World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 571
Shen Xiang, if not that person transfers, I had killed a moment ago definitely you! If you accept my two conditions, I guaranteed you not only will not die, but also meets the drinking to the dregs riches and honors, has the honored status in Devil Subduing School, is the same with me!” Dongfang Yao stands in front of Shen Xiang, lowers the head to watch intently Shen Xiang. Two conditions? This were too many!” A Shen Xiang intention revolution, said. He has not thought that unexpectedly is not the Dongfang Yao arrangement kills his, but some people make Dongfang Yao look for his private talk, but has tested before then also his strength, kills this Eight Arms Golden Ape. You do not have choose! The first condition, signs a contract, gives loyalty to a person! The second condition, is makes Leng Youlan marry me!” The Dongfang Yao expression is having the threat, this lets in the Shen Xiang heart the anger, he most hates with his person threatens him. However he feels relieved Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian, so long as these two females stay in Icewind Valley or Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, that is the absolute safety, even if Devil Subduing School must provoke Liu Meng'er, but must think over, even if not be destroyed, but loses serious that is certain! Whom gives loyalty to? I do not want to lower the head about the person who does not know, I think that you had understood my matter, you should know, if wants I to let lower the head is a how difficult matter.” Shen Xiang becomes by own complexion turns white intentionally, looked like also really like is in the hand. Dongfang Yao has underestimated in the end Shen Xiang, because he thinks that he must defeat Eight Arms Golden Ape not to be easy, but was more difficult than his cultivation base bad Shen Xiang. When he sees the Eight Arms Golden Ape corpse to lie down there, he is also the shock, he has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly struck to kill Eight Arms Golden Ape! Naturally, he does not know that Eight Arms Golden Ape has five heads, does not know that Diamond Fruit Tree matter.

Dongfang Yao complexion suddenly changed, face earnestly said: Person who you must give loyalty , the future is one can the shook three realms character, I think that you should also know the Suppressing Devil Temple's matter! That person is the Suppressing Devil Temple's upbuilder, the person who Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable must wait, we said that he for god child, now governs entire Devil Subduing School, these Nirvana Realm old fellow must be respectful to him.” Perhaps according to the Devil Subduing School's internal discipline, you already could not see Sun, but the god child recognizes you, he must entrust with heavy responsibility you, this is the good fortune that your ten lifetime cannot repair.” Then, making Youlan marry your condition, is your meaning?” Shen Xiang sneers. Shen Xiang, I do not fear to tell you, your sworn sister has the bloodlines inheritance of dragon, this is rare in humanity, but she needs the bloodlines to awaken to obtain strongest strength! This is the god child tells me, if you want to make her formidable, marries me her! I will make the god child help her awaken Dragon Bloodline.” In Dongfang Yao eyes full is excited, because he thinks that Shen Xiang must comply quickly. „Does he have to kill my meaning?” Shen Xiang coldly asked. Snort, your in his eyes ants, are not only you. The resources that the god child has are rich, even if you obtain many fortuitous encounters, he also fights a hopeless battle to.” Dongfang Yao disdains jokes. That is also what kind, I do not want to be operated by others for a lifetime! Does not imagine a dog same to live, the god child in your mouth is so strong, I do not think, because makes the mistake something to fall by the homicide!” Shen Xiang also ridiculed. Shen Xiang, this is for hello!” Dongfang Yao not only does not get angry, instead indifferently said: If you do not want, your wife and sworn sister, will meet with a disaster, do you believe! When they, as soon as returns to the institute, I can immediately fight, Ha Ha......”

Believed me now to kill you?” Shen Xiang angrily said, he knows that this is not only the threat of Dongfang Yao, is the threat of that god child, he hated to that god child in the extreme. In Dongfang Yao glittering ruthless severe ray: Shen Xiang, you think that who you are? I acknowledged that you can kill this Eight Arms Golden Ape stem from my anticipation, but you and I were far compared with the incoming messenger. You at most are only Soul Martial Realm, but I am the Tempering Realm peak, quick want Nirvana, even though you can practice ten layers Devil Subduing Energy, my hand pinches you in the same old way! You make the decision, once otherwise and other Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan come back, I make them live to might as well surely die!” Shen Xiang had been enraged by Dongfang Yao thoroughly, but he is quiet at this time: Nonsense god child, more threatens me, I more look down upon him, do not think that this is Heaven World, this is Mortal World, but also is not one's turn his show off one's military strength, I must have a look but actually am he first on side person fight to me, was destroyed completely by me first!” Ha Ha...... boast shamelessly, you know now many, if you do not give loyalty to the god child, I have to massacre you!” Dongfang Yao said that is also raises head to laugh, the laughter is fierce, it seems like he wants to kill Shen Xiang. In this time, Shen Xiang suddenly moved! Has been recruiting him of strength of granting, gradually is adapting also absorbs, while revolution formidable Universe True Qi. When Dongfang Yao most haughty, sits cross-legged to sit in ground him, as if under poisonous snake swift and violent biting prey! His hand like dragon claw, quickly, flexure to Dongfang Yao bang, wild formidable Dragon Force gushes out crazily, lets his hand claw like dragon claw, strength strengthens. haughty laughs Dongfang Yao simply not to guard, when he feels terror Dragon Force that Shen Xiang releases, to be too late, a Shen Xiang calling card entered his dantian, a hand holds his nape of the neck stubbornly, but he only feels dantian suddenly to rise, strength wells up, shakes his belly split open directly, the waist blows out blood fog.

You...... You...... Ah! Dongfang Yao by Shen Xiang fierce grasps the throat, the eyeball is almost pushed, on the face full is painful and panic-stricken, angry and despairs! He has not thought Shen Xiang not only has not been injured, but also the strength be stronger than before, is only instantaneous, has ruined his dantian, even if his undying, he also calculates that discarded. Heard that your father is the ruler who lords over the entire world! Your grandfather is Immortal, this is how incomparable glory matter, but now you...... Ha Ha!” Shen Xiang laughs, this makes the Dongfang Yao complexion pale. Shen Xiang...... your really despicable!” Ha Ha, your unexpectedly also knows despicable this word. Relax, I will deliver your lord to accompany sooner or later your, what nonsense god child, the inheritance of god? The father does not believe this type of ghost thing, the genuine gods step by step walk by oneself! You are really idiot one, well adolescence under the asylum of father isn't very good? Must listen to the words of that god child, looks at your appearance, I know that now he is what kind of fellow, it is estimated that also with your these fellow same goods, not to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth, thinks oneself infallible, felt relieved that dies!” A Shen Xiang palm racket has broken to pieces the head of Dongfang Yao, but also pours into the greatly strengthened spirit, soul cancelling!