World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 567
Shen Xiang already knows that he here will face the Dongfang Yao and the others method today, but he actually did not fear that he is grasping the formidable strength, these conspiratorial means cannot enter the eye before him, so long as these Nirvana Realm do not get rid, he does not have what to be good to fear. Person who so long as has the understanding to Leng Youlan slightly, knows that she is not willing to marry this Dongfang Yao, Dongfang Yao is not stupid, naturally can look, but he has actually been insisting, obviously he has some goal. This Devil Subduing School from Heaven World's Suppressing Devil Temple, Suppressing Devil Temple is a big influence, the thing that grasps are many, Shen Xiang suspected that Suppressing Devil Temple saw on Leng Youlan has White Dragon Bloodline, once this bloodlines awaken, Leng Youlan will become more formidable. Shen Xiang finds from Long Xueyi there that humanity like Leng Youlan may be rarely seen, moreover person who has Dragon Bloodline, like dragon formidable, moreover can seek for some fierce dragons. In Heaven World, hunts and kills some low status dragons, but many Immortal most loves, because the dragon whole body is the treasure, can catch arrive at a dragon, the resources that obtains are very rich. Shen Xiang has made Long Xueyi emit the news to pass to Gu Dongchen, making Gu Dongchen seek for Liu Meng'er as soon as possible, he cannot let Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan again comes back this Devil Subduing School. Does not have the issue, but must win me not to be easy!” Shen Xiang looked at all around, sees only these in elder at the same time, one face light facial expression, obviously their matter to martial arts contest not multibarreled, they were already bribed. If not for has to depend on, Shen Xiang now will be definitely anxious and frightened, because he thinks now in the tiger's den. Develops Martial Gathering exchanged martial arts, you compare notes not to have anything well.” An elder said that barrier forms, covers is developing among martial stage that spacious place. At this moment, Shen Xiang suddenly discovered own body side stands to wear the man of black clothed, this man of undistinguished appearance, looks like very ordinary, on the face does not have other expressions, could not feel that on him any aura, this person probably throws the average person on avenue, looked person who can forget.

This makes Shen Xiang suddenly absolutely terrified, because he does not know that this person anything is arrives at side him, Long Xueyi has not induced, but this person to the Shen Xiang first feeling, is a very top killer, that that type is good at assassinating. But now is not the assassination, but is the martial arts contest, Shen Xiang naturally cannot fear. Starts!” old man shouted, unexpectedly did not say that the rule is anything, this lets in the Shen Xiang heart the anger. What did you call?” Shen Xiang asked. You do not need to remember my name, the deceased person does not need to know my name.” This person spoke, the double fist bang hit hastily, the twinkling hundred fists, created an incident sincerely, Thunder Fire occurred simultaneously, the air wave tuck dive, was similar to burns the ocean waves of raging fire to bring intermittent lightning to sweep across such toward Shen Xiang. Gets rid rapidly, wild, ruthless severe, what is most important is his True Qi is very vigorous! However, early has preparation Shen Xiang, in that flickers to check, displayed Water Mirror Art to move aside, that crazy fierce fist scatters the virtual image that Qi mist condense became. Since the opposite party is so impolite, Shen Xiang does not need to keep the hand, thinks this is only ordinary comparing notes, to stops, but has not thought that opposite party birth mean killing incurred! The instance that Shen Xiang dodges, is bringing claw fierce flexure of White Tiger glove, a dazzling white multi-colored sunlight shines, unexpectedly is one brings the tiger claw of forest murderous aura to flash before, suddenly, flew to shoot toward that person, having one to let the person scant of breath strong murderous aura.

All people were shocked, tiger claw that because Shen Xiang releases, unexpectedly is Slaughter Qi condense comes out! Shen Xiang both hands are God Slaughtering Hand, with the body refinement of White Tiger divine beast, has the White Tiger murdering deep meaning in inside, can become terrifying strength Slaughter Qi condense, attacks, this strength is very formidable, has with Dragon Force spells, but actually cannot let the entire world avalanche like Dragon Force. Dragon Force can destroy the material, but the strength of murdering can actually destroy the spirit, destroys the life, is full of the evil looking destruction strength spiritual strength! Usually Shen Xiang releases Slaughter Qi time, covers in the sky, camouflages a big stretch of world, but he actually becomes that terrifying Slaughter Qi condense one group of strength attacks now! That person is murdering the instance that the tiger claw flies, the incomparable fear well ups, that is one type makes him feel the death in the present desperate fear, but he worthily was a fierce killer, in electric light spark instantaneous responded, moved sideways to avoid that to fill the death tiger claw that the destruction struck. This is Shen Xiang first time uses this terrifying attack, moreover at this time his whole person was also affected by Slaughtering Heart, within the body ignites murdering blood energy that seethes with excitement, in his eyes, only then murders two characters! Snort!” After a Shen Xiang claw not, both hands void and grasp, probably stressed the strength of two infinite murdering from the air, formed two Little Dragon volumes, took away as many things as possible steaming. Instantaneous, the strength of dragon volume murdering Shen Xiang's releases is involved in which that person, making that person get sucked into the abyss in the boundless fear, the death, desperate, lamentation, panic-stricken, waited for many mood to cover in his heart, making him be similar to Hell stands the trial to be ordinary.

These elders, see this with four Great Martial Hall people, in the heart with amazement, they first time see this method, unexpectedly to be able the energy of one energetic nature to change into essence strength, in fleshly body of attack person simultaneously, creates the ruinous attack to the spirit of enemy. Must get rid to stop the Shen Xiang's time in these elders, who knows that Shen Xiang's speed unexpectedly also wants the quick last half minute compared with them, along with entire develops Martial Gathering to shake shivers violently, the people only see the fist wind that several hundred white fist image form, is similar to the difficult situation, goes full steam ahead general, wild heartless winding together, faint, forms one fierce and formidable white anger dragon, is attacking the air, is shaking the space, the savage bombardment above that person of body, but also erupts consecutively ten shocking crack, this terrifying strength, bombs pile of flesh and blood that person actually. Incomparably wild Dragon Force, in addition the Devil Subduing Energy ten layers might, making Shen Xiang's strength more intrepid, this is to the utilization of strength, this is eagerly above fierce martial arts! Snort, overreaches oneself, if you told me the name, I will at least not kill a peon.” Shen Xiang disdainfully said, sweeps indifferently, body still murderous-looking, in the item full is killing intent looks at that Dongfang Yao. Dongfang Yao grips tightly the fist, clenches teeth saying: Shen Xiang, you dare to kill my person!” „Is that also what kind of? If he so is not from the beginning ruthless to me, I definitely will show mercy! What's wrong? Must revenge inadequately for your running dog, has to plant to suffer to death, when do you also plan to hide?” Shen Xiang saw after this Devil Subduing School has the Heaven-shaking plot, he anything had not yearned to this Devil Subduing School, he plans to go all out, then leaves.