World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 569
In Devil Subduing School, Shen Xiang had discovered a strange phenomenon, is the most students in study Devil Subduing Energy, but other Devil Subduing martial arts are some is not also fierce, besides Devil Subduing Energy, he has not seen some people to use very strong Devil Subduing martial arts in Devil Subduing School. He once made Long Xueyi display Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, has searched for that so-called Book Collection Pavilion, had not found many Devil Subduing martial arts in inside, even if has, is these ordinary goods that Shen Xiang can hear frequently, but he has heard from Zuo Zhenxuan there, good Devil Subduing martial arts places in a space floor. Devil Subduing School's these fellows such hate me, but actually must such a good opportunity study fiercer Devil Subduing martial arts to me, harbors evil intentions!” Shen Xiang murmured. Certainly must draw out Devil Subduing School you intentionally, then strikes a vicious blow to you!” Su Meiyao said. Eight Arms Golden Ape? This type of thing I remember that probably is very fierce, the Profound Beast seven levels to nine levels, is equal to the human Tempering Realm strength, now makes you cope with this type of thing, it seems like is really the restless good intention.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang smiled: „East this Eight Arms Golden Ape probably is east comes toward, I can cope, I think that some time definitely people will neglect while me, starts to me in secret! If is really such, my beat somebody at their own game, they can kill me, I can also kill them!” Night, Shen Xiang turned into a bird, the flying from institute quietly, has used two days of time, arrives place that Eight Arms Golden Ape presented. Found that fellow?” Shen Xiang was inquiring Long Xueyi. Is looking, this thing is a big fellow, can find very much easily.” Long Xueyi said. In a minute, Long Xueyi suddenly well, said: This Eight Arms Golden Ape unexpectedly is not only a head, altogether five heads, has Eight Arms Ape King!”

After Shen Xiang hears, on the face full is shocking, pours the took a deep breath cold air, is fierce enough, now unexpectedly has five heads, has an ape king. These fellows already knew sends me to come? However these many do Eight Arms Golden Ape gather does do here? These fellows should be come and go freely to the place!” The Shen Xiang doubts said. I give a try, can listen to anything from these big fellows' conversations, they were gathered together by the ape king, definitely has very important matter.” Long Xueyi also feels curious. Long Xueyi eavesdropped on a while, calls out in alarm said: This Eight Arms Ape King had discovered a tree, from description in their mouth, that is can have golden yellow, fist size, firm such as the fruit tree of just fruit . Moreover the fruit tree is also firm.” After Su Meiyao hears, immediately called out strangely: Diamond Fruit, certainly right! Eight Arms Golden Ape can trace the ability of this fruit tree inborn, it seems like they had now found, once they eat up this Diamond Fruit, can immediately achievement Diamond Body, direct Shapeshift turn into a human!” This Diamond Fruit is very difficult to tie, needs to absorb massive life element, if wants the fast result, only then watered with the blood!” Long Xueyi is suddenly enlighted: This group of fellows were discussing, if catch humanity, it seems like that Diamond Fruit Tree in nearby.” Eight Arms Golden Ape most can only arrive at the Profound Beast peak, cultivates by oneself, if wants Shapeshift to be absolutely impossible, once can seek for Diamond Fruit, means them to be able on, so long as can change into the human form, they can continue to practice again.” Su Meiyao said. What thing that is Diamond Fruit? How I have not heard!” Shen Xiang has doubts, from the Su Meiyao's response, he knows a moment ago this Diamond Fruit definitely is the treasure.

This refines Primordial Diamond Dan main herbs!” „!” The Shen Xiang heart jumps, this is Heaven Level pill, he has not thought that Devil Subduing School unexpectedly has arranged a such good assignment to him, although the Heaven Level pill present range he is very far, but he is actually glad to collect ahead of time refines Heaven Level pill's herbs. That Eight Arms Ape King is very astute, the place that but has not been at that Diamond Fruit Tree now told other Eight Arms Golden Ape.” Long Xueyi continues to eavesdrop on, she hears this type of fierce fruit, is keeping the saliva secretly, although harvests her to be unedible greatly, but, definitely has a lot of opportunities. This arrives do not fear that I to seeking for the Diamond Fruit Tree comparison had the experience.” Su Meiyao haughty smiles: Butchers directly these families, if they must expedite Diamond Fruit, certainly must kill several million talented people have one to come.” Massacres several million individuals to have a fruit! This lets Shen Xiang with amazement, he has put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, although the quantity of opposite party are many, but he actually did not fear. This fellow is metal attribute, you use the flame to be able to subdue|grams dead they.” Bai Youyou said: Finally their completely devour, the special energy in their fleshly body containing, can be strong your body.” Shen Xiang nodded, sneaks quietly, has the Long Xueyi help, this is simple, approaches, True Qi of his revolution within the body, contains four ten thousand true element grains inside True Qi suddenly in his dantian to surge fiercely crazily, attacks in the dantian, gathers powerful and vigorous Universe True Qi instantaneously, then through the function of Universe Fire Spirit, forms more formidable universe flame, releases through the Shen Xiang's body. Eight Arms Golden Ape is very big, three people are generally high, have the golden superficial knowledge, is similar to the diamond general powerful body, the scariest place, is they have eight sturdy arms, moreover is very long, but can also flexibly utilize These five Eight Arms Golden Ape induced that to let their frightened flame quickly, this type of flame was they have seen in history terroristly, making them send out roaring hiss immediately, at the same time, innumerable Fire Dragon spout from their bodies, was twining these big fellows.

Shen Xiang present Divine Sense and magic power are very strong, his fire vine binding force also strengthens . Moreover the flame that most fears with these Eight Arms Golden Ape ties up, this will be more effective. „The universe flame is really the good thing, I can see the fear in their eye!” Shen Xiang raises is being vigorous flame Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, on the face is having the calm facial expression, said with a smile lightly. Looks at these giant beasts, Shen Xiang sneered, flies to jump, to one is the crazy fierce blade, flickers to check, flame blade Qi that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade above fire Qi use, bursts out becomes stronger, this handle Divine Blade is similar to gotten angry Fire Dragon takes possession such, is splattering the angry flame, releases angry Fire Dragon, such as lightning appearance electricity, with overpowering momentum, sweeps away all obstacles penetrates a Eight Arms Golden Ape head. Other four by fire vine was tying up Eight Arms Golden Ape, suddenly is sent out intermittent Heaven-shaking, but sad and shrill roaring, shook all around leaf whinny to make noise, the earth shivered! But Shen Xiang actually unemotionally, these Eight Arms Golden Ape under the restraint of his universe flame, do not have the strength of revolt, in the past that White Tiger also equally by his to subdue|grams stubbornly. Looks at that head above blood hole, Shen Xiang satisfaction smiles, grazes, his left hand turns into one is similar to the drying furnace has burnt down spirit red dragon claw, searches into the body of Eight Arms Golden Ape, grasped beast core of walnut size!