World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 566
Shen Xiang understands in this new Devil Subduing School, besides four Great Martial Hall, other ten small Martial Hall, but these are some strength quite bad person compositions, does not make a name in four great hall eyes, even if makes a name, jointly will be suppressed by four Great Martial Hall. Eastern Scorching Sun Hall and Southern Fragrant Hundred Flowers Hall Hall Master has met, they are very probably familiar!” Long Xueyi said that she has been staring at Dongfang Yao. Shen Xiang already guessed correctly, although these four great hall in the surface oppose, but has the shameful deal secretly. They meet very secret, after the disguise, place also in a common house.” Long Xueyi said. Really has the trick, stares tightly!” Shen Xiang sneered, he only hates his Divine Soul to be not very formidable now, otherwise can display Nine Heavens Mental Exploration like Long Xueyi, making own consciousness drift away. After small moment, Long Xueyi said: They walked, the content of talk are not many, mainly regarding you and Xianxian, Youlan, looked that the situation is that Dongfang Yao and Hua Qiuxia plans, does not let Xianxian and Youlan enters Hundred Flowers Hall, not only so, four great hall and other halls will not make you join, only if you are willing to be soft.” The Shen Xiang eye narrows the eyes, said with a sneer: They want to control us, we in Devil Subduing School, although is not cultivation base is highest, but the potential is very big, Devil Subduing Energy has learned the peak, they settle on our talents at the same time, but actually wants to control to applaud us, whatever they organize, if the control, they rather ruined me! Then, behind them, should have a chief instigator!” They added that on beginning of next month developing Martial Gathering, will embarrass you!” Good Xianxian and Youlan walked, perhaps otherwise they here, will make any trouble! Develops Martial Gathering? Isn't this each month martial arts meeting? How I must have a look at them to let my lose face but actually!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, he learns the Devil Subduing Energy ten layers person, naturally does not use on again these classrooms, if other people, now should join Martial Hall, accepts the guidances of some old fellow in inside. Did not need to stare at him, he was also in others' palm the person, did not have the meaning, I overestimated him.” Shen Xiang said.

Then he goes to a Zuo Zhenxuan residence, inquired that from Zuo Zhenxuan there had the matter about Dongfang Yao, at this time made him have doubts, because the Dongfang Yao status was not low, the father was overlord in a world, but grandfather unexpectedly was Immortal in Suppressing Devil Temple. Does the person like Dongfang Yao, why also work oneself to death for others? This can only explain that the Dongfang Yao back person has the power and influence! This Devil Subduing School is using the free instruction fierce Devil Subduing martial arts pretence, but winning over quietly has the sect disciple of talent secretly, expands the Devil Subduing School's influence, from this perspective, this Devil Subduing School is not the good thing. At this time Shen Xiang thought that this Devil Subduing School is stranger, is covering haze. Man Futian suddenly vanished!” Long Xueyi shouted, Shen Xiang lets her surprisedly with the Devil Subduing School power and influence biggest person, wants to have a look to look at anything to come, but actually suddenly with losing, this is the matters of Long Xueyi few meeting. I obtain an important clue, in this Devil Subduing School, but also has a space, looks like that Big Dipper Realm is the same, but I have not actually induced to the magic power quantity of time variation, only induces to the aura energy that very strong space strength and I am familiar with, but I cannot think for a while.” Long Xueyi at this time is also curious, this Devil Subduing School is hiding too many secretive secrets. Shen Xiang sighed: I cannot let Xianxian and Youlan stay here again, when I get so far as several fierce Devil Subduing martial arts, I must leave this damned place, I always felt that this inside is hiding a very terrifying fellow.” Several days pass by, to beginning of the month developing Martial Gathering, this freely participated, but day also not bright, Shen Xiang was invited the past by several hoary-headed old man, these old man are the elders in institute, naturally is Nirvana Realm martial artist, their also Shen Xiang said that grabs Shen Xiang directly, brought to develop martial stage him forcefully. Shen Xiang one wants to understand, some people make that several elders ask him to come, then makes that Dongfang Yao carry on his plan.

Sees Zuo Zhenxuan here, Shen Xiang has felt relieved much, Zuo Zhenxuan is he in the person who in Devil Subduing School can also trust. Shen Xiang, your perception was excellent, using such few time to learn tenth layer Devil Subduing Energy, therefore we have to be rash today, brought to instruct us you.” old man smiles said. In this circular developing martial stage, four directions sit hundred people, is the student in that four great hall, looked that their unified clothing know, naturally, Shen Xiang also saw Hall Master Dongfang Yao of hot sun hall, with Hundred Flowers Hall Hua Qiuxia. Shen Xiang, our Devil Subduing School free offer, you, since has learned tenth layer Devil Subduing Energy, I think that you mastered any knack, according to the Devil Subduing School's spirit, you who you should be outspoken to the offer that Devil Subduing Energy senses.” Another old man said with a smile. Shen Xiang cannot certainly be been insightful this fierce Devil Subduing Energy study by own enemy, he is intentionally awkward smiles: Excuse me, although I can learn tenth layer Devil Subduing Energy, but I actually do not know one have sensed anything, I read that book, unknowingly on refined into, having made me say that could not say.” I just contacted the time of Devil Subduing Energy very forging, perhaps is unable to be competent. Left vice- didn't Dean learn tenth layer? He in this aspect tens of thousands of years, he is gradually more experienced than me, I look at or give him to come.” The society is a matter, can teach to be another thing, therefore these old fellow cannot say Shen Xiang anything. At this time, Dongfang Yao stood, said: Shen Xiang, your previous time has said that if wants to marry your younger sister Leng Youlan, must win you, can this saying take seriously?” The Shen Xiang eyebrow selects, gives a calm smile: I said that if you want to marry my younger sister, must first win me, has the qualifications to ask her to discuss the wedding, as for marries, that is her matter! Naturally, if you cannot win me, your qualifications do not have, pulls on shoes to her does not match!”

Dongfang Yao the violent anger, he has not thought immediately Shen Xiang unexpectedly will be in front of these many people to say the so extremely arrogant words to come, other people have not thought that this is ** bare provocation, this makes entire develop martial stage in an uproar. Shen Xiang!” Dongfang Yao exploded has drunk one: „Is your this is shaming me?” This was my younger sister said that she said you, if could not win me, you pulled on shoes to her do not match.” Shen Xiang said self-poise. Hua Qiuxia said with a sneer: Isn't a barbaric girl? Has anything to be quite arrogant, unexpectedly is so extremely arrogant.” Right, she is a barbaric girl, but she can learn fifth layer in the short time Devil Subduing Energy, can you? Your one age, entered into Peak Realm, but she now is Soul Martial Realm, her age be smaller than me, how regardless to see, this barbaric girls compared with you.” The Shen Xiang words are sharp, the long jab Hua Qiuxia sore spot, everyone knows Hua Qiuxia because now is unable to break through to face in the senile predicament, this is also many martial artist very helpless matters. Dongfang Yao coldly said: Shen Xiang, other slapping in the face weaponry, I did not need to get rid, your cultivation base and I differed too, I have won your also victory not the military, I made my subordinate contest with you, if my subordinate has won by luck, you arranged me and your sworn sister meet.”