World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 549
The Heavenly Lightning Dan material only then dozens this, just started him also to think that through using Refining Simulation Technique is quite easy to refine, because his Refining Simulation Technique has also progressed, can look at very slowly the change quick process, but he refines this Heavenly Lightning Dan now time, actually thorny incomparable. With is the same, is concentrates pill who Su Meiyao said the time is essential . Moreover the speed of progressing is very slow, because he also not skilled, can only little pours into lightning attribute True Qi, the lightning attribute energy that his lightning attribute True Qi and Lightning Element Fruit and Profound Thunder Grass seed releases has had the conflict, he must do is the wild energies of these conflicts fuses together, simultaneously comforts these energies, making them temperate. Must know that this Heavenly Lightning Dan can wound Peak Realm martial artist, obviously might big, must suppress that tyrannical lightning attribute energy, but also is not really easy, moreover must compress grain of small pill pellet! Like practice True Qi, after the high potency compresses, the energy will change, the quality will become very high, once will detonate, the might will be huge, therefore Shen Xiang will not doubt that Heavenly Lightning Dan might. Bang, Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace trembles suddenly, Shen Xiang announced the failure by explode pill furnace again. Shen Xiang entered to be defeated more than 20 furnaces, he grasps scratches the head crazily: Profound Level Middle-Grade Dan, I am defeated these many times, if later refines Earth Level pill, Heaven Level pill time what to do?” He refines this Heavenly Lightning Dan to cost time, because must pour into massive lightning attribute True Qi, the time of pouring into is slow, after pouring into, must restore, a furnace has used he all day time. „When Hua Xiangyue refines that Life Returning Pill, I think she uses Refining Simulation Technique the time, basically is a furnace succeeds! That is because she has the solid foundation, knew about various herbs, even if meets strange herbs, she can also pass Refining Simulation Technique familiar as soon as possible! But you to achieve her Realm, this experience must, means that you must make your Refining Simulation Technique more perfect.” Su Meiyao walks, is caressing the Shen Xiang's cheeks lightly, is comforting him. Bai Youyou said: Your some are herbs, is a little patient!”

Shen Xiang took a deep breath, has these two beautiful women to encourage, he naturally must try hard, he Su Meiyao processed herbs, puts in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace , to continue to refine Heavenly Lightning Dan. Su Meiyao has said that this pure Yuan and Heavenly Lightning Dan herbs is quite special, is very easy explode pill furnace that when refines these two pill grasps well, later when meets this type of high level pill, will not think that was very difficult, this quite therefore is establishing the foundation. A day he can only refine a furnace, other time in condense Soul Creation Fluid, he but now many herbs need the lot manufacturing, although some he has not needed, but looks that will also be very crisp, for example that Transcend Nine Deaths Flower, with various Earth Level herbs...... Suppressed using magic power, making Shen Xiang relaxed the need, at least he did not use with other alchemy master such, because Divine Sense weak or because of the Divine Sense consumption but excessively is unable to carry on suppresses continually, his magic power was very strong, moreover used Divine Sense be much more effective. The 47 th furnace, in Shen Xiang regarded pill pellet that in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace that grain of electricity silk was winding around, the lightning attribute energy that now he has successfully poured into himself vigorous lightning attribute True Qi and these herbs that has to fuse together, condense became pill pellet, but now he must do compressed this grain of pill pellet slightly. Currently here pill pellet has thumb general big, but Shen Xiang must compress the soybean general size it, can let inside lightning attribute energy quality and degree of enrichment is higher, the might will be bigger, this and he compresses a true element grains truth True Qi. When he cultivates, reduces the true element grains final step with this almost, therefore he also calculates at this time very with ease, after he releases various even pressures unceasingly, pill pellet of that grain of fast revolving gradually is reducing, turns into the bean to be generally big not long. Became!” Shen Xiang relaxed, pleasantly surprised shouted.

Opens the pill furnace cover, Shen Xiang places in the hand grain of pale blue pill pellet, emotionally said: So is laboriously long, on a little, moreover is one grain, is a little unworthy!” „After you were skilled, the words that you must refine were simple, when the time comes you can pour into with lightning attribute True Qi that strengthens, the might will be bigger, must cope in Spirit Martial Realm the late stage person not to be difficult, although cannot make the opposite party be seriously injured, but makes the opposite party come under the influence also yes! If you are very big, throws all of a sudden completely, Soul Martial Realm cannot endure!” Su Meiyao takes up that granulose to wind around electricity silk pill pellet from the Shen Xiang's palm , to continue saying: Your this grain of quality is only Low-Grade! This Heavenly Lightning Dan advantage, can promote the might, you were later skilled, but can also also refine with several herbs quantities, lightning attribute True Qi that pours into are more, similarly is also compresses to be so big, when the time comes must get a cut Tempering Realm is not difficult.” Shen Xiang does not dare to look down on this Heavenly Lightning Dan now, but is unable to test now. If in the fight, suddenly throws in others' mouth to detonate......” Bai Youyou sneered, in that elegantly beautiful facial features was completely brutal, making Shen Xiang cannot help but hit one to tremble. If can others swallow into the belly to detonate, that can certainly explode the belly to blossom the person, the interior of person is frailest, this type of thing truly is very cruel thing. You refine dozens grains again, after being familiar, refines a fiercer thing again, Soul Eroding Powder!” Su Meiyao has given back to Shen Xiang that grain of Heavenly Lightning Dan. Soul Eroding Powder, strongest time can corrode including divine body, this makes Shen Xiang secretly excited , to continue to refine Heavenly Lightning Dan, although he now can succeed to refine one grain, but actually does not represent to be completely familiar.

His herbs can be said as continuously, because he has Soul Creation Fluid, after his condense comes out, is gives Su Meiyao to create massive herbs to come, Heavenly Lightning Dan he naturally must refine more, when necessary, this is the good thing of self-defense. The time in a hurry, after he grasps gradually, he refines the speed also becomes quick, only needs two double-hour to refine one grain, one month passes by, he refines 50 grains, the number of times at first being defeated is quite many, but was afterward better. To Soul Eroding Powder, the material were really many.” Shen Xiang slightly took a deep breath. Soul Eroding Powder herbs came from Soul Breaking Tree, must refines some exquisite powder the Soul Breaking Tree flower, fruit, leaf, root and branch, sprinkles when the body of person, can fleshly body of rapid dissolution person, very evil and cruel, is the thing of being forbid, once were discovered that will be chased down by righteous path sects surely. Naturally, words that Shen Xiang must use, must be very careful!