World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 552
Has captured the heart of beautiful woman, in the Shen Xiang heart with joy, he has kissed the Su Meiyao's forehead, then looks to Bai Youyou, he almost forgot this cold beauty. Bai Youyou coldly snorted: You also really can mess things up, said that must give a thought to others' feeling!” Shen Xiang also wants to entangle now with the Bai Youyou wadding, but he knows Bai Youyou not like Su Meiyao this spirit. Sometimes although Bai Youyou will be able to let loose compared with Su Meiyao, but that bases on above her principle, her previous and Shen Xiang kisses is because complied with Shen Xiang, now to Shen Xiang looked that her chest is because she looks at Shen Xiang often, if Shen Xiang to go a step further with her, she definitely meets does not want. Senior Sister, you were jealous!” Su Meiyao by in the Shen Xiang's chest, very intimate is holding Shen Xiang, eats says with a smile. Does not have.” Although Bai Youyou said that but that ice-cold expression was weaker, face slightly is also red, must say that she does not care about Shen Xiang that is impossible, she before the ice-cold heartless heart was the Shen Xiang melting, from some perspective, she be deeper than Su Meiyao to the Shen Xiang's sentiment. Shen Xiang thought very much forcefully now on the past Bai Youyou managing, Su Meiyao actually saw his thoughts, stepped on his vigorously, gave Shen Xiang sound transmission with Divine Sense: I understand Senior Sister, if you with that way, have 30% opportunities to be successful, if not successful, later you and Senior Sister relationship will be definitely awkward! You melted her ice-cold heart, she definitely cannot accommodate other men, you must take your time!” Snort, said again, you just obtained, wants to receive Senior Sister continuously, your this little rascal also owed to punch.” How Su Meiyao unexpectedly instructed him to receive Bai Youyou, this made Shen Xiang crack into a chuckle, closely to support this tender dī dī beautiful pretty little girl hastily in the bosom. Although they are scarlet. Bare, but does not have any other thoughts, only thought that this hug can make them very intimate, but the Su Meiyao ten shares by Shen Xiang this warm enjoyable bosom, closely were also hugged Shen Xiang, the face are pasting on his chest, closed the eye to fall asleep. Su Meiyao found entrusting in mind, suddenly thought that the whole person was relaxed, she drifted these many years, is the first time can own sentiments and all strange trust on a man, heavy burden suddenly of that pressure on her shoulder vanishes, mind her suddenly has been relaxed exhaustedly, she can rest finally well one.

Bai Youyou has mixed feelings at this time, she has to close the eye to come by herself to calm the mind. This bathing pool is not very big, Shen Xiang walks one step to go to Bai Youyou's in front, therefore he depends on the nearby in bathing pool, can see Bai Youyou's that perfect non- flaw the luster of the skin, he naturally cannot let off now, looks at all the way while this. Reason how Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao are alone long, is because does not have the man who they can have a liking for the eye, but now Shen Xiang is they trains with joint forces, within the body is useful Yin and Yang Divine Veins that they donate, martial arts that studies is also their secret skill, can say that Shen Xiang can use today's achievement, because of them. Shen Xiang is they looks at adolescence to get up, moreover they with every effort will also train matchless expert Shen Xiang, they are confident to themselves, is also confident to Shen Xiang. Therefore Su Meiyao believes that after Shen Xiang , can definitely be lets her satisfied man, she now is at least satisfied to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang and two females soak the Soul Breaking Tree juice two days later, Su Meiyao suddenly wakes up, Bai Youyou has also opened the eye, Shen Xiang is actually frowned, because he felt in the body suddenly to emerge a strange energy, quick flowed in his all the limbs and bones, welled up the head. Has not thought that has soaked for two days, finally saw the effect.” Bai Youyou said. Over the two days, they just felt the change of body. I also think must sink continually the bubble.” Shen Xiang feels that strange energy to past in the body, said with a smile.

Naturally does not use, after this energy vanishes, even if succeeded.” Su Meiyao contacts Shen Xiang's that look, wants to entangle with the Shen Xiang kiss wadding, but she and Shen Xiang knows that must estimate the Bai Youyou's feeling, therefore also holds together. Su Meiyao sees Shen Xiang to hug her, anything has not done, eats to say with a smile: little rascal, unexpectedly is so honest.” Later some are the opportunity plays a dirty trick to you, I anxiously what?” Shen Xiang used very big willpower to suppress the evil fire in heart, otherwise some spirited thing of his present will poke Su Meiyao. At this time Shen Xiang and two females have not been idling in bathing pool, unexpectedly in discussing Devil Subduing Energy, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou has learned fifth layer, they have not studied Suppressing Devil divine art, naturally cannot understand such insightfully like Shen Xiang, but also needs to ask for advice to Shen Xiang. Exercises martial arts with two stark naked beautiful woman together, Shen Xiang thought one lucky in love great, instruction two female practice that two Devil Subduing Energy that at this time also very goes all out. Entered the energy of their within the body to use five talents to vanish, two females walked first from the bathing pool, now they do not have scruples Shen Xiang, slowly wore the clothes in front of Shen Xiang, whatever Shen Xiang that pair of fiery look looks at their luster of the skin greedily. Endured several days of Shen Xiang, at this time can clear visible thing awfully, this make him unable to dominate, the evil fire almost erupts, his suddenly wants a bit faster to exit, looks for Xue Xianxian well happy love, otherwise he will be harbored evil thoughts. Looked enough? Words that has not sufficed, I can take off the clothes, making you look at all the way!” Bai Youyou has put on one set of purple, but the magnificent long skirt, performs obviously the noble makings, coordinates her inherent ice-cold makings, making her look like nobler elegantly beautiful, although looks like she aloofs, but makes the person want to approach her, obtains her.

Shen Xiang has not thought that Bai Youyou more and more could let loose now, unexpectedly said this words. Sufficed!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, he cultivates the behavior to be content. Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly: Senior Sister, will you occupy next time also such big convenient to this brat?” Bai Youyou has not spoken, she knows that has first time to have the second time, but after this time, she thought, again gives Shen Xiang to occupy convenient, does not have anything at the worst. Su Meiyao was also same as Bai Youyou, has worn one set of similar purple magnificent and expensive women's clothing, but she performed obviously caresses flatters with noblly, in that maturity flavor brought incomparably to charm, looks at Shen Xiang at heart itchy. These clothes are Shen Xiang buy, only then some are quite attractive, he will buy two, remembers the romantic time in that bathing pool, in the Shen Xiang heart delighted. Two females both returned to the ring, some inside also herbs want them to handle, Shen Xiang cannot waste these Soul Breaking Tree juice now, he has put Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, he knows these sap, once the time, will have lost the effect, now he can also feel the energy in these sap containing. He later refines that Soul Eroding Powder to with this Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace refine, unavoidably will stain, therefore he must have a look, this can Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace also be able like the human, to absorb strength in this Soul Breaking Tree juice.