World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 578
Because is Shen Xiang's Alchemy Competition, but mingles among the person in Fragrance City, somewhat understands the matters in some pills aspects, at this time attracted many people to encircle to watch. Decision result has nothing to do in building up pills rank and quantity, but looked that who can refine, I thought that we refine these have never refined pills now, faced with the similar difficulty, our rounds competition, every round refines oneself have never refined pill, once some people are unable to refine, loses!” Fan Yakun smiled: What pill do you plan to refine first? I can provide herbs to you.” The Shen Xiang eyebrow is beating, came from this contest rule, the request to Refining Simulation Technique is extremely high, once otherwise makes a mistake, that means to lose, once lost, but must pay the serious price, this really has the challenge. I used my herbs that's alright!” Shen Xiang shook the head to reject, he to his herbs was the understanding, when using Refining Simulation Technique, to the herbs understanding was also a big advantage. Oh? you are worried that I don't have? Profound Level High-Grade Dan herbs I have several types!” Hears this Fan Yakun words, Shen Xiang knows the herbs sub- resources in that Sacred Dan World to be rich, if in Mortal Martial World this place, does not have a time-honored sect Beijing, is very difficult to have the massive rare and precious herbs resources, naturally, except for Shen Xiang this rarely seen. What I must refine is Black Sun Fire Pill, do you have?” Shen Xiang asked with a smile, Fan Yakun shook the head: I do not have, this Profound Level High-Grade Dan very has the difficulty, I want to see but actually.” Saying, he put out two has looked like very inferior alchemic furnace. To be fair, we use same alchemic furnace, moreover in process of refinement, so long as does not have to build up pill to come successfully, even if loses.”

Shen Xiang receives that pill furnace, after looking, the brow wrinkles slightly, this pill furnace is truly inferior, is that type is easy on exposed, must be used to refine Profound Level Middle-Grade Dan . Moreover the first challenge, difficulty then greatly. Fan Yakun is taking that Truth Stone, said: I must refine Halting Face Dan, I have not refined this pill!” That Truth Stone has not sent out the red ray, the one who proved Fan Yakun to say was the truth, now was one's turn Shen Xiang. Understood the Halting Face Dan person, after hearing these three characters, expresses the intermittent exclamation, because they fully realized that this pill is many females most needs, especially these with the Japanese senile woman, were having this pill, can make their appearances maintain temporarily. Shen Xiang is pinching that stone tightly: I have not refined Black Sun Fire Pill.” Stone not bright, Shen Xiang has given back to Fan Yakun stone. Black Sun Fire Pill is Profound Level High-Grade Dan, regarding Shen Xiang, complete is a strange domain, but Halting Face Dan that Fan Yakun must refine is also Earth Level middle-grade, pill who they choose is never has refined. That stone is really the good thing, if I have the same place, I definitely all day make this little rascal take and me speak.” Hua Xiangyue happily said with a smile. Liu Meng'er may not have Hua Xiangyue to be so relaxed now, she worries about Shen Xiang.

If these round cannot decide the victory and defeat, wanted one round, if their control ability to the Refining Simulation Technique were well-matched, then competes the endurance.” Hua Xiangyue said: You do not need to be worried his, he to Refining Simulation Technique grasps is very strong, has made rapid progress, I think that he is also using this competition to promote itself, he is also very confident to himself.” If lost, Shen Xiang must give Fan Yakun alchemic furnace, this loss very big, because Shen Xiang fully realizes that Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace precious place. Shen Xiang and Fan Yakun they conscientiously process herbs. If we alchemy failure in same round, that round did not keep a promise, can from come newly again.” Fan Yakun said. Shen Xiang nodded, at this time his Nine Sun Flame Fruit in hand is especially dazzling with Fire Spirit Grass, especially regarding these practice flame many people, these two spirit herb is similar to the treasure is the same, even if eats up directly, to cultivating the person of flame has very big help. But herbs that Fan Yakun processed, is some does not have the eye, although Shen Xiang did not look, but he actually knows that these are any herbs, because he also has. Fan Yakun in the herbs attraction by Shen Xiang hand, Black Sun Fire Pill he had also been seen, but herbs has not had, the alchemy master regarding the unknown thing, has always filled curiously, but he somewhat has doubts, Shen Xiang unexpectedly in the Halting Face Dan attraction by his hand, he was not guessed Shen Xiang also has this herbs. Person in a Mortal Martial World, can have so precious herbs, that truly is a very surprising matter, Fan Yakun, if knows that Shen Xiang is grasping some Heaven Level herbs, will be definitely more surprised, because these things are unusual including Sacred Dan World, but Shen Xiang can actually cause to be massive. Reason that herbs is precious, that is because rare, causes the rare reason, is the herbs maturity time is very long is very long, some are better for tens of thousands years maturity, even if the planter, requires very long time.

„The rottenness of this pill furnace real his mother, the real worry meets explode pill furnace!” Shen Xiang cautious and solemn puts in herbs toward pill furnace, now he is very anxious, he does not want to lose that precious alchemic furnace. Black Sun Fire Pill main herbs is the fire attribute nature, the fire-resistant ability is powerful, moreover occasionally the devour flame will nourish itself, the fire intensity is too weak, in disguised form nurturing herbs, the too strong words, will be easy to destroy herbs inside energy, regarding this, Shen Xiang must act bashful very accurately. Therefore he must display the limit Refining Simulation Technique, wants accurate refining simulation to leave to use any degree the flame to be appropriate. I must hold back one trick am good, this pill furnace I looked how long linked him unable to support, was not used for alchemy!” Shen Xiang frowned, release quietly magic power, the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace formation, is wrapping that inferior pill furnace, but Shen Xiang frequently is also preparing in the instance that must make a mistake, transfers alchemic furnace inside flame and herbs to Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, this to the request of magic power and Divine Sense is extremely high, and easy to be defeated. Fan Yakun secretly is also anxious at this time, what he refines is Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan, the request to the flame compared with Shen Xiang higher, he also realize that at this time alchemic furnace bearing capacity very only bad, this pill furnace is he buys casually in the street, he has overestimated these inferior alchemic furnace. Among plaza, the people by far are leaving Shen Xiang and Fan Yakun, because they see that originally ash-gray pill furnace, now slowly blushes, threatening heat overflows from the inferior pill furnace surface, looks like probably must momentarily explode pill furnace such, is very scary. Their fellows to Refining Simulation Technique grasps is strong, unexpectedly can support more than half double-hour with this trash pill furnace!” In Hua Xiangyue on tall tower, stares at pill furnace that two are wanting to melt probably, beautiful eyes glittering.