World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 565
The Hua Qiuxia palm turns, lightens a handle azure light long sword, flies to cut toward Leng Youlan, the speed is fast as if can the cleavage space like that but Shen Xiang is quicker than her, wrapped the hand of fierce appearance complete set is being similar to the lightning has extended generally, held that sword using the technique of inconceivable. Snort!” Shen Xiang angrily coldly snorted, is being a palm makes to Hua Qiuxia, white Dragon Force flashing before suddenly, the earth trembles crazily, the boom explosive, is fierce shivering, brings Shocking Heaven Palm that Dragon Force is stimulating, the prestige of shake is move the earth and shake mountains, if not for Shen Xiang controls the strength sound thorough, that Hundred Flowers Hall was already shaken collapses. The strength of that shake, is dashing the space, erupts the scary sound, strokes above the Hua Qiuxia abdomen, sees only the Hua Qiuxia eyebrow to select, the luck resists, but was shaken backs up several steps. Mediocre!” The Shen Xiang whole face contemptuously said that but Leng Youlan has put out her the white big sword, Xue Xianxian has also put out her Jade Dragon long spear, on the face full is angry, because that Hua Qiuxia gets rid to use weapon, moreover starts also very very ruthless. Dragon Force! This is Dragon Force, these school girls see a Shen Xiang palm to shake draw back their Hall Master, on the face full is the panic-stricken color! The Shen Xiang's prestige, is known to everybody to be known to everybody in Devil Subduing School, had been treated as a legendary character to regard, but sees the student of his true strength not to be many! I must hide her!” The Leng Youlan anger shouted to clear the way, came up on the strategic place. Stop!” Is full of the dignified sound to transmit together, unexpectedly is Devil Subduing School's new Dean, Man Futian. Although Man Futian arrives, but Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian have not actually received good weapon, but that Hundred Flowers Hall Master actually hastily receives the long sword in hand, hastily salutes to Man Futian. Bold, Dean came, you dare not to salute!” After Hundred Flowers Hall Master shouted, they salute, seeing Shen Xiang they to stand there, in heart immediately great happiness. Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian's Master is Liu Meng'er, their themselves does not fear Man Futian this fierce character, this is also because they are sporty, the backer strong reason, but Shen Xiang did not say that he is Extreme Martial Sect Three Great Big Shots Martial Uncle, had played jokes upon several hundred Nirvana Realm expert, although he and Man Futian strength is disparate, but now they in fit of temper surface, moreover itself they do not approve this Dean.

Man Futian did not say anything, coldly said: Today your fight matter I do not pursue in private, has any matter, in solves compared with martial stage on, dispersed.” Man Futian naturally knows that what goods Hundred Flowers Hall is, goes in inside person, from the beginning was bullied, but after they are formidable, so long as some people join, same will receive the similar treatment, but where Leng Youlan and will Xue Xianxian go to by this type of bird air/Qi? Has the conflict to be also unavoidable. Dean, does not join these halls, did nobody instruct to practice Devil Subduing martial skill?” Shen Xiang looks at Man Futian, asked. Yes, because the teachers were in the school student have provided the resources, is willing to spare the precious time to instruct the student.” The Man Futian nod said: „The ability that if you study independently is very strong, naturally does not need the Teacher instruction.” Hua Qiuxia said with a sneer: Studies independently? Only Devil Subduing Energy, but also wants to study independently other Devil Subduing martial arts that suffices them to study?” Hears this saying, Shen Xiang fights with the fists to tread, ten thunderclap crack blow out, that powerful Qi Energy deters the audience, frightens beautiful face changing colors these school girls, dumbfounded! This is fierce of Devil Subduing Energy ten layers! They saw the Shen Xiang use a moment ago True Qi are not many, but after the skill transformation of this Devil Subduing Energy ten layers, unexpectedly becomes so overbearing, if Shen Xiang coordinates the Dragon Force use again, that will be what kind of? Man Futian also slightly took a deep breath, because he has only learned ninth layer! Devil Subduing Energy not only has ten layers, I peeped at that most mystical 11 th now, is Completion Realm, but Devil Subduing Energy is all Devil Subduing martial arts foundations is, therefore also enters Devil Subduing School compulsory martial arts, so long as I learn Completion Devil Subduing Energy, other Devil Subduing martial arts inevitably are easy.” Shen Xiang said proud imposingly.

Devil Subduing Energy 11 th! Completion Realm! This simply is shocking, ten layers so was intrepid, that Completion? Is hearing the Shen Xiang that steady and concealed intermittent arrogance sound, the audience is silent! In a minute, Man Futian slightly aspirated: „The Devil Subduing Energy Completion boundary truly exists, has not thought of you to be young, can touch this level, really will make me be able not hold a candle, has the opportunity I to pay a visit surely, asks for advice! You have any grievances in private, but also please abide by the rule of institute to solve!” Then, the Man Futian diving posture departs, must visit to ask for advice including Dean, this makes the people suspect one misunderstood! Those who are able are the master, Shen Xiang can practice to reach the pinnacle Devil Subduing Energy, but these Nirvana Realm cannot, in this regard, they truly be inferior to Shen Xiang! Sees Shen Xiang they to depart, Hua Qiuxia is nipping the tooth tightly, she saw the Shen Xiang's strength now, although on cultivation base is inferior to her, strength that but erupts, can actually be well-matched with her, if adolescence gets up again, she definitely was inferior. „The unluckiness of real his mother, has not thought that similarly is the woman, unexpectedly such is small-minded, keeps them out us, that nonsense Dean suddenly appears, the old lady definitely called the Hua Qiuxia old poisonous woman to butcher that unexpectedly thinks that fight killed me!” After Leng Youlan returns to the house, angrily said. Some are the opportunities! This woman perhaps is Dongfang Yao one group, I believe that four great hall definitely will reject us in various means now! Must carry on Devil Subduing Martial Dao to meet not long, when the time comes we must by the most outstanding result, maliciously the ear and area around it of fan these fellows!” Shen Xiang said firmly. Brother, I must return to the Icewind Valley practice with Sister Xianxian, there can make us win more time.” Leng Youlan said: But there does not allow the man to go, once the man goes, inside formation will expire.”

Seeing Leng Youlan must try hard to promote the strength, Shen Xiang also to feel gratified: This is 500 grains of Pure Elemental Golden Pill, you are taking, good to take reasonably, best under the guidance of Sister Meng'er.” 500 grains of Pure Elemental Golden Pill! This digit has daunted Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian, Shen Xiang was not the first time gives them pills, but gave these many all of a sudden, was the first time! Brother, do you have these many this type of things? Heard that a value 2,000,000-3,000,000 grain, these 500 grains were 1 billion!” Leng Youlan receives, although this is very precious, but she knows that her elder brother Divine Ability are general. Hehe, I build up, relax, I leave leeway!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Xue Xianxian gave Xue Xianxian taking care that storage pouch, Xue Xianxian has kissed the Shen Xiang's cheeks, Shen Xiang was a fierce alchemy master, this was also makes her be proud the place. That little slut added us to be poor, now wants to take this wicker basket Pure Elemental Golden Pill to shake really before her, has a look at her anything expression.” Leng Youlan said with a smile. Shen Xiang cannot help laughing, two female and he said goodbye, leaves Devil Subduing School on hastily, but Shen Xiang also immediately makes Long Xueyi stare at that Dongfang Yao, he must understand the trend that frequently these enemies, he promptly gets rid to cut to kill these people whenever an opportunity presents itself!