World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 551
In the Shen Xiang heart is uncomfortable very much, rare and these two extremely beautiful women have this opportunity, but that good thing actually to be blocked by them now. Sees Shen Xiang that face depressed facial expression, Su Meiyao to caress to flatter to smile tenderly: little rascal, can make you think so that you should be content.” Shen Xiang low coldly snorted: You looked my these many times, I have only looked at your one time, is unfair!” Mentions matter that they peep, on two female faces suddenly flies to wipe Hong Xia, they truly have looked at Shen Xiang many times. Is greatly disappointed in Shen Xiang, prepares to close the eye the time, Bai Youyou that covered two white hands suddenly of chest to move away, this made the Shen Xiang's pupil fierce place contract, line of sight condense in that to the two powder Run rosies of high snowy peak on, at this time was being very soaked by that transparent sap, appeared more beautiful, let the Shen Xiang scant of breath, cannot help but took a deep breath. He has not thought that Bai Youyou unexpectedly so will be natural, thought so to him. Later cannot say again I peep your matter.” Bai Youyou coldly stared Shen Xiang one, on that ice-cold face full is ruddy, this makes this iceberg beautiful woman appear the charming desire drops, looks like unexpectedly has different kind caressing to flatter the character and style, making in the Shen Xiang heart acclaim again and again. Sees Shen Xiang to look on the Bai Youyou chest greedily that beautiful jade peak, Su Meiyao suddenly thought one were disregarded, oneself resemble suddenly to turn into air such, she thinks that own good and bad is also and beautiful woman of her Senior Sister same rank, how can look but not see by a man? Since Bai Youyou so were natural, Su Meiyao cannot again stingy is covering, before she thinks in any case Shen Xiang, has looked at one time, to him looked again one time does not have anything. When Shen Xiang is appreciating Bai Youyou's wantonly, his suddenly glimpsed Su Meiyao's also to move out of the way, was pair of clear favor, beautiful and plentiful big Jade Rabbit, that two point charming red cherry embellished above, cancelled the person to seize the soul, let Shen Xiang is warm-blooded upwells, the body became fiery.

Su Meiyao is one caressed flatters can the water drop spirit, at this time her coquettish look such as the facial expression of silk, is makes people be hard to endure patiently, however the person wishes one could to throw to hug her in the bosom. Sees the Shen Xiang breath shortness, Su Meiyao to eat says with a smile: „Couldn't little rascal, bear?” Under the Shen Xiang luck suppresses the evil fire, lets the evil fire the words that again continues to burn, he truly must make anything to come, he aspirated lightly: Who said that can't bear?” Knows that you have perverted heart not to have the color balls!” Bai Youyou sneered, in the look despises completely. What's wrong? Sister Youyou do you want to let me to your colored balls?” Shen Xiang rubs hands to say with a smile: If Sister Youyou has the need, I am glad to work.” Although Shen Xiang does not dare to be what kind to these two peerless beautiful women now, but he decided, must take them, after all he thought that one and their relationship developed, at least has kissed well. Also must soak for three days three nights, can definitely make you look suffices, looks at your this prospect, wishes one could to grow several eye such.” Su Meiyao exuded a euphonious caressing charming smile sound, the chest fluctuated, Jade Rabbit trembled tenderly, swings the intermittent wave, let in the Shen Xiang heart **, wished one could to put out a hand, held this beautiful big white rabbit in the hand is holding appreciatively well. „Can you rub to me?” Shen Xiang suddenly asked. Cannot.” Bai Youyou replied immediately categorically, but also visits him with that icy look.

Shen Xiang already knows that can be this, therefore has not had the high hope, when he sighed, the Su Meiyao eye contained the eyes that caressed flatters, the sound was sweet and caresses flatters said: Looks in your years for we such laborious working hard, I sacrificed, traces to you.” Shen Xiang hears that to let his whole body numb tender sweet sound, the bone was almost soft, cannot believe that this is real, Su Meiyao unexpectedly promised him! He is swallowing the saliva, asked: Really?” Naturally real!” Su Meiyao is only the face ruddy desire drops, has not thought shy, but this time appearance makes the person be enchanted by. The Shen Xiang joyful desire is crazy, hastily depended on the past, cautious and solemn stretches out the hand, places on Su Meiyao's jade peak, some hand shivering rubbed to pinch gently. Su Meiyao felt that he chest is attacked by man has traced, the tender body cannot help but trembles, dangles slightly, the cheeks were redder, flatters her bone inside caressing reveals completely with nothing left, this makes Shen Xiang cannot help but slow down the speed, has the rhythm is rubbing, but also pinches once for a while vigorously that grain of cherry. Those who let Bai Youyou look in the heart to be surprised, oneself that spirit Junior Sister unexpectedly was traced slightly by Shen Xiang pants for breath, ten shares receive evidently. Shen Xiang suddenly has hugged Su Meiyao, has collected the mouth, closely is hugging the Su Meiyao's willow waist, back and forth is rubbing on the Su Meiyao's chest, but the tongue actually crazy winding, provokes that fully is being the fragrant tongue of fine wine. They felt that at this time each other heartbeat, the passion surges upward, wishes one could a more intimate wadding to entangle together again, is only they is very tacit, can endure patiently, has not made a more further action again, but is maintaining this, but the fervor is kissing crazily, made that the water of bathing pool ripples fluctuating.

Looks that Shen Xiang and Su Meiyao entangle together in the wadding at present inseparably, the light the body closely are entangling to hug, the violent lust kiss, in the Bai Youyou heart suddenly has the mood of not being able saying that unexpectedly envies secretly, full is the jealousy hidden bitterness look looks at Shen Xiang and Su Meiyao with one type. Shen Xiang places the Su Meiyao willow waist above big hand to slide, falls to that abundant buttocks on, has pinched gently, lets the Su Meiyao heart and tender body trembles, but she has not actually rejected, at this time she was enchanted by, in the wadding of this crazy fervor entangles, at this time she understands the wonderful feeling, was she lives such for a long time came first time to taste, this made her feel before , was wasted. Has not known how long, they have separated finally, but actually still affectionately looks at the opposite party, that look probably feels sorry not to have met sooner, wishes one could to eat such opposite party mutually, but Shen Xiang's both hands also place on the Su Meiyao's slender waist. Sister Meiyao, I like you!” Shen Xiang said grinningly, but in eyes actually full is the cordiality. Damn little rascal, unexpectedly dares I to start to the elder sister!” The Su Meiyao eye contains the eyes, the look looks at Shen Xiang blurredly, then depends on the Shen Xiang's shoulder, tender dī dī said: Elder sister I also likes you!” In the Shen Xiang heart blossomed immediately happily, he already knows that looks like the Su Meiyao this lonely maturity woman to be very easy to go well, let alone she is any benefit has not tasted the woman, because the strength is unable to restore to reduce to with the mortal not different situation, therefore the arrogance did not have. Snort, is very happy?” Su Meiyao asked with sound very much sweetly greasily, had made the decision in her a moment ago, although was not very deep regarding Shen Xiang that sentiment, but she thought that Shen Xiang was the man who she can approve, was the man who she and Bai Youyou trained. Since is their two training, they will certainly train Shen Xiang very outstandingly, but Shen Xiang itself also has this potential!