World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 554
Now if he wants to enter into Soul Martial Realm, condense two thousand true element grains, are on one Realm two times, enters into Soul Martial Realm not only to promote True Qi, most essential must practice together innate Martial Spirit. This innate Martial Spirit is very special, weak consciousness union powerful fine Spiritual God that conceals through within the body True Qi in knows the fusion, after innate Martial Spirit produces, like Fire Spirit, integrates in each cell of body, strengthens martial artist strength. Naturally, Martial Spirit that everyone cultivates is different, what for example martial artist cultivates is lightning attribute True Qi, his innate Martial Spirit might is Thunder Spirit, but this Thunder Spirit will need to evolve to the strongest shape for a long time, but this will be the minority situations. Many people want to obtain Five Elements attribute Martial Spirit in this Realm, but majority cannot achieve wishes. Normally, the condense Martial Spirit majority are to assist the practice, can induce clearly to all around Spirit Qi, Spirit Qi absorbs, fast by the Martial Spirit transformation is attribute True Qi. Innate Martial Spirit is also called the soul of strength, is martial artist through own formidable Divine Sense, induces in strength to realize, thus realizes condense together these, forms Martial Spirit. „The innate Martial Spirit wondrous use can you unable to look in the short time. Breeds after Fire Spirit and Thunder Spirit several thousand years have been able to enable you to fuse immediately has formidable strength, but martial artist innate Martial Spirit needs to undergo breeding of a period of time, can evolve to the fiercest shape, at least now I and Senior Sister completely have not excavated the Martial Spirit fierce place.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang now by the card on concise Martial Spirit the bottleneck, after he enters into Spirit Martial Realm late stage, has practiced 2000 grains of true element grains, Divine Sense also arrived at the peak standard, but this has not been considered as the breakthrough, he must practice innate Martial Spirit, enters into Soul Martial Realm, can obtain that strength of granting. Can, because I had Universe Fire Spirit and together Thunder Spirit, therefore is very difficult to practice innate Martial Spirit to come?” Shen Xiang depressedly said, he attempted for one month not to succeed. Should not be, your present issue cannot induce the strength spirit, the myriad things all has mystical powers, strength also has mystical powers, you only then induce to your body strength spirit, can these spirit completely polymerization together, these spirits, once is complete, was together Martial Spirit, but was the embryonic form condition, but can actually bring many advantage to you.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang took a deep breath , to continue to attempt slightly, but a day passed by, he is defeated, what innate Martial Spirit now he is also very curious to practice.

Sister Meiyao, your innate is Martial Spirit what kind of?” Shen Xiang looks to sitting in Su Meiyao of bedside, asked curiously. I practice Tai Chi Divine Art, cultivates Five Elements attribute True Qi, at that time I strongest strength shape was five attribute strength fusions time, I was the alchemy master, the flame am in five attribute am quite strong, Martial Spirit that finally cultivated was the Tai Chi Fire Lotus shape, looked like looks like fire Lotus Flower, but looked like Tai Chi Diagram.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang sighed, he has not thought that innate Martial Spirit unexpectedly so will be unusual. Bai Youyou said: My innate Martial Spirit is Ice Sword.” You know what shape from the beginning own innate Martial Spirit is?” Shen Xiang also asked that he wants through understanding innate Martial Spirit, to ponder how one must be able to practice innate Martial Spirit. Right, although knows that is actually not able to release, when your Martial Spirit adolescence to a period of time, you can condense become the shape release the body, can attack, can be used to defend.” Bai Youyou said. Was pondering Su Meiyao, the suddenly congealing eyebrow said: little rascal, you practice Martial Spirit time, releases you strongest strength to come, then gives a try, can induce in the spirit to strength.” Shen Xiang Divine Sense is strong, but is actually not able to induce in the spirit to strength, this is very strange phenomenon, but now Su Meiyao gets to the root of the reason to be at probably.

Strongest strength? Isn't that Dragon Force?” Shen Xiang slightly frowned said that he has more than 20,000 true element grains now, Dragon Force that condense comes out is really the terror. Tries quickly.” Su Meiyao urged. Shen Xiang sits cross-legged to sit down, starts cultivation technique of True Qi in within the body in through Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, the fast transformation will be Dragon Force, will compress in the dantian. Melts the turn into dragon strength all True Qi.” Su Meiyao somewhat difficultly said that at this time she and Bai Youyou has to depend on the wall, that terrifying pressure that because on Shen Xiang releases is getting stronger and stronger, although they now a little strength, but is very weak, resists this strength to be difficult. As Shen Xiang condense Dragon Force are getting more and more, two females somewhat cannot support, has to enter in the ring, but in this stone chamber also slightly shivers, these chairs, cup and other things, cannot withstand that crazy tyrannical strength, broken broken, split open split open. Shen Xiang at this time the Dragon Force compression that condense comes out in the dantian, forms small ball to revolve, only by doing so, can make these Dragon Force peacefully. His True Qi melted the turn into dragon strength completely, he defers to Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art to induce the method of spirit of strength to release Divine Sense immediately, before he tried many times, has not succeeded. But now he, as soon as attempts, can induce to his dantian in that Dragon Force active incomparable the spirit, this makes him excited, the spirit of actually his strength hides in the strength strongest condition.

Dragon Force becomes small ball by Shen Xiang condense, these scattered Dragon Force Spirit in inside, at this time he must it polymerization together, that really be too simple. After inducing to Dragon Force Spirit, Shen Xiang releases magic power directly, polymerization together, boundless magic power will wrap small ball that powerful Dragon Force condense is becoming, extrudes together inside Dragon Force Spirit slowly. Quite a while passed, Shen Xiang opens the eye fiercely, because in a moment ago that instantaneous, he sees dragon soaring that a whole body got angry at present, but is only flash's matter! Succeeded!” Su Meiyao delightedly shouted: „The present is the strength of granting presents the time, if nine times, you will increase 18,000 thousand true element grains, you had four ten thousand true element grains, when the time comes will you have what kind of strength?” Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao very anticipated that but small ball that Dragon Force condense in Shen Xiang dantian becomes melted, turns into True Qi, but innate Martial Spirit that inside condense comes out also starts to integrate in each cell of his fleshly body. „Did you see oneself innate Martial Spirit shape?” Su Meiyao asked curiously.