World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 568
Atmosphere suddenly becomes very anxious, the people do not understand why Shen Xiang dares to work as in front of several Nirvana Realm elders to be so dissolute, killed people also righteously, but also dares to provoke Dongfang Yao, must know that status of Dongfang Yao in this Devil Subduing School is not low, can order these elder who gets down directly from Heaven World. Has sufficed, today stops! Shen Xiang gets rid no doubt very ruthless, but is the opposite party is also aggressive first, dispersed.” Zuo Zhenxuan suddenly said. Dongfang Yao wants opposite party Shen Xiang to carry on to surround and capture here, who knows that Zuo Zhenxuan unexpectedly also comes, regarding the Zuo Zhenxuan strength, the people in entire Devil Subduing School must have scruples, this is one grasps Devil Subduing Energy ten layers Nirvana Realm martial artist, before took many to cross the people of Nirvana eight tribulations on a person, everyone knows that he is Shen Xiang puts, he stands certainly in Shen Xiang that side person. That several elders receive good barrier, on the face to have the anger, they want to get rid a moment ago, who knows that they actually must grasp good barrier, perhaps otherwise Shen Xiang the attack of that terror, will hit a moment ago in the crowd, the students in these four Great Martial Hall, may be the Devil Subduing School's elites. Zuo Zhenxuan brings Shen Xiang to depart, but Dongfang Yao angrily, Shen Xiang has actually killed a he efficient assistant, but also provokes he, but his actually anything could not do, looks at Zuo Zhenxuan to bring Shen Xiang helplessly! Zuo Zhenxuan, you are waiting to me, you are we plan a big hindrance, sooner or later must be processed.” Dongfang Yao is gripping tightly the double fist, said wickedly. Shen Xiang with Zuo Zhenxuan, goes to a secret place, there is the Zuo Zhenxuan secret residence. Old Zuo, has any matter to speak frankly!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, was drinking Zuo Zhenxuan but actually to his liquor. In this Devil Subduing School the plot atmosphere was too thick, I feel fearfully! I think that you should also realize.” Zuo Zhenxuan sound seriously said.

Old Zuo, what do you know?” Shen Xiang frowned, hastily asked. Suppressing Devil Temple puts an extraordinary fellow, now entire Devil Subduing School is being controlled by that fellow, even if I and Man Futian are hard to defy that person's orders, otherwise we will only encounter the fatal disaster.” On the Zuo Zhenxuan face unexpectedly has revealed fear. Perhaps this was I can help your best one time, later may are more careful, especially goes out.” Zuo Zhenxuan knows that Shen Xiang will not walk such quickly. Shen Xiang nods: Old Zuo, who is the person of that secretly control? I only want to know that he is having any idea to Leng Youlan! I cannot make him injure my person.” This you could rest assured that his essential target is not that white hair girl, but is...... But is the same thing and a place, as well as controls this Mortal Martial World.” The Zuo Zhenxuan words make Shen Xiang shock, Devil Subduing School unexpectedly has such ambition, this is the same with Fire God Palace! However Shen Xiang knows that these two big influences go through the complications to arrive in this Mortal Martial World greatly, definitely has a goal, a goal he knows that to seek for that leads to the Sacred Dan World method. Also is a place that Zuo Zhenxuan said. What thing can they look for?” Shen Xiang continues to pursue asks, can make Suppressing Devil Temple consume the thing that such big strength seeks, definitely no small matter. Is his thing, this thing is called Suppressing Devil Bloodline! According to Heaven World above Legend, this was the past years establishes the bloodlines that Suppressing Devil Temple's Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable left behind! But now hides curtain descendant in Devil Subduing School, was called the god child, person who is one inborn has divine body, although his present strength is also not very strong, but his wisdom is extraordinary, the talent is also great, is the Suppressing Devil Temple in history most regarded as important successor!”

Shen Xiang closely pinches the wine class, brow is wrinkling tightly, Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, Suppressing Devil Bloodline, god child...... This a series of thing, lets in his heart with amazement. However he knows now, Devil Subduing Energy and Suppressing Devil that divine art he studies, is the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable foundations, especially that Suppressing Devil divine art, after the practice, cultivates other Devil Subduing martial arts again, will become easy. They have not killed you now , because regards as important you, they want to control you in the hand, meanwhile plans to win over your Master! They have investigated your Master, knows that your Master is very strong, is cultivates Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art expert, Mortal Martial World first expert, simultaneously they also want to obtain that Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art.” Shen Xiang smiled: They definitely were worrying that my Master retaliates them, person who grasps Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, and learns the Devil Subduing Energy ten layers person to be equally fearful!” His previous time looks for the Huang Jintian's time, has given Huang Jintian Devil Subduing Energy that book, if Huang Jintian also learns tenth layer Devil Subduing Energy, strength definitely on a stair. Hehe, your brat is more honest, perhaps you can see that god child, Dongfang Yao and Hua Qiuxia even are Man Futian must listen his, but he could not control me.” Zuo Zhenxuan said with a smile. Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing: Why I want honestly was bullied? If that Dongfang Yao also asks me to trouble, I butcher his that's it.” Offends this god child not to be good, but above Suppressing Devil Temple many old fellow take orders in him, thinks that he is the reincarnation of Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, they think that this god child can lead them the domain to god. Oh, that is the illusory matter, now do you plan what kind of? Continues to stay here, walks?”

Shen Xiang drinks up the liquor in wine class, said with a smile: I think that can that god child, I continue to stay here!” Shen Xiang is not certainly interested in that god child, but is interested in that Suppressing Devil Bloodline, he thought that he cultivates Suppressing Devil divine art, learns tenth layer Devil Subduing Energy, obtained this Suppressing Devil Bloodline appropriately, he did not believe that nonsense god child fiercely, in his hand had in Soul Eroding Powder heaven defying thing, he also wants to try to eclipse the god really! Good, they arrange you to go to the mountain scene [lineage/vein] of institute east distant place to carry out the task, hunts and kills a fierce fellow, you are ready!” Shen Xiang already prepared, now he also very anticipated that naturally he wants to find that Suppressing Devil Bloodline, that is a god passes on the bloodlines, that strong? Really, shortly, Shen Xiang receives the notice, must send him to go out to hunt and kill Profound Beast, if can succeed, allows to enter Devil Subduing School's Book Collection Pavilion, in that deposits Devil Subduing martial arts, generally must have the contribution to go to Devil Subduing School to glance through. Therefore Devil Subduing School arranges the student to go out to carry out the task, in other words one time enters the Book Collection Pavilion opportunity to this student, can contact these fierce Devil Subduing martial arts, before Bai Youyou and Leng Youlan obtained such duty, but has not completed. It seems like is they intends to make me leave Devil Subduing School, can start inadequately to me?” Shen Xiang looks at a letter above task definition, in the heart is vigilant secretly.