World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 553
Now Shen Xiang has learned to refine three Profound Level Middle-Grade Dan, but is Profound Level High-Grade Dan, but herbs has not prepared, because these Soul Creation Fluid were used to make the Soul Breaking Tree juice. Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace also needs to soak a period of time in any case, you rest, condense Soul Creation Fluid, I can teach Profound Level High-Grade Dan alchemy something while this to you well.” Su Meiyao said gently that Shen Xiang now was her lover, before she and Shen Xiang spoke the expression and entirely different, let in the Shen Xiang heart warm. alchemy when studying new pills, so long as is not the limit in herbs aspect, first studies to refine these quite practical pills, but study side door pills majority to practice acquiring a skill. pill who Shen Xiang prepares to refine now is Black Sun Fire Pill, material he before was very early had, Nine Sun Flame Fruit and Fire Spirit Grass, this pill was cultivates the fire attribute person most to need, can make the flame strengthen, but Su Meiyao has said that this feeds Fire Spirit best pills, it is said can also make Fire Spirit evolve. Naturally, the Shen Xiang present flame and soul fire were formidable, if strengthens again, does not know that will be in any situation, but he thought one do not need. The Black Sun Fire Pill material only then 20-30, this is insufficient regarding Shen Xiang, therefore he must make more, even if can succeed, he must refine dozens to come familiar, can start to carry on a next pill. I thought that you best are the use practice in this Big Dipper Realm time, studies the alchemy progress from you now, your learning speed is quick, you only needed massive herbs to suffice you to be defeated that's alright! But if must refine Earth Level pill, was not only needs herbs, the strength must follow, otherwise when the time comes you had magic power unable to help you.” Bai Youyou suddenly said. Shen Xiang frowned, he planned that the one breath direct society refines Earth Level pill.

Su Meiyao said: Senior Sister also said that has truth, you now this speed, 2-3 years can definitely learn to refine Earth Level pill. Like this, changes to plan, you mainly practice and condense Soul Creation Fluid here, such one, after you exit, will have enough strength and Soul Creation Fluid, when the time comes you refine a pill to be defeated several hundred times are not the issue.” Shen Xiang learns Fire God Art now, through that the Quenching Body method in Blazing Dantian and Fire God Art, even if the fast promotion strength, will not leave behind any malpractice, such came him not to need Huang Jintian there to look oppressively. Previous time he attended the King Martial Dao meeting time, enters in that Evil Demon Mysterious Realm, has gotten so far as more than 100 demonic heart, before as well as, some Demon Beast above beast core beast core that he gets so far as, these things, although is inferior to beforehand that Black Rock Flood Dragon beast core, but quantity such, can make him promote a big truncation. Now he is Spirit Martial Realm middle stage, he also very longs for obtaining the formidable strength as soon as possible, now before he continuously these him, demonic heart beast core that obtains gobbles up. These things add also several hundred, the energy that inside contains the pure Yuan are much more, he was only had not looked for the good method to swallow before, therefore had not been used to practice, but was used for alchemy. But now demonic heart beast core of these implication pure energies, so long as enters in his dantian, is built up by the strength of smelting that Blazing Dantian will release instantaneously. The Shen Xiang's body is the furnace is now common, so long as is includes waste or is the mental consciousness that some Demon Beast Evil Demon leave behind, once moves the strength of smelting, will be smelted thoroughly.

Building up of divine body, is this Quenching Body in Fire God Art? It looks like probably the very painful appearance, does not know that cultivates in light of Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique will be what kind.” Shen Xiang not only cultivates True Qi, simultaneously wants body cultivation, he plans to practice one month of True Qi, cultivates one month of fleshly body again, balances by this, establishes the foundation. After he defers to Fire God Art above Quenching Body refines, sees only Blazing Dantian suddenly to absorb his massive True Qi, burns the raging flame in the dantian, at this time his suddenly feels the whole body burningly painful, since he obtains Universe Fire Spirit, he already very long not this scorched feeling. In Blazing Dantian burning hot flame turbulent impact his all the limbs and bones, are only instantaneous, his body interior each by that type of strange flame burning down, making him feel incomparably his ache, in the past his in this way practice time, is the ache comes from the outside, but actually erupts now from the interior, although similarly is very painful, but the pain of this way he suddenly is unable to adapt now. Those who make him most surprised is, after he revolves a Quenching Body profound merit, True Qi drains very quickly, was only the half-day time, unexpectedly did not have most probably, must know that his True Qi of present within the body is vigorous, there are over ten thousand grains of true element grains! But now actually consumes so quickly. Naturally, Shen Xiang had found quickly the reason, because he, when cultivates this cultivation technique, will have inexplicable pressures, that pressure raids, is dashing in his body crazily, played function that quenchings. His foundation is very luckily thick, otherwise this less than half day later, he definitely cannot support.

A day passed by, his whole person is exhausted, True Qi consumes completely, fleshly body was also suffered strength not to have, but restores along with his astonishing resiliency time, he felt that has many harvests, this Quenching Body way has the effect very much. He has rested the most of the day, after waiting for True Qi to restore , to continue again, he must continuously such one month! Now he knows that no matter what cultivates, could not avoid that painful suffering, to obtain strength, for did not let be bullied, he must result in withstands! Let Shen Xiang gratified time, Su Meiyao will come out frequently, comes out each time, the wadding that unavoidably and Shen Xiang is inseparable entangles, making Shen Xiang occupy convenient, Shen Xiang, although does not have to obtain Su Meiyao completely, but he actually very has satisfied now, he already wants like this, in the arid and difficult practice process, the woman comforts him, this lets him to fill the power. Such time suddenly on the past eight years, but Shen Xiang already entered to Spirit Martial Realm late stage, now already in the Spirit Martial Realm late stage peak. Entered into Spirit Martial Realm late stage altogether condense 1000 grains of true element grains, obtained the strength of nine times of granting, this made five beast image in his dantian altogether shine 20,000 grains of true element grains, this time True Qi was much more vigorous, but these 20,000 grains of true element grains contrasted that five huge grand far ancient beast likely, actually appeared not worthy of mentioning! This lets be able to remind him frequently, strength that he has how tiny.