World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 563
The Eastern Scorching Sun Hall student sees Shen Xiang to be covered by Heavenly Profound Purple Lightning Clock, was lax, but has not thought that Shen Xiang actually suddenly defeats in this Devil Subduing School to have prestige magic treasure, that sudden fragment storm, making them virtually impossible to guard against, but these fragments are the 9th Stage treasure tool materials, originally indestructible, True Qi keeps off for a while difficultly. The short several instances, these Eastern Scorching Sun Hall student dropping down big pieces, their hot sun red clothed completely dye the full blood. At this moment, has no alternative but to come out as Hall Master Dongfang Yao, he has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly can contend with him again and again. unexpectedly has ruined my Heavenly Profound Purple Lightning Clock, you......” The sound that is furious together conveys, Shen Xiang finally saw that Dongfang Yao, this is a whole body passes is sending the youth of air/Qi of king, air/Qi field, is similar to the emperor rules the world to be ordinary, the Eastern hot sun clothing/taking that wears is the golden color, on clothes also Golden Dragon, this Golden Dragon in the hot sun design of his chest. The Shen Xiang forehead congeals, looks at this Dongfang Yao, this Dongfang Yao is not really simple, makings that type rules the world, is similar to the emperor is ordinary, but a Liu Meng'er appearance, appears not worthy of mentioning on suddenly. Dongfang Yao some are only the air/Qi, but does not have the potential! Liu Meng'er wields the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire many years, strength outstanding, as side Big Shot, her imposing manner be much more fearful than that Dongfang Yao, her body is passing the potential of ruler, is not Dongfang Yao can compare. But all over the world, Shen Xiang can actually surrender this generation of Empress! That this? This type of trash same thing, only then your this type of trash regards as the treasure, this tattered thing, cannot enter father's eyes, unexpectedly also wants to bring to teach me!” Shen Xiang blade one horizontal, lightning that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade above glittering intermittent azure light, above is emerging, is overbearing than that Heavenly Profound Purple Lightning Clock above Purple Lightning tyrannically. Dongfang Yao calms down quickly, his coldly said: „Do you want to compel me to get rid? I had used a moment ago two points of strength.” Exhausts me not to fear you fully! I have not compelled your fight, is you compels first my! You kept on proclaiming must teach the person, actually does not dare personally fight, your strength, if linked me to be inferior why to say can teach me? The one who is wild is you, what not to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth is you!” A Shen Xiang eye, holds cold and gloomy killing off, he has produced incomparable killing intent to this Dongfang Yao.

Snort, I to your fight, this will not have the meaning today, just wait, Devil Subduing Martial Dao will convene quickly, when the time comes I must work as surely in front of the disciple and Devil Subduing School's high level, devastates you maliciously.” Dongfang Yao said with a sneer. Who devastates who has not known that said the fellow of boastful talk.” Shen Xiang coldly snorted and said. The Dongfang Yao big hand wields, golden light explodes from his hand dodges, the golden Qi mist steaming spout, covers these injured Eastern Scorching Sun Hall students, unexpectedly holds them, float in the air, then flies from this hill. If Youlan has a liking for this fellow, I dig to feed the dog the eyeball.” Shen Xiang coldly snorted and said, then moves toward in small house. Liu Meng'er is charmingly angry: little rascal, fierce these many!” „That Hehe, my skill may not only your surface see.” Shen Xiang has thrown to a Liu Meng'er white bead, Liu Meng'er naturally knows that this is anything, this is her Nirvana Tribulation related thing, can be helpful to her crossing the Nirvana eight tribulations smoothly. Liu Meng'er has to acknowledge that Shen Xiang this little rascal truly has very big skill, otherwise is unable to capture her heart, is unable to make Hua Xiangyue this fierce alchemy master be content to for the slave. Enters in the small house, fragrant wind of gladdening the heart raids, sees only stature tall, the long hair snow white female swoops, Leng Youlan closely is holding Shen Xiang, said while loudly laughing: I know that the elder brother can teach this annoying fellow maliciously, somewhat the skill wants to marry me, he must pull on shoes to me, I must consider.” Xue Xianxian spits the tongue to Shen Xiang, Yanran says with a smile: Brother Xiao Xiang, you are so overbearing, later who dares to marry Youlan?” Sister Xianxian, I no one marry, younger sister who I must forever be the elder brother!” Leng Youlan said naively.

Youlan is my.” Shen Xiang secretly said in heart, such won't a white hair beautiful woman, which man move? Let alone in her heart, only then his man. Xue Xianxian tenderly snorted and said: Brother Xiao Xiang, after it seems like, you must marry her, she with deciding you!” Saying, she unknowingly looked at Liu Meng'er, she knows that the own master and apprentice three people, had been abducted the heart by Shen Xiang, thinks that later must take care Shen Xiang with own Master Junior Sister, her pretty face cannot help but slightly blushes. Sister Meng'er, how did you come?” Shen Xiang looks to Liu Meng'er, is laughing and playing asking. Has not been worried about these two girls, therefore came out to have a look, but was just right, can help them bring back to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire to tame Raging Fire Dragon Hawk.” Before Liu Meng'er arrives at the Leng Youlan body, is reorganizing the Leng Youlan that somewhat fallen hair, in eyes full is the ray that spoils. Master, what does this have to be good to be worried? You cannot always treat as the child to look us!” Leng Youlan purses the lips saying: I have learned tenth layer Devil Subduing Energy!” Knows that you are fierce!” Liu Meng'er lightly smiled, has pinched her smart-alecky cheek. Liu Meng'er also truly wants to come to see Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan, because beforehand Shen Xiang and Devil Subduing School's relationship worsens, she worried that Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian will suffer Devil Subduing School's because of Shen Xiang desolately or are hostile, she knew after presenting two Devil Subduing School, has to immediately catch up with and Devil Subduing School's new Dean says a hello. Who knows that she arrives, knew that Shen Xiang and Devil Subduing School reconciled, as for is any reason she does not know that this makes her feel relieved immediately, but arrived here time, actually meets Dongfang Yao to lead one group of people to come to discuss marriage to Leng Youlan, then Shen Xiang came. How long Liu Meng'er has not stayed, they chatted a while with Shen Xiang, urged their, leaves. That two Raging Fire Dragon Hawk put in Profound Beast Bag to give the Liu Meng'er belt to go back to tame.

Brother, if that fellow comes again , helping me expel he, disliked, all day was entangling me!” A depression of Leng Youlan face. This Dongfang Yao what background? Looks like is not probably simple!” Shen Xiang asked. Heard that he is king's son who governs the entire world, the strength in Tempering Realm, is the Devil Subduing School four great hall, Eastern Scorching Sun Hall Hall Master.” Xue Xianxian said. Concerned about the custom of institute, I already punched him, next time he will be entangling me again, I will not be definitely lenient.” Leng Youlan is mad humph, humph saying that she very bothersome such matter. Xue Xianxian asked: Youlan, our if wanted also joins of Southern Fragrant Hundred Flowers Hall four great hall?” Leng Youlan had pondered, said: First has a look, heard that is the women, should not be annoying.”