World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 550
The Soul Breaking Tree flower, leaf and fruit are the pure white, without impurity, looks like very strange, moreover is very big, has the Shen Xiang's palm to be how big, but smaller words, mean that the Soul Breaking Tree quality is higher. A leaf, a flower, drop of sap, a fruit and a small section of tree root, this is the refinement lets Soul Eroding Powder herbs that the person is panic at the news, regardless in Heaven World in Mortal World, so long as refers to this type of thing, so long as is the person who knows this type of thing, all complexion. Refining Soul Eroding Powder can not say difficultly, you have refined White Jade Powder, basically with that almost, perhaps you one time can succeed, this Soul Eroding Powder is the material is mainly few, like Soul Breaking Tree this type of thing, once were discovered that will be given the destruction by the Righteous Path public figure, gradually almost becomes extinct, moreover nobody dares to use this type of thing, if were discovered that will face righteous path sects inexhaustible chasing down.” Su Meiyao complexion seriously said: This type of thing I have not refined, but my small Master has said the Soul Eroding Powder refinement process with me.” Soul Breaking Tree quality higher words, Soul Eroding Powder is fierce, moreover is virtually impossible to guard against, even if has greatly strengthened protective armor and True Qi, is hard to resist the thing corrosion of this heaven defying, fears including the gods, let alone immortal and person? Therefore they fear to be grasped to by some alchemy masters coerce them, joined up to forbid this type of terrifying thing. Method of guard has, soaked with the Soul Breaking Tree sap for three days three nights, Soul Eroding Powder is unable to corrode you, it is said can also prevent other energies to corrode, waits for Junior Sister to withdraw enough sap, made you soak again.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang at present one bright, said with a smile: We have soaked together, the words that I soak too have wasted, isn't this sap very difficult to grow?” Su Meiyao ridicules saying: Said actually fairly, but this I can consider!” Her coquettish look like the silk, affectionately lovingly glanced Shen Xiang one, but also character and style Wan Zhongdi has gathered together the hair, making the Shen Xiang mind ripple. Bai Youyou gently coldly snorted, the Soul Breaking Tree sap truly is few, needs to wait for that a period of time breeds . Moreover the storage time is limited, crossed the time limit together, will be invalid, soaks together naturally is the method of most province.

Refines Soul Eroding Powder also very carefully, cannot make Soul Eroding Powder move anything, wraps with Divine Sense, makes its hanging, the thing of depositing also needs to specially make, otherwise by its corrosion. It seems like truly a bit faster soaks the Soul Breaking Tree sap, so as to avoid bumped into a point to trouble.” Shen Xiang or the first time refine pills time such as faced with archenemy, this lets him anxiously. He thought that is not only must soak, own pill furnace must soak, so as to avoid being not careful is perished, this Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace belongs to supreme treasure on Heaven World, spoiled him to cry not to have the place to cry. The Soul Breaking Tree sap is transparent, the function to let the Soul Eroding Powder end will not corrode mutually, but the leaf, fruit and root, spend itself not to have anything, once fuses together, will have strength that the incomparable corrosion dissolves, Shen Xiang on cautious and solemn must refine now. These things on the same tree, besides very difficultly cremate, is simple in the fusion, Shen Xiang thought that quite difficult place, is is very high to the control of flame, needs very subtle control flame, otherwise herbs will discard. Shen Xiang itself has Universe Fire Spirit, Fire God Art that also cultivates, arrived at Perfection Realm to the control of flame, when burns to build up herbs, he is very relaxed, coordinates Refining Simulation Technique alchemy, such that truly and Su Meiyao said is quite relaxed. Now Shen Xiang knows why the Heaven World above person such feared this thing, because refined simply, the lethality was very strong, if were obtained quality very high Soul Breaking Tree by an inferior alchemy master, then on Heaven World some Big Shot must unable to sleep, because this Soul Eroding Powder was colorless is tasteless, was scattered quietly, will fully suffer to suffer, body by dissolution slowly. strength of that corrosion, is hard to resist . Moreover the speed of dissolving is extremely fast!

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou entered in the ring, uses all Soul Creation Fluid to create these sap, but is slow, the energy that obviously this Soul Breaking Tree needs is so many, if ordinary Profound Level middle-grade herbs, was already created several hundred. Two double-hour, Shen Xiang refined small case Soul Eroding Powder, this type of powder was very exquisite, slightly was very very small, if were only little, could not look, was similar to the air is ordinary, was all transparent. Now Shen Xiang is fearful and apprehensive, he does not dare to abuse, if his finger stains, perhaps the entire palm can be perished instantaneously. Actually does not have is so fearful, magic power can resist this thing.” Long Xueyi said. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou long time came condense Soul Creation Fluid to use up Shen Xiang completely, but also caused Soul Breaking Tree sap. Looks that in the bathing pool that type transparent and is sending out the strange ray liquid, the stature rubs hands, eye Divine Fire looks at Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou hotly, said: Is I soaks first, then arrives at you?” You pour into for three days three nights, these sap were useless!” Su Meiyao said that was starting to take off the clothes, this makes in the Shen Xiang heart exude an intermittent evil laughter. Can remove completely?” Shen Xiang asked very much earnestly.

Does not remove completely soaks not thoroughly, will be absorbed many by the clothes.” The Su Meiyao back to Shen Xiang, quick is stripping down to the skin. Sees Su Meiyao that check person to seize soul the luster of the skin, Shen Xiang is swallowing the saliva fiercely, two straighten! But Su Meiyao also quickly plunged into water, willow waist actually deep seal that the snow buttocks that but her slender snow white jade leg, plentiful very curls upwards, graceful grasp in his mind. When he is in a daze, he heard pū tōng, Bai Youyou unexpectedly while him looked that Su Meiyao looked was lost in thought removes completely plunged into the water. This makes in the Shen Xiang heart lament, perhaps otherwise he can also have a look at the luster of the skin that Bai Youyou that makes him be lost in a reverie, although can only have a look at the back, but was enough. To his time, he actually did not abstain from, because he knows that these two beautiful women idle bored in the ring, looks at his body is not two, almost can be clear his wool number. He also plunges into the bathing pool, bathing pool is not very big, therefore Shen Xiang and two females depend very nearly, he can through that limpid Soul Breaking Tree juice these two beautiful woman that snow tender perfectly round proud twin peaks, who knows that their unexpectedly covers with both hands, making Shen Xiang lose incomparably.