World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 562
Sees Shen Xiang's to get rid so savage, other Eastern Scorching Sun Hall students change countenance immediately, but completely angry incomparable, because Shen Xiang got rid to be too ruthless, 2-3 discarded that man, the dantian is cancelled by him completely, the meridians and five main internal organs (entrails) in within the body disrupted completely. That brushes, Shen Xiang suddenly was surrounded by five men. Shen Xiang not only insulted their Hall Master, but also dares to work as their surface to make into the severe wound their people, this made them feel the incomparable insult, they think that this was Shen Xiang is provoking their Eastern Scorching Sun Hall dignity, he is unable to tolerate. Shen Xiang brow light wrinkle, noses the strengths of these five people, True Qi is very vigorous, in the Soul Martial Realm category, but he actually does not fear, even if faces Tempering Realm, he dares to fight. Shen Xiang suddenly gushes out dreadful murderous aura, is covering the entire hill, this frigid murderous aura ice-cold and terrifying, is bringing penetrating to the bone severely cold as well as the incomparably formidable pressure covers on this hill, but Shen Xiang's eyes also slightly blushes, these black strong murderous aura unceasingly spout from him, looks like he looks like heartless Slaughter God, in his eyes only then slaughters. Eastern Scorching Sun Hall student suddenly fears, now they know that at present this person of unusual, takes this degree of murderous aura, must slaughter trillion talented people able to accumulate, is competent this matter the person, how could it not be ordinary generation? Shen Xiang accumulated dozens Nirvana Realm martial artist murderous aura now, this degree of murderous aura, even if Nirvana Realm wants the frightened three points. Shen Xiang, restrains some!” House inside suddenly spreads together ice-cold, but actually tender feelings clear spirit sound. unexpectedly is the Liu Meng'er's sound, Liu Meng'er in this, Shen Xiang has also felt relieved, his pupil belt absorbs killing off of person, took a fast look around one these Eastern Scorching Sun Hall students, restrains that dreadful murderous aura. Your luck is good, otherwise your hundred people were already killed violently!” Shen Xiang coldly said.

If before, these hundred people definitely snort contemptuously to the Shen Xiang's words, but they actually have to believe now. Exactly what happened?” The Liu Meng'er inquiry in house said. I want to go, but these people do not let, moreover said that so long as I go, must execute summarily to me! This is my residence, why don't they make me go in? To my fight, I have not killed them, was benevolent.” The Shen Xiang's sound is bringing anger, although the sound expression is light, but during the speeches is bringing incomparable killing intent, probably wishes one could to these hundred people butcher such completely. At this time, Shen Xiang also asked: Sister Meng'er, you know that I am Youlan sworn brother, hears some people , to marry her, I must have a look but actually am this fellow grow what kind, has what skill, dares so strong, does not pay attention to me!” These Eastern Scorching Sun Hall students are angry immediately, clenches teeth to look angrily at Shen Xiang, wishes one could to swoop immediately, kills life and death with Shen Xiang such, unexpectedly dares loud voice to provoke their Hall Master, does not pay attention to their Eastern Scorching Sun Hall! „Is Oh? this Youlan sworn brother, Shen Xiang?” The sound is similar to the thunderclap conveys together generally, explosive near the Shen Xiang ear: Really and in the hearsay is equally wild, although the talent is good, but the manner is arrogant, but also asked Senior Liu not to stop me to teach him, my this was good for him.” During the speeches, Shen Xiang only felt that top of the head suddenly is used for an intermittent pressure, is bringing incomparable scalding hot, this True Qi said that appears appears, moreover is so formidable, as if must tear the space to be ordinary, turns into a giant fist above his top of the head, this fist glittering fierce positive common dazzling ray, scalding hot incomparable, is having the incomparably threatening pressure, presses land rupturing of Shen Xiang under foot, the crushed stone turns into the smashing. Shen Xiang is bearing thousands of jin (0.5 kg) general pressure at this time, he first time meets to be able so to use the True Qi master, his continually that person has not seen. „Does boast shamelessly, want to teach me? Your grandfathers do not have the qualifications, but also wants to marry my younger sister, you give him, when the lackeys do not match! To marry her, first passes my this pass/test, has to plant do not shrink in inside, comes out to hit with me, otherwise gets the hell out to me, do not come the filthy my younger sister's eyeball!” Shen Xiang angrily said, the double fist grasps immediately, the big foot stamps fiercely, immediately the earth-shaking power, incomparably vigorous Dragon Force collides in the dantian, surges the aura that intermittent howls wild, buzz called the eruption from his body.

such insignificant ability!” Shen Xiang to golden fist that in the sky that vigorous True Qi condense is coming out, a fist, Dragon Force condense fist energy, erupts pā pā pā pā pā pā vigorously immediately......” consecutively ten crack, the startling thunderclap thunderclap of these ten shattering heavens, making on the student faces of these Eastern Scorching Sun Hall change, the whole face does not believe that but after seeing Shen Xiang's fist energy to hit that golden fist bang vanishes into thin air, actually has to believe. Devil Subduing Energy ten layers, the continuous ten continual sounds are the best proof! They have only heard, in Heaven World, only then a few people can arrive at this situation, but in Mortal World, only then Zuo Zhenxuan can achieve, but Shen Xiang actually, a young person, unexpectedly can practice Devil Subduing Energy ten layers now, now they know that Shen Xiang so will be why wild, the arrogance is so arrogant, because he has the qualification! Snort!” Hall Master coldly snorted of that hot sun hall, in the sound could not conceal his surprised, saw only Little Zhong suddenly to fly to shoot, was similar to appears on the Shen Xiang top of the head, became they generally big, has pressed fiercely, covered Shen Xiang. The Liu Meng'er sound ice-cold said: What is this? Does the lesson person depend upon magic treasure? Moreover 9th Stage treasure tool!” She is Refiner Grandmaster, can look. „It is not in the way, can play lesson function that's alright, otherwise he does not know that outside the person has the person, I to let him realized that own tiny, my this clock named Heavenly Profound Purple Lightning Clock, can imprison the person in inside, releases Purple Lightning disciplinary punishment inside person, will not injure to his.” Dongfang Yao indifferently said, this is 9th Stage treasure tool, the thing of close immortal tool rank, he said incomparably proudly. In the Liu Meng'er heart sneers, Shen Xiang owes the lesson, is not one's turn this Dongfang Yao. In the Liu Meng'er eye, this Dongfang Yao most owes the lesson, most should know that what is outside the person has the person, Shen Xiang this type person who slaughters dozens Nirvana Realm, perhaps also few in Mortal World, moreover was slaughtered by him is side Big Shot. Relax, I only bar up his two double-hour, after two double-hour, I naturally can take back Heavenly Profound Purple Lightning Clock, we continue to discuss and Leng Youlan's wedding.” Dongfang Yao said with a smile lightly.

That Heavenly Profound Purple Lightning Clock is braving intermittent purple light, inside resounds the intermittent stuffy thunder, Liu Meng'er is not worried about Shen Xiang, the Shen Xiang body has three divine tool, that surmounts existence of sacred tool immortal tool, can injure to him is strange, she worried actually this Dongfang Yao Heavenly Profound Purple Lightning Clock, this very precious the thing regarding Dongfang Yao, Mortal World is top magic treasure, if were spoiled by Shen Xiang...... When Dongfang Yao turns around, suddenly Must marry Youlan, you have not matched!” Bedding bag Shen Xiang is angry, fist above suddenly presented a pair of fierce appearance gauntlet (glove), the hand grasped Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, after the rave, clearly crack shakes eight sides, was similar to the Nine Heavens startling thunderclap. Sees only, that mask Shen Xiang's Heavenly Profound Purple Lightning Clock suddenly is blasting, turns into the innumerable fragments, is similar to the storm is ordinary, toward that hundred comes the Eastern Scorching Sun Hall student assault, is only instantaneous, these students send out neigh intermittently, the body was hit by the Heavenly Profound Purple Lightning Clock fragment, such as was cut to pieces, whole body dripping with blood. But the Shen Xiang actually hand grasps Divine Blade, stands just like Slaughter God there generally!