lightning Dan herbs, is belt aggressive pills that Shen Xiang first time refines, the refinement difficulty is very bigger, strength that because this type of thing erupts is powerful, is very difficult to control.

Shen Xiang is processing herbs, while listens to the Su Meiyao explanation to refine the Heavenly Lightning Dan main point. He had recalled the thing that Su Meiyao spoke, started to put in herbs toward alchemic furnace, what he used was Refining Simulation Technique, refined this Heavenly Lightning Dan time , was the same with his Pure Elemental Golden Pill of previous refinement, was very easy to explode. Especially that Lightning Element Fruit, needs very careful control flame, very gentle fires the powder Lightning Element Fruit, lets that tyrannical thunder familiar energy along with the combustion time releases, once does not grasp well, will cause entire Lightning Element Fruit to explode! Now he has to refine the rich experience of Pure Elemental Golden Pill, copes with this Lightning Element Fruit time is quite easy to control, is only this Lightning Element Fruit that wild lightning energy, making him be unexpected, causing Refining Simulation Technique to have very big mistake, the first furnace such failed, but can actually progress half. This Lightning Element Fruit one time can only leave one grain, moreover concentrates pill time also needs you to pour into massive lightning attribute True Qi, can produce wilder strength, therefore concentrates pill is the key.” Su Meiyao said.