World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 556
Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan are very vigilant, felt that some people, hastily receives the Demon Beast egg in skilled person, then reveals weapon, but their quickly discovery is Shen Xiang, immediately swoops to the Shen Xiang's bosom. Brother, you scared to death others!” Leng Youlan is holding a Shen Xiang's arm, is rubbing gently with the cheeks. Your this white hair female is Overlord so can it be that good to frighten?” Shen Xiang said with a smile, has kissed her forehead, then looked to bosom Xue Xianxian, the gentle voice said: I am all right, do you do here? Outside some fellows are besieging you.” Leng Youlan immediately angrily said: This flock of tortoise lambs, unexpectedly clings to for dear life is not putting, they depend the person to be many, I already exited to dismember a body them, discard feed the dog.” Xue Xianxian sighed: I and Youlan carry out the task of institute, wants catch Profound Beast to go back, lets the student who they are used to inspect some registrations, we looked for a long time had not found very much, but had actually found two Demon Beast eggs, that was the Raging Fire Dragon Hawk egg!” unexpectedly is the Raging Fire Dragon Hawk egg!” Shen Xiang stares greatly the eye, took a deep breath: It is said this thing birth was Spirit Beast 9th level, grew up ironclad later is Profound Beast.” Leng Youlan coldly snorted and said: That crowd of turtle eggs see us to take these two eggs, wants to get rid to rob, at that time was almost also robbed by them, we and they have hit, but this Demon Beast egg cannot put in storage ring, is in the way very much, otherwise we do not fear them.” Saying, Leng Youlan must walk, the big sword that in the hand that side White Jade dragon bone makes braves ice cold True Qi, has Shen Xiang here, what does she also fear? Youlan, allows me to come, I just came out from that Big Dipper Realm, strength has promoted much, I want to take a look strongly.” Shen Xiang hastily holds on Leng Youlan. Leng Youlan eyes one brightly, said with a smile frank: Brother, you must practice acquiring a skill to look for my that's it, that small role will only waste your strength, I was also just came out from that Big Dipper Realm, I and Sister Xianxian stayed for 20 years in inside, now is Soul Martial Realm middle stage, but also has learned tenth layer Devil Subduing Energy!”

Shen Xiang is dumbfounded immediately: Devil Subduing Energy tenth layer? Soul Martial Realm middle stage?” However he thinks also to think very normal, after all two females stayed for 20 years in inside, moreover they aptitude is not bad, study martial arts is divine art, as for that Devil Subduing Energy, they have the Tai Chi Divine Art foundation of basic skills, 20 years must learn tenth layer not to be difficult, he initially used for one month to arrive at tenth layer. What's wrong? Does not believe that to protect this egg, an old lady person can tidy up that crowd of mixed wools.” Leng Youlan said proudly. Dead girl, do not say the old lady in front of Brother.” Shen Xiang ridicules saying that is pinching the Leng Youlan's cheek: I now am Soul Martial Realm early stage, but must be serious, you also are not elder brother's match, my Dragon Force now was stronger and stronger.” Speaking of that Dragon Force, Leng Youlan spits tongue, strength of that terror was she is also quite afraid. The Xue Xianxian chuckle, has been holding on Leng Youlan, making Shen Xiang exit. Knew that two female strengths are increased such quickly, Shen Xiang is also happy, before he arrives at cave entrance, here pile some stones, formation in inside, he can only rumbling to be able now to exit this stone wall. „Who our is?” Shen Xiang asked. Also is not these old students in intermediate school, in the past we were the primary schools time, they bullied us to be unbearable, now they in this miss eyes are also.” Leng Youlan is holding the chest, said spiritedly that her Devil Subduing Energy learns tenth layer, cultivates Icewind Divine Art, naturally has to say the qualification of these words.

Shen Xiang has been fighting with the fists to that stone wall, bang, sways with one, these stone walls turn into a fragment immediately, toward outside flies violently, on each crushed stone contains to bring Shen Xiang that vigorous True Qi, very strokes crowded on the bodies of these people, rumbled to draw back hundred steps that 20 people all of a sudden. These people are the students in intermediate school, explained that their strengths at least are Soul Martial Realm early stage. Is Shen Xiang!” Saw Shen Xiang's man startled shouted, the complexion big change, Shen Xiang had cut to kill that Dean matter before, he also comes clearly into view. Shen Xiang eyes glittering ruthless severe killing off, is taking a fast look around more than 20 people, in these people have several to be long very attractive female, but he will not be lenient to these people. Is this group of fellows, they want to kill us, robs the Raging Fire Dragon Hawk egg.” Leng Youlan is angry said. They three people, although the strength will be very strong, but our more than 20 people, can definitely take their! Shen Xiang is our Devil Subduing School's most wanted terrorist, must kill him!” A man said. Shen Xiang and Xue Xianxian give you, that white hair seductively attractive girl is solved by several of us.” Female said with a sneer, in eyes of seductive full is cut-throat. Your these slut, the old lady complies with my brother not fight, I will certainly remove completely you hang brush on the tree maliciously.” Leng Youlan is angry immediately, scolds. A Shen Xiang inspiration, within the body the strength of universe surges gently crazily, gathers fierce Dragon Force, sees only his both hands above five fingers, full is winds around white cloud Dragon Force, this wild Dragon Force appearance, the ground cracks immediately, that ground is the crushed stone turns into the powder immediately.

Since has killed that troop Nirvana Realm expert after first Mysterious Realm, Shen Xiang becomes murders now decisively, when the people are shocked in his terror Dragon Force, his slides, the step mysteriously and quickly, the body is dragging a long illusory image, the place that he passed over gently and swiftly, splits together the deep gully. Suddenly, before he then arrives at a body of blue skirt female, condense the palm of fierce Dragon Force is bringing extremely heavy thunder general strength, tears the air bang to hit, flickers to check to explode pā pā pā pā......” ten Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering thunderclap crack, strokes on the chest of that female. Dragon Force adds on Devil Subduing Energy ten layers strength, this truly is Shen Xiang strongest strength, that strong and centralized together strength vigor is similar to handle transparent and huge sharp long spear, overbearing passes through the body of that blue skirt female, blood fog spout from the back of that female, fills in the air. This did not have, after Qi Energy that Shen Xiang that palm releases passes through the body of that female, the imposing manner is still astonishing, sweeps away all obstacles general , to continue the illness to shoot forward, suddenly starts out a giant blood hole on a chest of man, passes the back, that strength strokes finally in the forest of distant place, bang but actually big piece of trees. Instantaneous, two Soul Martial Realm martial artist were struck to kill by Shen Xiang, method overbearing savage, leaves deftly ruthless, imposing manner like thunder, frightening incomparable.