World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 575
Shen Xiang looks at Hua Xiangyue, ridicules saying: unexpectedly works as your madame's front to entice me, your this maidservant was too dissolute.” Saying, he vigorously has then pinched Hua Xiangyue that tension full round buttocks, making Hua Xiangyue exude one to recite tenderly. Liu Meng'er lightly snorted, then earnestly asked: little rascal, why don't you let Xianxian and Youlan stay in Devil Subduing School?” Shen Xiang has made Long Xueyi pass on message for him gives Gu Dongchen, making Gu Dongchen find the way to pass on to Liu Meng'er, making her prevent two females to return to Devil Subduing School once more. In Devil Subduing School is unsafe to them, later I told in you again the detailed situation, in brief was very complex.” The Shen Xiang complexion becomes very serious, he does not want to make Liu Meng'er be worried now, therefore has not told them the details. For all that but Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue are worried. Does not need to be worried my, my skill haven't you known?” Shen Xiang smiled, has put out a box, throws to Liu Meng'er, this is he box that obtains from Zheng Chu there, above full is formation restriction, but in the box has Heaven Level pill. Shen Xiang does not have the ability to untie these formation now, no matter also acts unreasonably, for fear that the box can ruin. Liu Meng'er received the box to look that complexion slightly changes, then very looks at that box earnestly, she is analyzing these formation with Divine Sense. Hua Xiangyue wrinkled the nose, obviously smelled a very pale pills fragrance, by her the understanding pills, distinguishes in that box definitely to have Heaven Level pill all of a sudden. She has pulled the Shen Xiang's finger, asked in a low voice: Where does this box come? Inside depositing, but Heaven Level pill.”

Did not tell!” Shen Xiang said with a smile mischievously, cannot help but put out a hand to stroke Hua Xiangyue that to caress flatters monster flexure the face. Snort, it is estimated that is you snatches, in Mortal Martial World, the person who can refine Heaven Level pill are not many.” Hua Xiangyue has dug the fainting small mouth, tenderly snorted and said. Liu Meng'er said: Above formation is I have not seen, should from other world, but I must not break difficultly, these formation restriction look like rigorous, but actually collapses at the first blow for me.” Saying, on her pair of white hands suddenly was reappearing the pure and holy white light, saw only her gently one, on that jade box blew out light breeze, with an energy, obviously was these formation restriction in a moment ago by Liu Meng'er breaking. Shen Xiang was excited immediately, walked, has kissed on the Liu Meng'er's fragrant face, then opened the box. When the box opens, [gold/metal] white light glow explodes to dodge suddenly, making Shen Xiang and two female dumbfounded, especially that rich medicine is fragrant, is makes people feel to shock. The three people in shock, line of sight condense on that box five grains of pill pellet, these five grains of pill pellet are sending out [gold/metal] white intense closing, [gold/metal] white light alternately glittering, is similar to fierce positive general dazzling. Shen Xiang has covered the cover, has attracted several tones fiercely, is tranquil. What pill is this?” Shen Xiang looks at whole face shocking Hua Xiangyue, asked.

Multiplying Pill, Heaven Level middle-grade, quality excellent!” Hua Xiangyue replied immediately, on the face full was with amazement: Multiplying Pill herbs, only then on Heaven World has, because herbs is unable to grow in Mortal World, where this box do you make?” I have killed one fellow who gets down from Heaven World, plunders from him.” Shen Xiang said at will, on the face full is excited, this is Heaven Level Middle-Grade Dan, priceless treasure. Su Meiyao said: Truly is Multiplying Pill, this is one type simultaneously has therapy and restore True Qi , to promote cultivation base pills, especially transcends tribulation time, if receives the severe wound, eats up this Multiplying Pill, within the body True Qi will become inexhaustible, will be hard to consume, moreover injured fleshly body, will restore in a short time, if fleshly body will be injured again, will continue to restore again, continued till the efficacy conclusion.” In Heaven World, this pill is also expensive, a pill is difficult to ask, has not thought that Zheng Chu unexpectedly has five grains all of a sudden!” Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er prepared transcends tribulation, Shen Xiang did not hope these two tender dī dī beautiful women when crossed Nirvana Tribulation the fragrant disappearing jade to damage, therefore he has given each of them naturally one grain, after all this was his woman. We will not use as far as possible, this is very rare pills.” Liu Meng'er said that in she and Hua Xiangyue hand also many Good Fortune Dan and Life Returning Pill herbs, although these are also precious, but is actually well below this Multiplying Pill. I do not have the admitting mistakes master, my this whole life first time sees this Multiplying Pill.” Hua Xiangyue said with a smile sweetly, coquettish look such as the silk looks at Shen Xiang, then giggle said with a smile tenderly: if wanted I avoid, lets the madame and master is intimate.” Does not use.” Liu Meng'er face one red, hurriedly said. Shen Xiang somewhat loses, but he is smiling, has put out three thick books, places on the table: This is in Devil Subduing martial arts fiercest, but is somewhat abstruse, you study slowly.”

Suppressing Devil Qi Formation?” Liu Meng'er was attracted immediately by this martial arts, hastily is glancing through, is involved, especially sees these formation time, Shen Xiang thought that now moves her clothes, she possibly will not pay attention to him. Little Flower, I arranges a place to the master, I must adjust the condition well, three days later hits shatter running water the fellow who that Sacred Dan World comes.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, smiled ambiguous. Hua Xiangyue spat one tenderly, is pulling the Shen Xiang's arm, is shuttling back and forth in the hole, finally came to a very refined stone chamber, this is the Hua Xiangyue's room, moreover Shen Xiang still smells her and Liu Meng'er's body in this inside is fragrant, Liu Meng'er is also and she lives here. Hua Xiangyue delivers to here Shen Xiang, will leave, sees only Shen Xiang to hold on her, hugs her in the bosom, not saying anything further, collects directly the lip, kisses Hua Xiangyue forcefully. little rascal......” Hua Xiangyue struggled scolded several, but actually better made the Shen Xiang's tongue enter to her mouth, at this moment, she has not revolted again, Shen Xiang to her good, she is clearest, tastes the matter that a benefit did not have unable to hit to this little rascal now, let alone she was the Shen Xiang's maidservant. Hua Xiangyue to kissing slightly strangely, under the Shen Xiang's guidance, quick is skilled, the fragrant tongue crazy is twining with Shen Xiang's, sucking , the strange and comfortable feelings changes her tender body, makes she has not being able to say wonderful comfortable, this makes her cannot help but closely hug the Shen Xiang's tiger body. Unknowingly, Shen Xiang get lost Hua Xiangyue this spirit on the bed, the fervor is kissing, their clothing are in utter confusion at this time, Hua Xiangyue has revealed that beautiful fragrant shoulder and fine snow white collar bone, the milk-white bosom half bare, seizes the person dazzling.