World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 559
Since Suppressing Devil Temple to seek to go to the Sacred Dan World way, then they wage a war also passably, because Sacred Dan World inside alchemy master is existence of peak, inside rare and precious pills are many, is not only the alchemy master regards as Sacred Land there, many Immortal are also so, because can find rare Immortal Dan in inside with ease. They planned next first Mysterious Realm opens again goes, it seems like they set firm resolve to seek for that Sacred Dan World, Heaven World above was pills so really deficient?” Long Xueyi said. „Did they have to say other matters?” Shen Xiang asked. No, they ask about the Zuo Zhenxuan that first Mysterious Realm inside situation now. He He, enters the Sacred Dan World method in your hands, will you give them?” Long Xueyi asked. Naturally not to them, if they know that I have to enter Sacred Dan World Teleportation Formation, definitely will guess correctly that I have entered first Mysterious Realm.” Shen Xiang shakes the head to say. It seems like that Dan King Li Tianjun has spread many news on Heaven World, lets the above influence does not hesitate all seek for Sacred Dan World.” Long Xueyi suddenly well, said with amazement: They mentioned Fire God Palace, Fire God Palace unexpectedly also sent many fierce fellows, moreover similarly will migrate some Fire God Palace from other world.” The Fire God Palace's strength and Suppressing Devil Temple are similar, Fire God Palace definitely cannot let of Suppressing Devil Temple in this Mortal Martial World alone greatly presently. „Is Fire God Palace also seeking for Sacred Dan World?” Shen Xiang asked. Um, it seems like Fire God Palace wants to win over the alchemy master from inside, no matter , the top alchemy masters are very deficient.” Long Xueyi said. Then is the bored discussion, Long Xueyi does not have the patience to continue to eavesdrop on that received the consciousness, but Shen Xiang only wants to wait for Zuo Zhenxuan to come back now, having a look at him also to have the opportunity to go in again that Big Dipper Realm, he can also go in 11 days, that is 11 years. Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan are setting on eggs, Shen Xiang has not disturbed them, he sat the evening in the courtyard, Zuo Zhenxuan in a hurry arrived.

Dean Zuo, how? Can I also enter that Big Dipper Realm?” Shen Xiang hastily asked. Perhaps is not good, three Devil Subduing School were taken over control completely, I am same as other Devil Subduing School's Dean, can only make vice- Dean, must enter Big Dipper Realm, must result in Dean to permit.” Zuo Zhenxuan shakes the head to say reluctantly. Shen Xiang sighed: Then these fellows regarding my matter, the manner are what kind of?” Zuo Zhenxuan the complexion is serious immediately: The old thing that Devil Subduing School as well as the Heaven World that headquarters other two just migrated get down, believes that must hold you! Because you are the Devil Subduing School's student, has actually killed Dean, moreover this Dean to your mistake actually crime not until death.” Naturally, they must grasp with you, mainly to do to other influences looked that is one type sets up the action of prestige! You are not long in the Devil Subduing School dull time, but you should be able to see, in the Devil Subduing School surface is free instruction fierce martial arts, may actually win over the outstanding talented person with very rich welfare secretly.” Shen Xiang nodded, asked: „The old lady died died, investigated again did not have any significance! If I use the thing to exchange, they can let off me?” Shen Xiang believes that the wealth passable god, he wants to give a try to use some precious herbs, melts hatred that he and Devil Subduing School see only. Oh? you planned that what thing with exchanges?” The Zuo Zhenxuan brow selects: Now governs the entire Devil Subduing School's fellow to get down from Heaven World!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled: Good Fortune Fruit! This thing he will definitely not dislike many, so long as he does not investigate me, can obtain this Good Fortune Fruit, he does not need to pay, does not need to undertake anything, can obtain Good Fortune Fruit very much with ease, I think that he should comply.” Good Fortune Fruit can refine Good Fortune Dan, Su Meiyao has said that even if this Good Fortune Dan is the Immortal greedy thing, let alone Nirvana Realm?

Shen Xiang he does not lack this Good Fortune Fruit now, does not have anything to one at the worst, this can also avoid with by Devil Subduing School this powerful influence entanglement. Zuo Zhenxuan has gawked staring, he has certainly heard Shen Xiang once above King Martial Dao met won Good Fortune Fruit, but he has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly will let. I can with that new Dean communication, you and other news.” Zuo Zhenxuan said. How long Shen Xiang has not waited, Zuo Zhenxuan has a look to be ordinary, but actually passes the threatening imposing manner big middle age to fly, seeing this might threatening white robe middle age, Shen Xiang to stand up immediately, he knows that this is new Dean that on Heaven World gets down, the body is winding around light Immortal Qi, makes people think out of the ordinary. „Are you Shen Xiang?” That middle age has narrowed the eye, is sizing up Shen Xiang, making Shen Xiang think that own body stared by any thing probably stubbornly is being same. „, Senior is......” Man Futian, is new Dean! Your Good Fortune Fruit?” This person very direct, it seems like he is moved by the condition that Shen Xiang opened. Shen Xiang lightly smiled, has put out Good Fortune Fruit immediately, when he can concise Soul Creation Fluid, he make several to come out, now he gives Man Futian, he obtains from the Wang Quan hand on the same day. Good Fortune Fruit is a pure white fruit of fist size, is sending out weak pure and holy white cloud, same can recognize.

You give me this Good Fortune Fruit, you and Devil Subduing School two were clear, you later will again not be the Devil Subduing School's student, moreover I can declare to the outside you will kill Liu Yufang are you and her individual grievances! After Devil Subduing School, will not investigate absolutely again you kill the Liu Yufang matter.” Man Futian said. Shen Xiang throws gently, lost that Good Fortune Fruit, resembles this is the ordinary fruit is the same, a point does not care, very straightforward, this lets Man Futian and Zuo Zhenxuan but is actually surprised, because they are also hard to do like Shen Xiang, has given others Good Fortune Fruit at will, not meat pain. Deal!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, can not be entangled by Devil Subduing School, at least after him, can not need to hide here and there. Devil Subduing School will hold a Martial Dao meeting, is not only is open to the Devil Subduing School's student, but also appearance entire Mortal Martial World! If you obtain the good position, can enter that Big Dipper Realm.” Man Futian also lightly smiled, he also very appreciates like the Shen Xiang this straightforward person. Shen Xiang can guess correctly that definitely is Zuo Zhenxuan had inquired allows him to enter the Big Dipper Realm matter. Hehe, because I am the reason of celebrity, therefore you think that allows me to come makes the advertisement, attracts many people to participate, right?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Almost, but when the time comes Fire God Palace definitely also will send, you must be careful, as far as I know, you are their goals.” The Man Futian words make the Shen Xiang complexion dignified. Shen Xiang nodded, the Man Futian diving posture departs, Zuo Zhenxuan sighed: Really crisp, such with ease obtained Good Fortune Fruit, trades to be my me also to do.” Rare and precious pills regarding these Nirvana Realm, the attraction is bigger, although they have the formidable strength and huge wealth, but these rare and precious spirit herb did not say that has.