World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 558
Shen Xiang does not dare to run all over the place now, other Devil Subduing School's Dean will not look like Zuo Zhenxuan such saying that if these Devil Subduing School come to also grasp with him, his situation danger(ous). This Devil Subduing School is the same with Fire God Palace, many branches in the mediocre numerous world! It seems like, wanted more careful.” The Shen Xiang heart said that Suppressing Devil Temple knows luckily he has killed Liu Yufang this old lady Dean, later has the leeway of recalling. Long Xueyi said: I use Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to have a look, these fellows discussed to discuss anything, if in view of you, you earlier were far away from this Devil Subduing School.” suddenly, Shen Xiang felt that the ground sways slightly, very boundless space power, the entire sky changes color, blustery, the darkness covers the earth, appears very fearsome. Shen Xiang stands in the entrance, is waiting and seeing distant place that very giant vortex, that is a space passage mouth, this is must the scene that Devil Subduing School of entire other world transmit, Shen Xiang now also want to take a look to be what kind. Quick, Shen Xiang sees that in the cyclone of distant place sky, suddenly lowers a big piece of mountain slowly, in surrounding of these mountains, has huge grand big stone building, unexpectedly also uses compared with the Devil Subduing School these constructions that Shen Xiang is at big grand, making Shen Xiang think that shocks incomparably. The transmission not only transmits Devil Subduing School, but together with big mountain scene [lineage/vein], this talent makes the person praise to the heavens, obviously this Suppressing Devil Temple is having many fierce Teleportation Formation methods and rich resources, otherwise is unable to transmit such a big thing to come. Shen Xiang feels another direction to raid intense space power, he looked immediately. Only sees the sky in that direction, presented a huge incomparable cyclone, swings the intermittent strong winds. That not long, shocks appeared, is a big piece of incomparably huge construction descends with lands, looks from afar that probably is a giant palace lowers from Heaven World, is very magnificent, is attacking the line of sight of person. Their such big talent transmits from other world these two Devil Subduing School to here comes, for anything!” This is Shen Xiang, Su Meiyao and question in Bai Youyou heart, the person who so long as some knows about formation slightly can know, manpower and resources that this transmission consumes is inestimable!

They will not believe Suppressing Devil Temple to seek for Zheng Chu, does not believe Suppressing Devil Temple to protect this Mortal World, although the destruction of Mortal Martial World, affected to Heaven World, but also is insufficient Suppressing Devil Temple such to wage a war. dragon brat, stares to tighten these expert, so long as they gather together, eavesdropped on content that they talked.” Shen Xiang said that he felt relieved to Long Xueyi's Nine Heavens Mental Exploration. Mortal Martial World left two Devil Subduing School all of a sudden, now is in Mortal Martial World the most formidable influence, that Fire God Palace by far cannot catch up. Naturally, Shen Xiang thinks that Fire God Palace definitely also and Suppressing Devil Temple has the similar goal, he guessed how long cannot use, Fire God Palace will have the big movement. These looked possible, three Devil Subduing School, who makes Dean? These three Devil Subduing School inside Big Shot, are unlikely hard to obey the opposite party! Moreover on Heaven World will also come person, if no to have the ruthless person emergence of blood and iron wrist|skill, perhaps is very difficult Big Shot that tames these year to year to be in power.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang also waits, although before him, has killed more than 30 fierce Nirvana Realm martial artist in first Mysterious Realm, affected to the Mortal Martial World overall strength, but came these many formidable characters now, three realms great war starts, the Mortal Martial World pressure so will not be big. Had the sound, Zuo Zhenxuan was called Devil Subduing School, was that biggest.” Long Xueyi said. Present three Devil Subduing School, what Zuo Zhenxuan governs is smallest, but what that transmits together with the mountain range is biggest, that the innumerable giant palaces and tall buildings compose second largest. Stares at the tight point he, having a look at many people to gather together to meet, this group of people are these three Devil Subduing School are definitely strongest.” Shen Xiang said.

Um, the Zuo Zhenxuan speed is quick, he arrived on that cone-shape big stone house, this first big Devil Subduing School inside person are really many, it seems like that the Devil Subduing School generous instruction copes with Demon and Devil martial arts in name, actually wins over other sect's outstanding disciples secretly quietly.” Long Xueyi coldly snorted. Enters the Devil Subduing School's person, must some people of excellent aptitude, once going in inside, will be attracted by the Devil Subduing School's resources, but Devil Subduing School can also use their strengths, detains these students, making other sect be speechless. „Isn't this undermines a wall? Enough cloudy!” Shen Xiang despises this procedure, other sect laborious train the disciple, but Devil Subduing School actually direct result others' achievement. Long Xueyi continues to eavesdrop on, she somewhat with amazement said: Zuo Zhenxuan this old fellow now is also fearful and apprehensive, they have met, the population has more than 50, crossed old fellow of Nirvana 78 tribulations evidently, the strength was very strong!” What did they say?” Shen Xiang hastily asked. Has not started to meet, they in the waiting the person who gets down from Heaven World!” Long Xueyi said. Just said in the Long Xueyi's words shortly, in the sky suddenly resounds rumbled, Shen Xiang looks up, sees only golden light suddenly to shine, a cyclone appears, afterward golden light explodes to dodge suddenly, sees only dozens to wear the person of white robe to appear, everybody has, as soon as they appear, rapid flies toward giant stone building of that cone-shape. powerful! On Heaven World gets down is really different, this group of fellows are definitely rich flow the oil!” Shen Xiang remembers that Zheng Chu storage ring, secretly is keeping the saliva. Long Xueyi said: They started to meet.”

Zuo Zhenxuan has transferred own matter, said how that old lady persecutes his...... Also has shown the Devil Subduing Energy ten layers might, from other old fellow facial expressions, except for Zuo Zhenxuan, other people cannot learn tenth layer probably.” Started the matter that spoke of you to kill that old lady...... However other people's responses are not big, but said that must handle you to set up the prestige.” Shen Xiang low coldly snorted, he sets up the prestige, that is very stupid matter! so that's how it is, they come here goal, unexpectedly to seek to enter the Sacred Dan World method, it seems like on Heaven World does not know how to go to Sacred Dan World!” Long Xueyi said with amazement. Before Su Meiyao had said that Sacred Dan World is unusual existence, she wants to go not to go before.