World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 573
Man Futian brings Shen Xiang to walk toward a very high construction, leisure walking on staircase. Shen Xiang, that doesn't Eight Arms Golden Ape cope easily? How did you go to be so long?” Man Futian asked that he wants from the Shen Xiang's reply to see that a point anything came, that Dongfang Yao was a good seedling, now went such for a long time not to come back, but Shen Xiang actually came back, letting the person has to suspect that has encountered any mishap. I altogether have attacked his eight times, front seven times were injured, last time I found the opportunity, sneak attacks successfully, a move has killed, therefore I will use such long matter.” Shen Xiang said that resembles the mold type, making the person unable to see the genuine and fake. Several elders in Devil Subduing School have sent for seeking for Dongfang Yao, Shen Xiang was not worried, so long as Devil Subduing School does not have the evidence to prove that is the homicide, he did not fear. Arrives above, Man Futian opens formation, transmitted in Shen Xiang the light and bright giant main hall, Shen Xiang can feel that he was in an independent space, with outside world not any connection. Around on this main hall wall is the bookshelves, above is placing volume of thick books, but in some in the middle many furniture, more than 20 people wholly absorbed is actually reading some thick books, remembers the above content earnestly, Shen Xiang transmitted, they have not gone to look. In this is peaceful, everyone earnestly was reciting these martial arts sutra, can only hear rustle the turning book sound, at this time Shen Xiang saw white hair old man to walk toward him. I am here steward, Wang Yuan. It seems like you are first time comes, what has to inquire?” That old man has the smile to ask. Shen Xiang looks on the bookshelf that innumerable this thick book, is truly confused: Here unexpectedly has these many high level Devil Subduing martial arts! Has a table of contents or the synopsis, making me have a look at the introduction of each Devil Subduing martial arts.”

Wang Yuan he he smiles: Here book looks like, although many, but altogether has three Devil Subduing martial arts, but each has ten, therefore meets these many!” The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth twitch, three Devil Subduing martial arts these many, are really too scary, he thought that this possibly is Divine Martial Skill, fierce martial arts that also only then this type may evolve, so many contents Devil Subduing Energy because are too few, therefore is very difficult to study. Some old Senior to let descendant can easier society these Devil Subduing martial arts, therefore adds on many methods of study . Moreover the study method has many types, this has considered various peculiar circumstances people, but main martial arts sutra is actually not many, has one volume!” Wang Yuan answered. Shen Xiang relaxed slightly, he has studied that Suppressing Devil divine art, at that time made him study unbearably. Did not say you, takes Dean, he only depends upon sutra, is unable to grasp these three Devil Subduing martial arts, otherwise these old Senior also with adding on their annotations, did not need to record many different cultivation method in detail.” Wang Yuan also said that many students first time comes, like Shen Xiang, thinks one light looked that sutra can learn, but arrives at honestly goes the book of innumerable this practice attainment finally. The Shen Xiang nod said: This I know that but I thought that first records martial arts sutra ripe, then looked the practice experience that these predecessors keep will be quite effective.” Wang Yuan gives a Shen Xiang paper, said: On this is an synopsis of martial arts.” Shen Xiang received looked that the brow wrinkles slowly, first martial arts that he sees, named Suppressing Devil Qi Formation, according to introducing the above content, this is one with formation related Devil Subduing martial arts, teaches people specially set up formation and uses True Qi fast condense air/Qi to attack, or defense.

Has not thought that has formation and martial arts really unifies the together thing!” Shen Xiang somewhat anticipates that he had also known about Formation Dao, after devour four Formation Grandmaster memories, he had not the weak foundation of basic skills. Other two Devil Subduing martial arts?” Shen Xiang also asked. This Suppressing Devil Qi Formation is this easiest society, but you are basic, that suffices you to study very for a long time.” Wang Yuan is helpless, has to give the Shen Xiang two papers. Looks at other two Devil Subduing martial arts, Shen Xiang is somewhat depressed, because Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi martial arts, he after learning Suppressing Devil divine art, can use. But another Devil Subduing martial arts called Devil Subduing Fist, this needs to coordinate Devil Subduing Energy and Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi uses, otherwise the effect was not big, Devil Subduing Energy strengthens Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi has the formidable lethality to Demon and Devil, three martial arts fused, simply was the Demon and Devil difficult adversary. I record ripe Suppressing Devil Qi Formation first, where?” Shen Xiang returns that three papers to Wang Yuan. Wang Yuan brings a very thick book quickly, gives Shen Xiang, said: Do not waste the time, your this coming, has three days of time.” After Shen Xiang received the book, looked for a position to sit down casually, then started to glance through fast, depending on his present spirit, basically can take down a full page the content, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were also so, their spirits were very formidable, this was also because their brains developed peak, can have strong memory.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou not only in mind, but also transcribes fast, because Shen Xiang must pass to Xue Xianxian these Devil Subduing martial arts them. Sister Meng'er should be interested in this Suppressing Devil Qi Formation very much.” Shen Xiang saw many formation quickly, is comprised of some abstruse spirit pattern, this also makes him probably spend the time to remember. He has used -and-a-half days of time, records this Suppressing Devil Qi Formation ripe, his martial arts to this formation had a general understanding eagerly, first gives his feeling is not very difficult, this is because he has the formation foundation, moreover inside many sutra chant, he can understand very much with ease, this is mainly because he has learned Devil Subduing Energy and Suppressing Devil divine art. Then he borrows Devil Subduing Fist from Wang Yuan there, this book is quite thin, above is mainly the postures, repertoires and luck law of some fists, as well as some abstruse sutra, he only completely remembers with the half of the day, after all front this above does not have that many formation, but this Devil Subduing Fist difficulty be much bigger than that Suppressing Devil Qi Formation. Then he also has the time, he also puts on airs Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi knowing by heart, has simultaneously let Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou transcribes in the ring, because Xue Xianxian they do not understand this Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi. Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi is only in Suppressing Devil divine art part, the content naturally does not have Suppressing Devil divine art that many, but actually also many, is the same with Devil Subduing Fist, the difficulty is also very big. Three days pass by, Shen Xiang was sent out this room, although he has not looked at the practice attainments and methods of these Suppressing Devil Temple old Senior writing, but he has confidence to study independently, because he in recording, approximately understood that these martial arts difficulties, are familiar with many divine art foundations by him, he does not think difficultly.