World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 555
Saw, that is Fire Dragon, the whole body braves the flame, has the fiery red crystal common scales, looked like be more attractive than Azure Dragon.” Shen Xiang was saying, that strength of granting emerged in his body crazily. fire crystal common scales? This ironclad is the Imperial Dragon Clan dragon! Is this possible? A your humanity, how will have Imperial Dragon Clan dragon shape Martial Spirit, this is impossible.” Long Xueyi calls out in alarm said. Shen Xiang does not think clearly, to his knowledge, to have Dragon Spirit this fierce Martial Spirit, generally must fuse Dragon Spirit, therefore Long Xueyi will feel strange. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also feel at this time pleasantly surprised incomparable, they know that Shen Xiang has this Martial Spirit, definitely after can let Shen Xiang, can obtain stronger strength. In a short time cannot know that this innate Martial Spirit is what kind, but definitely not weak that's it.” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly, knew that own little man had this strange innate Martial Spirit, she felt very happily. Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: That is the affirmation, our Imperial Dragon Clan Dragon Spirit is strongest, according to his description, that Fire Dragon that he sees may is fire Divine Dragon, that is in Fire Dragon most strongest existence.” The spirit of Shen Xiang's strength from Dragon Force, because he has Universe Fire Spirit, therefore True Qi is partial to fire attribute, cultivates this Fire Dragon Martial Spirit is also understandable. Quick, that Fire Dragon Martial Spirit completely fused with his body, the speed is not only fast, but also makes him have an incomparably comfortable feeling, this after is Martial Spirit that he cultivates, not before him Thunder Spirit and Fire Spirit that fuses, can be more painful him much. After fusing Fire Dragon Martial Spirit, that strength of granting came in crazily, strength that breakthrough, strengthens each time strength from this mysterious strange granting, but Shen Xiang discovered that he was now quicker in true element grains inside speed these strength of compressions granting! Before he obtained several times times is quicker, he suspected that this was because he cultivated the innate Martial Spirit reason.

You have entered into Soul Martial Realm now, mainly cultivates that innate Martial Spirit, while promoting cultivation base, you must practice the peak condition this innate Martial Spirit!” Su Meiyao said. peak condition? Did not say innate Martial Spirit very difficult adolescence to get up?” Shen Xiang is puzzled. Must change stable embryonic form condition innate Martial Spirit, lets this innate Martial Spirit not because your fleshly body will encounter the attack to destroy! Once innate Martial Spirit arrives at Peak Realm, with your fleshly body life or death, how your fleshly body to be devastated, so long as your undying, this innate Martial Spirit can well. But present words, your fleshly body is damaged, innate Martial Spirit will be injured, restoring the speed be slowly more than your fleshly body.” Peak Realm peak is peak of mortal, once surmounts peak, will bring in Nirvana Tribulation! But Martial Spirit truly plays the function of consolidated soul and fleshly body. He has used for ten days, has digested these strength of granting, in his dantian has increased two ten thousand true element grains, before this is him, true element grains one time that has. Shen Xiang looks at own finger, above quick leaves on condense wipes Dragon Force, he thought that now he control to this Dragon Force was handier . Moreover the True Qi turn into dragon strength time, not only has one's wish, True Qi that consumes has also tailed off. He stayed for nine years in this, because there is Su Meiyao to flirt with him frequently, making him not feel arid, and competitive. Now should be able to start to refine Profound Level High-Grade Dan, I thought that my aspects have very huge promotion.” Shen Xiang just put out that Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, hears the Zuo Zhenxuan sound to transmit. Shen Xiang, because had something, you cannot stay in inside, must hurry, you hear my words, immediately gives me an answer.” The Zuo Zhenxuan sound is anxious.

Shen Xiang in this, although stayed for nine years, but outside was also only Nine Heavens, he had doubts asks puzzled: I facilitate now, exactly what happened?” Came out to say again!” In the middle of this room, suddenly presented a beam of light, Shen Xiang walked, then before arriving, in hall that tall building went against. „Isn't this Nine Heavens? I have 11 days.” Shen Xiang sees Zuo Zhenxuan, then hastily said. Who knows that the Suppressing Devil Temple movement so will be quick, I just received the notice, in 2-3 double-hour, will have two Devil Subduing School to transmit from other world, not only so, on Heaven World also meets a group of elites, the strength from Peak Realm to Nirvana Realm!” Zuo Zhenxuan also feels very thornily, he worried when the time comes he will be persecuted. Shen Xiang hissing took a deep breath, he knits the brows: „Was Suppressing Devil Temple insane? Sends a group of elites to get down, this group of elites got down could not come up, especially these Nirvana Realm, they crossed Nirvana Tribulation more relaxed than in Mortal World on Heaven World.” Zuo Zhenxuan shakes the head saying: I thought that they get down not only to seek for missing Zheng Chu, definitely also has other reasons, now is not only on Heaven World getting down person, other two Devil Subduing School will migrate.” Does not know that Fire God Palace currently will have any movement, if they have this big movement, then explained that this Mortal Martial World hides the thing that anything is making them covet, or is they have any reason.” Shen Xiang is thinking with rapt attention. Had other news to inform you again, these days you first in Devil Subduing School, with your two young sweetheart together.” Zuo Zhenxuan said.

Shen Xiang nodded, must leave, but Zuo Zhenxuan suddenly said: Was right, your two young sweetheart in that residence, they were not arranged to carry out some tasks by the institute, probably in Sheep Head Mountain that side mountain range, should goes to catch Profound Beast.” Sheep Head Mountain is very near from Devil Subduing School, in that is place of danger(ous), because in this piece of remote mountain few people go, moreover powerful Demon Beast very big many, especially evolve to the Profound Beast rank. As for having Shapeshift Demon Beast, was unknown. They should area outside, dragon brat, you look to look.” Shen Xiang arrives in Sheep Head Mountain quickly, the Sheep Head Mountain Peugeot is one looks like very much thinks that the great mountain of sheep's head, has two steep, Shen Xiang stands in now steep above. Had found, they hide in a cave, has some people to wait for them in the cave!” Long Xueyi somewhat angry said: They are compel to hide into the cave probably, in that cave also many formation.” Told me quickly the position.” Shen Xiang has put out Heaven's Crown Gate, in the sound full is the anger. Space Gate opens, Shen Xiang steps into inside, then arrived in a dim cave, Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian are sitting in the cave end place, in two people of hands is holding the watermelon size, braves the flame the ellipse stone. Shen Xiang feels rich Life Force that in their hands on that ellipse stone braves, knows that this is two Demon Beast eggs, moreover that birth strength very strong Demon Beast.