World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 572
After Shen Xiang the Eight Arms Golden Ape corpse receives, puts to burn down here, then fast rushes to distant place mountain scene [lineage/vein] , to continue to absorb the strength of granting in inside. Regarding that anything god child, he did not fear that after all that is also not the genuine god, if that god child is very fierce, does not need any Suppressing Devil Bloodline. Any nonsense god child, Suppressing Devil Temple unexpectedly declines to this situation, it is said can learn the Suppressing Devil divine art person, has the qualifications to govern Suppressing Devil Temple, I look at now Suppressing Devil Temple's Palace Master, simply has not learned Suppressing Devil divine art!” Su Meiyao disdainfully said. Has not guessed that the wrong words, that so-called Suppressing Devil Divine Veins, definitely in Sacred Dan World, Fire God Palace received the rumor, therefore must seek to enter the Sacred Dan World method! Perhaps now Devil Subduing School and Fire God Palace, were waiting for that first Mysterious Realm opens once more!” Bai Youyou gloomy and cold smiles: If there is an opportunity, wanted that god child devour!” devour god child! The Shen Xiang heart fierce craziness jumps, that is the good thing! Thinks to make him feel excited! Ten days passed by, Shen Xiang absorbs the strength of granting finally completely, the True Qi vigorous degree strengthened more than one time, enough 80,000 grains, but that five beast image, actually still gloomy, but shone slightly little in a flake region luminous. Depending on my present fleshly body and True Qi, must resist Tempering Realm people should not be very difficult!” Shen Xiang suddenly cried loud and long, aura was long, resounds through in the innumerable mountains, cloud penetration crack stone! The body spurts to be thin steaming True Qi, forms intermittent strong winds, melts the turn into dragon volume, all around trees rose straight from the ground instantaneously, have blown down a big piece. A bit faster looks for that Diamond Fruit Tree!” Su Meiyao urged, she anticipated to this Diamond Fruit, if Shen Xiang can get so far as, from now on arrives at Heaven World, will not lack the resources, if went to Sacred Dan World, perhaps can also mix very well there. Shen Xiang searched for the place that Diamond Fruit Tree is at from that Eight Arms Ape King mind a moment ago, distance here is not very far, the place of hideaway is very secret, unexpectedly in a great mountain middle crack.

He stands on that great mountain now, that crack only suffices two people to get down, moreover deeply does not see the bottom, a darkness, Shen Xiang cannot induce under to have any Diamond Fruit Tree, but this is generally very difficult to induce, only if the result time. How can Eight Arms Golden Ape get down?” The Shen Xiang doubts, it from that Eight Arms Ape King memory, had not found that Diamond Fruit Tree appearance, but that Eight Arms Golden Ape found depending on the feeling. Below has a tree, should be evidently Diamond Fruit Tree, a bit faster gets down, does not have what fierce thing.” Long Xueyi urged. Shen Xiang jumps down under that crack, feels cold and gloomy cold winds, he has gotten not long down, seeing one to reach as high as 45 zhang (3.33 m), the crown very small tree, this tree whole body is glittering and translucent carving, Shen Xiang can see in this tree is flowing the energy clearly, this tree is not Spirit Qi in direct absorption air, moreover extracts from the earth directly, speed very rapidness of absorption. Really is Diamond Fruit Tree, must look for this tree, mobile Spirit Qi from the soil seeks.” One of Su Meiyao from the ring dodges, arrives under this tree, is stroking with the white hands, in eyes glittering pleasantly surprised ray. This all around danger(ous) is unable to know in advance that Su Meiyao comes out rashly, frightens Shen Xiang to jump, his hastily runs up to side Su Meiyao, is protecting Su Meiyao. This Diamond Fruit Tree root is very deep, at least ten zhang (3.33 m), your careful point digs, do not dig main root that's alright, otherwise the main root must grow to be difficult.” Su Meiyao urged several, entered in storage ring on hastily. Although thinks somewhat troublesome, but this is the tree that can plant the Heaven Level fruit, Shen Xiang does not think troublesome, in high spirits is digging, is very careful, because of these Heaven Level herbs, so long as he does to be the same, he can cause tens of thousands. Has been busy at work for a long time, Shen Xiang digs bottommost, digs this Diamond Fruit Tree including root, puts in the ring, gives Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou plants, but they also early dug deep hole in.

Dongfang Yao this fellow was also too poor, can make me look the thing that glances does not have, unexpectedly also shouts must marry Youlan!” Shen Xiang looking at Dongfang Yao storage ring, inside only then some crystal stones, as well as some pills, he does not care to these things now. Can have anything, all day cultivates in Devil Subduing School, does not exit, is not the alchemy master, you think anyone like you.” Su Meiyao said with a smile. Must with Shen Xiang compared with the words of wealth, let alone these Peak Realm young people, even if some enters into Nirvana Realm old fellow to feel that feels inferior. Oh, if face-to-face fights with him, definitely easily does not cope, but this fellow was too arrogant, he he!” Shen Xiang that storage ring crumb, burns down the ashes, is treading the thunder common part, batters in the forest, the body spout intense Qi Energy, is similar to the sharp shovel is ordinary, prevents his all, must be shovelled to break. He also planned looks for the opportunity to devastate at the Devil Subduing Martial Dao meeting Dongfang Yao maliciously, but has not thought that now unexpectedly dies that aggrievedly in his hand, including him thought that Dongfang Yao is a little unworthy, after all others is a family background are honored, young martial artist that the talent different reported. In a Devil Subduing School's hall, Shen Xiang loses that Eight Arms Golden Ape in the ground, looks at the Eight Arms Golden Ape corpse in inside several elders, cannot help but changes countenance, although Shen Xiang went to have a period of time, but can complete the task also to calculate well. Just, what making them be worried is Dongfang Yao, here had several old things to look for Shen Xiang in Dongfang Yao, but Shen Xiang can come back now, Dongfang Yao did not have. beast core?” An elder asked. By my dig out, on duty was said hunts and kills Eight Arms Golden Ape, had not said that demon core must turn in!” Shen Xiang said that if to not prove one kill this Eight Arms Golden Ape, he will not come back the wool belt, direct devour.

The facial expression that several elder one desire words stop, they want to ask that very much Shen Xiang does have to meet that Dongfang Yao, but actually cannot open the mouth. „Can I enter that Book Collection Pavilion now?” Shen Xiang inquired: Deposits fiercest Devil Subduing martial arts that matter!” The Man Futian nod said: Naturally, you learn Devil Subduing Energy now, other these ordinary Devil Subduing martial arts could not satisfy you, but you must know that you cannot too be dull long in that matter, only then three days, three days you must come out from now on, later wants to study other words again, must continue to complete the task.” Three days, does this suffice? Fierce martial arts, must be able to take down with 1-2 months generally, some even need longer time! Good, leads me to go now.” Shen Xiang already thinks that Devil Subduing School so will not be easy to pass on these fierce Devil Subduing martial arts.