World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 577
Hua Qiuxia very repugnant Shen Xiang, perhaps is reason that because envies, naturally, because also previous Shen Xiang in developing Martial Gathering to her manner, this makes her take to heart. Has a matter you to do, this is on Devil Subduing School transfers.” The Hua Qiuxia complexion becomes ice-colder. I, if isn't dry?” The Shen Xiang's sound also becomes ice-cold, if not side Hua Qiuxia has Nirvana Realm martial artist, he definitely rubbish with her these many. Hua Qiuxia does not have the direct reaction he , to continue saying: You, when competes with alchemy with that person, must lose to him intentionally, seeks his favorable impression, then you give him Hell Spirit Grass in your hand you, told him some of our Devil Subduing School people to see him.” Shen Xiang smiled: You did not think that this is very absurd? I told you, the father must win him, but must make him lose very ugly! Let me lose to him intentionally, gives back to precious Hell Spirit Grass to him, this simply is the wishful thinking, you think that I do meet obediently to be others' son-of-a-bitch like you? What listens to others?” Hears the Shen Xiang's words, the elder and Hua Qiuxia are angry immediately, waves to attack the Shen Xiang's time in them, on the throat of that old man suddenly was resisted by the sharp White Jade spear head, on the throat of Hua Qiuxia also presented a very thin long sword. Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er also appear, this frightens Hua Qiuxia immediately the complexion snow white, the forehead full is the sweat, she already heard that Shen Xiang obtains on Chenwu Mainland the strongest two women to shelter, but has not thought that they can always be together with Shen Xiang, crucial time unexpectedly appeared. Snort, dares in my Danxiang Taoyuan's domain to my chief honor alchemy master fight, aren't you tired of living?” Hua Xiangyue coldly said, in the sound passes a dignity, day for peace that is filling the beautiful woman who caresses flatters the character and style to be entirely different. „Are you what kind of? If you dare to our fight, Devil Subduing School not to let off your!” Elder hurriedly said, he also crossed the people of Nirvana Realm seven tribulations, but after he induced to Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er's aura, cannot help but the whole body cold sweat, he thought that he did not beat these two women. „The Yun Yan elder, catches them, imprisons in dying, waits to punish.”

The Hua Xiangyue's voice falls, big valiant old man suddenly appears, in him behind also with whom several old man and old woman, each one aura fining is powerful, is in Danxiang Taoyuan the person of strength apex, although they not alchemy, but actually depends upon Hua Xiangyue's pills, has the powerful strength, therefore they are loyal and devoted to Danxiang Taoyuan. But Shen Xiang the Hua Xiangyue's master, Hua Xiangyue naturally must guarantee that safety of Shen Xiang in Fragrance City, the time sends the master to follow close on, but this time she must watch Shen Xiang and that Sacred Dan World person with Liu Meng'er competes with alchemy, therefore follows in Shen Xiang behind, has not thought that actually discovers the Devil Subduing School's person to Shen Xiang fight. „The courage of these fellows were also too big.” Hua Xiangyue coldly snorted. Shen Xiang smiled to them, then continues to walk toward plaza. Fan Yakun here was already waiting for Shen Xiang, seeing a Shen Xiang face to arrive self-confidently, he said with a smile: I also think that you do not dare to come!” What words is this? What high level pills although I have not been able to build up now, but I am confident to my alchemy level, how doesn't know to?” Shen Xiang asked. I came this Mortal Martial World also to have a period of time, I had inquired your matter, the person like you also was really ten thousand years rare meets! I know that you definitely understand Refining Simulation Technique, but at the competition, Refining Simulation Technique often can display peak, this is also equal to challenging the limit is the same.” Fan Yakun said with a smile. Shen Xiang also approves of the view of Fan Yakun, his first time uses Refining Simulation Technique time, because is imminent, therefore one time has succeeded, because later is not competing, he will use Refining Simulation Technique to be defeated many times. To increase a pressure, I thought that we best are gambling anything.” Fan Yakun eyes glittering, said: If I have won, how you do give me your alchemic furnace?”

Shen Xiang one startled, he has not thought that this Fan Yakun unexpectedly knows his alchemic furnace is any goods, his brow wrinkles tightly, had pondered, then gives Fan Yakun sound transmission with Divine Sense: If I have won you, you lead me to go to Sacred Dan World!” Does not have the issue, so long as can compete alchemy under the fair competition, so long as can win, has the qualifications to step into Sacred Dan World, no matter otherwise he is strong, no matter his god child or Immortal, presumptuously think to enter Sacred Dan World!” Fan Yakun also responded to Shen Xiang with Divine Sense, he knows certainly that entered Sacred Dan World is each alchemy teacher's dream. Shen Xiang has not thought that this Fan Yakun will comply such simply, this makes him immediately excited, but he must win this Fan Yakun to be good. Hears Fan Yakun to mention the god child, Shen Xiang knows the mysterious god child in that Devil Subduing School to look for this Fan Yakun, but Fan Yakun does not show respect for somebody's ability. This is Truth Stone, so long as you grab this stone, said that the truth, the stone will not shine, if have lied, will dodge red light! This is the treasure in our Sacred Dan World, then I and you separately grasp bit by bit the stone, proved one have not practiced these pill.” Fan Yakun grasps the transparent stone together in the hand, said: I have not refined Heaven Primordial Profound Black Dan.” When sees only that rubble stone Vung Tau has shone, Fan Yakun lightly smiled: This explained that my have lied, actually I understood that refines Heaven Primordial Profound Black Dan!” The Shen Xiang heart jumps suddenly, in person who around plaza surrounds, expresses the intermittent exclamation, because of that Heaven Primordial Profound Black Dan, but Earth Level middle-grade, is one type has pill of use very much. This Fan Yakun looks like such young, unexpectedly understood that refined Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan!

He He, too do not overestimate me, I refine in the accidental situation, besides that time, I have tried several times, has not succeeded, my level also in Earth Level low-grade.” Fan Yakun said that the stone in his hand has not shone red light, showed that he does not have have lied. Fan Yakun throws to Shen Xiang the stone, said: You try!” Shen Xiang is taking the stone, said: I did not understand that refines Pure Elemental Golden Pill.” The stone dodges red light immediately, explained his have lied. Shen Xiang said with a smile: I now am also only the Profound Level Middle-Grade Dan medicine level, I want to challenge Profound Level High-Grade pills!” Fan Yakun has not ridiculed Shen Xiang, but is the nod said: Your this year age can be in this situation, in Sacred Dan World was also the unusual talent, can you refine following Profound Level High-Grade Dan? I have the herbs words, practices to you.” Shen Xiang holds in high esteem to this Fan Yakun at this time, before he impression to Fan Yakun was bad, but now from the Fan Yakun speech and behavior, he is not the person of that being insufferably arrogant.