World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 557
Devil Subduing Energy ten layers! The thunderclap sound of that ten continual deafening sound vaults of heaven, is similar to the hammer strokes generally on the chests of these people, that indescribable pressure forcing on their chests, making them be hard to gasp for breath. They have not thought that does not see Shen Xiang a period of time, Shen Xiang unexpectedly became Soul Martial Realm martial artist, after use Dragon Force and Devil Subduing Energy, these people at all are not the matches, that strength erupts, is not they can compare. They besieged Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian's time before think to feel strange, was not low because of these two female strengths, because in the hand was holding a very big Demon Beast egg, to protect this egg, got rid quite difficultly, was pursued by them hides here. Brother, do not let off them, kills two and kills 20 not to have what difference, Devil Subduing School already treated as to make again you in any case.” Leng Youlan this violence female sees Shen Xiang to get rid so savage, saw the blood all of a sudden, cannot help but excited to shout. These people realized now that Shen Xiang is not one can with the person who the common sense judges, their people are truly many, but they experience to the Shen Xiang's method after now, did not have the confidence. Goes back to report the report institute quickly, told elders Shen Xiang here.” Experienced middle-aged man hurriedly said, has no more to do with probably run. The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth flood wipe the callous smiling face, five fingers, is flying to run away the middle-aged man who to that preparation to grasp, although is separated by hundred steps, but the Shen Xiang's claw actually probably penetrated space such, is full of white dragon claw appearance of Dragon Force suddenly in the top of the head of that middle-aged man, the overhead grasps, is directly broken that middle-aged that only head flexure, the blood is similar to the fountain, shoots from the nape of the neck wind. Do not want to run away!” Shen Xiang stamps the feet, surrounding area several li (0.5km) suddenly tremble, see only many water vine to clash the ground to gush out suddenly, tie up the person who these are just about to fly to run away, some jump arrived airborne, but is actually similar to by that water vine that the lightning sprays generally tying down the body, entrains fiercely. Sees this, Leng Youlan hastily gives Xue Xianxian the Demon Beast egg in hand, puts out her the big sword that the White Jade dragon bone refinement becomes, the leap to the front of these people, wields a sword hastily is cut-throat slashing, before these people, must rob her and Xue Xianxian, but must massacre them, now falls to her hand, how will she be lenient? This wants to kill great-aunt's fate!” Leng Youlan unemotionally, in eyes full is the ominous color, a blade cuts the head of next female. Sees this, other people make the sound that begs for mercy, on the face full is panic-stricken and regret, but Leng Youlan that big sword is callous cutting falls a head of female.

For Shen Xiang does not bring in other people, gets rid is very swift and violent, flies to dodge hastily in these by the person of water vine winding in front, with Dragon Force Devil Subduing Energy, holds one, transmits along with thunderclap, the backs of these people also stick out suddenly intermittent blood fog, the body are passed through the body by wild Devil Subduing Energy. Short ten time of breath, under Shen Xiang and Leng Youlan's get rid fast, that 20 people were cut to kill completely, the opportunity of continually whinning does not have. Leng Youlan very skilled takes off storage equipment of these people, is cleaning that the White Jade big sword, sent out one to laugh carefree heroically: Brother, I kills satisfying today, this group of bastards get what one deserves!” Shen Xiang looked at Xue Xianxian, sees only Xue Xianxian to shake the head reluctantly, it seems like she also frequently and Leng Youlan handles this matter. Shen Xiang waves, many group of flame fly to shoot from his palm, accurate falling in these above of corpse and head, will burn down the ash. Although these people are Soul Martial Realm, but True Qi is actually inferior to Shen Xiang to be vigorous, moreover after dying, dissipates quickly, without the devour value, but these Nirvana Realm were different, True Qi is much more vigorous, even if died, suddenly is hard to dissipate, so long as the seal lives, later he can use Engulfing Devil Art devour these vigorous skills. Your also does if wanted grasp Profound Beast to go back?” Shen Xiang asked. Does not use, we must sharply go back to set on eggs.” Leng Youlan is whipping in the hand gently that glittering the Demon Beast egg of flame. This Raging Fire Dragon Hawk, is one type grows has three scanning dragons, Demon Beast of seven points of hawk, after being grown, is powerful, even can Shapeshift. Shen Xiang has put out Heaven's Crown Gate, opened Space Gate, was drawing two female ta, appeared in the small house in that halfway up the mountainside.

After returning to Devil Subduing School, Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian relaxed. I must take a bath well, look for the Profound Beast day to be too arid, not only had not found, but also has annoyed one group of fellows, has moistened blood energy.” Leng Youlan was saying, 2-3 completely take off clothes, like this has no scruples , is completely exposed oneself that snow jade romantic tender body in front of Shen Xiang. Brother, does if wanted come together?” Leng Youlan is licking tooth with the fragrant tongue, is smiling asking. She was not first time is seen by Shen Xiang, said again she did not fear was looked by Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang sees Xue Xianxian that resigned-looking facial expression, then hastily has turned the head, has coughed two: Does not use, you go!” Sister Xianxian, walks.” Leng Youlan has smiled one tenderly, is drawing Xue Xianxian, went into the bathroom vivaciously. Shen Xiang looks on the table that two with the Demon Beast egg of watermelon same size, has stroked gently, felt that in has intense life strength. Sets on eggs, pours into the same attribute energy, lets inside little brat absorption, making them form in inside, once were good, they can the broken shell.” Long Xueyi said. I have Universe Fire Spirit, hatches with my flame to be better?” Shen Xiang was saying, must pour into Fire True Qi. But was actually drunk by Long Xueyi: „It is not good, if so, inside little brat comes out, did not recognize Xianxian and Youlan, will only recognize you, they very much wanted a Demon Beast most pet, moreover their themselves also cultivated the flame, in addition this Raging Fire Dragon Hawk can soar, was many person long-awaited beast pet.” Shen Xiang touches the nose, he has Long Xueyi this Little Dragon, naturally will not have a liking for this type of thing, if makes Long Xueyi know that she was treated as beast pet by Shen Xiang, definitely will be scolded a stream of abuse by this attire tender young beautiful woman Dragon.

After Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian took a bath, grasps the Demon Beast egg hurriedly, probably will be robbed such by Shen Xiang. Also feared that the elder brother did want your inadequate?” Shen Xiang shakes the head to say with a smile. You had two, I did not certainly fear that you wanted.” Leng Youlan tenderly snorted and said, she is keeping thinking to Shen Xiang that two treasure fruits now, this makes Shen Xiang very speechless. Xue Xianxian pū chī said with a smile: Brother Xiao Xiang, this Raging Fire Dragon Hawk is very to us precious, we must a bit faster hatch, then delivers to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire to make Master arrange the person to tame.” Um, goes.” Shen Xiang lightly smiled. Elder brother, do you disagree Sister Xianxian to make that light the game of body? You do not have the kiss mouth, is I hinders you?” Leng Youlan honk the mouth was asking. This said Xue Xianxian one to blush, hastily draws Leng Youlan to enter the room. At this moment, Shen Xiang heard Zuo Zhenxuan sound transmission: That two Devil Subduing School must transmit, you and others suddenly do not run all over the place!”