World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 570
After going well, Shen Xiang follows a model, in Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade with hand, other four Eight Arms Golden Ape, cuts to kill one after another, with greatly strengthened flame Qi Energy, passes through the head! Naturally, kills that Eight Arms Ape King time, he has also used Grasping Soul Devil Curse, searches for the memory in mind, looks for that Diamond Fruit Tree whereabouts! In a minute, five Eight Arms Golden Ape that makes person be panic at the news, by the Shen Xiang relaxed solution, who was let his Universe Fire, is Eight Arms Golden Ape most fears? Cannot waste these five corpses, with Engulfing Devil Art devour!” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang leaves behind a corpse to be used to report on accomplishments, is going to other piles, a hand places on, revolution Engulfing Devil Art at the same time, but also used Fire God Art, making Blazing Dantian appear, such one, the strength of smelting changed his whole body, can fast and digests the energy that devour came safely. In the devour process, he to use the time and these smeltings strength of devour process, five grains of Eight Arms Golden Ape beast core that but also just went well that swallow, the incomparably boundless pure energy explodes to well up in his body immediately, seethes. The strength of smelting he releases at this time are also getting more and more, builds up the energy that these beast core and his devour come fast, decomposes massive pure life element, as well as many strange energies, some integrate in his fleshly body, some inflow his Sea of Consciousness, feed Divine Soul, as well as massive pure True Qi, emerge in the dantian, making him compress in true element grains. true element grains in Shen Xiang dantian fast shines at this time, a grain of grain, he has not then thought that these Eight Arms Golden Ape corpse as well as beast core unexpectedly has such big use, making him such quickly promote fleshly body and True Qi, it can be said that rapidly is growing, making his whole face panic-stricken. 300 grains and 500 grains and 700 grains...... 1500 grains, 1800 grains.” Shen Xiang such in same place, silently several, but how long the time has not passed by, that four huge Eight Arms Golden Ape corpse, is gradually withered. This speed was too fast!” Shen Xiang suddenly somewhat worried, because he just entered into Soul Martial Realm shortly, but this Realm is mainly practice innate Martial Spirit, when he can feel along with him a moment ago that crazy promotion, innate Martial Spirit also fast expands!

Did not fear that Engulfing Devil Art is this! Your that Sister Meng'er in a short time rapidly does not promote? Let alone you currently have Fire God Art!” Bai Youyou said: In the past I used is crazier than you.” Shen Xiang has cannot help but had a shiver, because the Bai Youyou's words make in his mind reappear a picture of ice-cold beautiful female devil everywhere devour person. Quick, that four Eight Arms Golden Ape corpse only leaves behind some waste, with such that Bai Youyou said that in Eight Arms Golden Ape fleshly body contains the energy, can make his body fast strong, making his fleshly body strengthen to Immortal Devil Body 21st Stage! However, that five grains of beast core that he swallows completely have not actually digested, but this Eight Arms Golden Ape strange species, compared with his these Black Rock Flood Dragon stronger of previous meeting, the energy is also more vigorous, these Black Rock Flood Dragon cannot use True Qi, naturally cannot carry on to build up, therefore compared with these Eight Arms Golden Ape difference in many. That Eight Arms Ape King strongest, I also take a double-hour to build up these energies most quickly completely, perhaps if when the time comes I can altogether condense 4000 grains of true element grains, I be able to enter into Soul Martial Realm middle stage, will also obtain the strength of granting!” Shen Xiang is excited is gripping tightly the fist, naturally, he also knows that this fierce Profound Beast is not good to look, are not many, completely can be restrained by him were less. 4000 grains, but also is increasing unceasingly, the strength of granting must come!” A double-hour passes by, Shen Xiang suddenly is somewhat anxious, at the same time that the strength of granting wells up crazily, these beast core energies also completely digest, is he enjoys the time of strength of granting. To Peak Realm, he broke through each time, true element grains must turn time of increase, but other people are also so, but does not have strength of these many that granting he obtains! The strength of granting can obtain him to promote strength nine times, requires the massive time to compress in the dantian, Shen Xiang was worried that some people of suddenly will appear, because kills this Eight Arms Golden Ape is Devil Subduing School arranges.

Early knows that these Eight Arms Golden Ape energies are so vigorous, I did not eat their beast core!” Shen Xiang somewhat regretted, he swallowed these Black Rock Flood Dragon before time, but are more than this difference. Fears anything, has me in! Are you are questioning the strength of this miss?” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said. Naturally is not, now I felt relieved.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, sat cross-legged to sit down, calms the mind to absorb these strength of granting. I am your protection goddess, always when your most danger(ous) this miss will get rid, the fierce person finally is always taken to the threshing ground.” Long Xueyi show package of places said. Naturally, if she knows that Shen Xiang once treated as beast pet to come to see her, now definitely completely will lose the uncouthly language that will learn from Leng Youlan there, will scold a stream of abuse Shen Xiang. „The protection goddess in my mind like Sister Youyou and Sister Meiyao the maturity graceful bearing, the stature is slender, the appearance beautiful woman, the makings are noble, your this dragon brat, how regardless to see not like.” Shen Xiang jokes. Snort, that is only I have not grown up, when this dragon has grown up, I can definitely probably put in order Heavenly Soul not to defend the shed your this little rascal fan.” Long Xueyi is not convinced said. Although comes that's it, you did not take off the clothes unable to confuse me, Ha Ha......”

humph, humph!” Long Xueyi is not a girl, she has the inheritance memory with her in the dragon egg stayed many years, this makes her be equal to old fellow is the same, something, she also knows is more than Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao. suddenly, the sinister laughter transmits together. Ha Ha...... Shen Xiang, you are really fierce, such quickly has solved Eight Arms Golden Ape, do you also stay here to do? Has been injured inadequately?” This sound unexpectedly is that Dongfang Yao, Shen Xiang already met will have this, therefore he is very calm at this time, is absorbing the strength of granting, while said with a sneer: „Do you do? Eight Arms Golden Ape is I hunts and kills!” Has a few words to be called, dies not verifies! I have killed you, who knows? The thing that , you grasped may be preciously more right than that Eight Arms Golden Ape.” Dongfang Yao that handsome face suddenly becomes fierce, body that ruler is mad suddenly to disappear to go, looks like looks like by the devil who Demon and Devil takes possession. But in a flash, Dongfang Yao restored, Shen Xiang could see that he had prepared to get rid a moment ago, actually suddenly receives the hand, this for what? This is Dongfang Yao they to a trap that Shen Xiang sets up, but Shen Xiang actually beat somebody at their own game, in turn gives under Dongfang Yao to wrap now!