World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 560
Now Shen Xiang two was clear with Devil Subduing School, but he actually also wants to keep in Devil Subduing School, what fierce martial arts he wants to have a look in this Devil Subduing School also to have. Shen Xiang is waiting for Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan in the room comes out, in this period Man Futian had come one time, the manner is very good, moreover makes Shen Xiang continue to keep Devil Subduing School, is the Devil Subduing School's student, obviously is intends to win over Shen Xiang. Man Futian gets down from Heaven World, he crossed the Nirvana eight tribulations now, although he brings many resources from above, but, unavoidably can need other things, he knows that Shen Xiang knows Hua Xiangyue, that is in Mortal Martial World few alchemy masters. Quick, Devil Subduing School issued a warrant for arrest to Shen Xiang's completely abolished, moreover announced that has carried on the serious punishment to Shen Xiang, said that any Shen Xiang started with a clean slate, is bold in admitting mistakes...... Man Futian casual several, helped Shen Xiang wash white, this let many person some doubts, but later Shen Xiang still in Devil Subduing School, this but actually made the young people who vied for supremacy to try to outdo others very excited, because of such one, him had the opportunity and Shen Xiang martial arts contest, so long as defeated Shen Xiang, they can be famous. Was bored, crossed was so long, a that egg sound did not have.” Leng Youlan honk the mouth, is stretching oneself, comes out from the room, sees Shen Xiang, she swoops, holds Shen Xiang's to swing, acting like a spoiled brat makes Shen Xiang lead her to go out for a walk. Xue Xianxian shakes the head to say with a smile: Youlan, you must have patience! You did not say that must make one to ride Raging Fire Dragon Hawk, shocking below female martial artist? Several days are you discouraged?” Leng Youlan is flat the mouth, is curling her long beautiful white hair with finger, sees smiling face that Shen Xiang that type despises, she stamped the feet: Sister Xianxian, continue, I must hatch Raging Fire Dragon Hawk!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I believe that you can certainly achieve! Right, I must return to Extreme Martial Sect, possibly wants a period of time to come back.” Um, goes! Does not need to be worried our.” Before Xue Xianxian arrives at the Shen Xiang body, stands on tiptoes the tip of the toe, has kissed the Shen Xiang's lip. Shen Xiang puts out Heaven's Crown Gate, opens together Space Gate, arrives at King City outside forest, then entered a city to return to Chenwu Mainland through Teleportation Formation.

In Extreme Martial Sect, a Gu Dongchen face looks at Shen Xiang inconceivable. Young Martial Uncle, you have used any method, can let Devil Subduing School unexpectedly and you writes off, moreover passing does not investigate, making you continue to keep Devil Subduing School.” Gu Dongchen has doubts very much. That was my skill, I must look for Master, your if wanted and did I go together?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Hears to look for Huang Jintian, Gu Dongchen like is sees the ghost, the complexion changes suddenly, hastily shakes the head saying: You go! I must govern Extreme Martial Sect now, does not have the time to make him toss about.” After returning to Extreme Martial Sect, Shen Xiang thought that the Extreme Martial Sect's atmosphere changed, the rhythm that in this everyone handles affairs is fast, moreover outside city also became lonely, in those days the Extreme Martial Sect disciple who in sought pleasure in the city became fewer and fewer, now Extreme Martial Sect is being covered by the tension-filled atmosphere, everyone was picking up the speed to promote own strength, because three realms great war, once erupted, this Chenwu Mainland was the first line battlefield! Huang Jintian sees Shen Xiang to arrive, is not accidental, does not suffer Shen Xiang, but is staring at Shen Xiang with look an unthinkably. little rascal head! Your unexpectedly does not depend upon promotion cultivation base that I can consolidate, moreover is so quick, how do you achieve?” Huang Jintian pulls the Shen Xiang's ear to ask, Shen Xiang previous time enters into Spirit Martial Realm time is here, how long but not to have passed, Shen Xiang entered to Soul Martial Realm, cut across a big stage. I stayed in that Big Dipper Realm was very long, moreover studied fierce martial arts, being helpful to me promoting cultivation base stably.” Shen Xiang hurriedly said, then explained that Big Dipper Realm and Fire God Palace's matter. Huang Jintian loosened Shen Xiang: actually is this, outside really came many extraordinary influences!” Master, can you help me know in advance Nirvana Tribulation of next two person? Is the Nirvana eight tribulations!” Shen Xiang said that the Huang Jintian this heaven defying ability, between Heaven and Earth is very rare.

Huang Jintian strokes the beard, straightforward said: One definitely is Liu Meng'er this girl, has not thought that her adolescence such quickly, I remember she just crossed Seventh Tribulation shortly after! Who another is?” Before Huang Jintian has said that so long as is the Shen Xiang trustworthy person, can ask him to know in advance Nirvana Tribulation. She called Hua Xiangyue, was Danxiang Taoyuan......” The Shen Xiang words have not said that was broken by Huang Jintian: This called Hua Xiangyue's not to be good, why as for you do not ask that I will not tell you.” Shen Xiang is startled immediately is dumbfounded, Huang Jintian unexpectedly cannot help Hua Xiangyue know in advance Nirvana Tribulation, and has the reason! Why?” Shen Xiang wants to know very much that hastily pursues asks. Asked you not to ask that was careful that I punched you!” Huang Jintian waved, the Dragon Force release, frightens Shen Xiang immediately the cold sweat to clamp the back. Quick, Huang Jintian leaves a white bead on condense, inside is the contents of Liu Meng'er Nirvana eight tribulations, Shen Xiang receives to put away, must leave. But actually held on by Huang Jintian, seeing on the Huang Jintian face the mischievous smiling face, Shen Xiang to know one must have bad luck, really...... Just held on him, his back was hit a palm by Huang Jintian, the severe pain spread the whole body, making his whole body one soft, Huang Jintian opens to him practices, making him call out pitifully very brutally again and again,...... The Huang Jintian such first successive, is more than one month the months, this month Shen Xiang, although is similar to Hell is ordinary, but harvests is very big, because Huang Jintian is with him to the war, trains his actual combat capability.

You can walk!” Huang Jintian stretched oneself. The Shen Xiang words did not say that hastily flies to jump, but he just jumped not high, body suddenly was actually given locking by strength. Master, you have forgiven me!” The Shen Xiang entreaty said. Hehe, before you just before leaving, I teach you again one move, your Senior Brother is Tempering Realm time learns, but I thought that you should be able to study now!” Huang Jintian hey smiles, both hands fierce pushes, incomparably boundless Dragon Force gushes out from his double palm, these Dragon Force and beforehand Shen Xiang have seen difference, is very formidable, moreover turns into white Qi mist. Subduing Dragon Gathering Strength!” Huang Jintian laughs, terror Qi Energy that both hands spout turns into formidable White Dragon, makes threatening gestures, the evil spirit is steaming, toward the Shen Xiang impact in the past, the crazy dragon angry roar sound penetration clouds, shocked the world. Must attack the Shen Xiang's time shortly, White Dragon actually suddenly that terror Qi Energy turns into vanishes, but is bringing strong winds, has blown out this deep hole Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang falls in that heavenly pit nearby lawn, but in this Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm unexpectedly also reverberated was attaining wild with rage dragon roar a moment ago, that type destroyed strength he to have a vivid memory, recalled that he thought he probably will immediately be destroyed to be the same.