World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 579
In the Shen Xiang heart is criticizing that Fan Yakun, when chooses pill furnace, unexpectedly such stingy, makes this goods to come, let alone refined Profound Level Dan, even if were Spirit Level Dans very has the difficulty. But Fan Yakun actually must refine Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan, Shen Xiang looked at the Fan Yakun complexion, saw that Fan Yakun is also same as him at this time, was cursing this trash pill furnace. Because of the alchemic furnace reason, their progress are slow, in little burning is building up in pill furnace these stubborn herbs, if increases the fire intensity, once that frail alchemic furnace is unable to withstand the quantity of heat, will immediately melt, means the failure. Those who let Fan Yakun feel relieved, he recognized that Shen Xiang definitely also will be defeated because of pill furnace, when the time comes only then two results, one is they are failed, then always, either is he can succeed to refine, but does not have what confidence to the latter. At this time, Shen Xiang's alchemic furnace shivered, moreover vibrated is away from, lets person discuss spiritedly that all around surrounded, terrified restless, was worried that met suddenly to blow out big group flame, the flame imposing manner that because Shen Xiang that alchemic furnace sent out was threatening, is having a strong ferocious overbearing imposing manner, erupted one after another, was sweeping entire plaza. The imposing manner, can be so intrepid, if this type of flame braves, will stain, will not feel better there, now the people very admire Shen Xiang, because he can in displaying the situation of this type of flame, will not make alchemic furnace be melted. On the contrary, the release of Fan Yakun the flame aura is gentle, has not made people feel that is uncomfortable, crisis that but Fan Yakun faces at this time, is the same with Shen Xiang, alchemic furnace momentarily because of a negligence, the control to the flame insufficient and friendly. They at this time full guy, must carry on the spiritual consumption of limit, displays Refining Simulation Technique, while must pay attention to alchemic furnace, this makes them display to surpass the limit the level, at this time they have a thought that in preserving the alchemic furnace situation, builds up successfully pill.

Present Shen Xiang, compared with beforehand alchemy time, earnest hundred times, does not dare to have any negligence, this also from very tremendous pressure, now he knows that alchemy also with practicing martial arts to be the same, needs to compete with others, can progress amazingly quick, can display the favorable balance of trade level in the difficult position! A double-hour passed by, that makes the person think alchemic furnace that immediately must explode, has actually been insisted by them now, but alchemic furnace was getting more and more red, probably is the heat iron slab, is sending out gorgeous red light. Before Shen Xiang and Fan Yakun, does not have to think one will insist this degree, although they think that immediately wants not to be good, they but who does not concede, display peak various aspects, boiled little. Although Shen Xiang's alchemic furnace has been swaying, but this truly Shen Xiang intentionally, this is to let alchemic furnace releases certain quantity of heat not to be fused, making Fan Yakun this time alchemic furnace shiver, is because he had problems in alchemy, causing alchemic furnace to become very unstable, has the explode pill furnace sign. „The fellow is not quickly good!” Su Meiyao said that at this time she also worries, she is hoping Shen Xiang can one round win, especially this round to both sides both disadvantageous situation. If this round they have not succeeded, then the next round starts, Fan Yakun definitely will become more careful, when the time comes must win is more difficult. suddenly, the explosive of bang burns hot qi wave with one, in the Shen Xiang heart in great surprise, hastily releases strength, forms a guard shield, protects him and alchemic furnace, this is that Fan Yakun explode pill furnace causes!

Fan Yakun alchemic furnace in a moment ago that instantaneous, vanishes into thin air, turns into the powder, has vanished into thin air, at this time Fan Yakun is sitting cross-legged to sit in the ground, the complexion is slightly pale, the whole body is the sweat, he is gasping for breath slightly, a face is unbelievable, his unexpectedly will be defeated, is bearing the attack of failure simultaneously, he looks immediately to Shen Xiang. In plaza was in a tumult, erupts an intermittent discussion sound and sigh, especially these alchemy masters, seeing furnace Halting Face Dan herbs such not to have, cannot help but regretted that a face was grieved. Although Shen Xiang's alchemic furnace has been swaying, but in actually Fan Yakun is stabler, moreover inside herbs nature does not have Fan Yakun is so tyrannical, but the situation is still not optimistic. Fan Yakun quickly restored from the failure, he knows that the own present mentality is very important, he must maintain self-confident, prepares to deal with the next round, he thinks that Shen Xiang is unable to succeed, the edge that he sees Shen Xiang that alchemic furnace destroy, will have slightly carelessly, a moment ago will explode like him! Although anticipated that others explode pill furnace this is a weak one mentality, but Fan Yakun sees the time that Shen Xiang insists longer, in heart on anticipation even more, otherwise he will be defeated, he is also in a bone very arrogant person, he somewhat is hard to accept this failure, he thinks that this has not displayed his alchemy level, completely is because was limited by alchemic furnace. But Shen Xiang is also same as him, had been limited by alchemic furnace, if Shen Xiang can succeed, can explain that Shen Xiang's be fiercer than him. Shen Xiang now the streaming with sweat, this was not been hot by alchemic furnace, because in one mental tight condition, the hypertension causes, he has cremated half herbs now, part herbal powder and herbal Spirit Qi that matter on alchemic furnace are wreaking havoc, is very tyrannical, this causes him more and more to think thorny.

Is now!” The Shen Xiang pupil contracts fiercely, sees only that alchemic furnace suddenly to turn into the ashes, at the same time, red light glittering comes out, is similar to fierce positive general, float in void! Flickered to check in that a moment ago, Shen Xiang shifts in that inferior pill furnace to Illusionary Brilliant Furnace in successfully! Although this transparent alchemic furnace cannot see, but compares to these inferior alchemic furnace, is top grade same existence. At this time the people can look that sees herbs to be wrapped to burn by the flame in the middle that matter to build up, sends out intermittent dazzling Hong Xia, but is similar to the Hong Xia running water general energy, is spurting to be thin the mist, rushes the uppermost that matter, herbs changes to herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder process, clear, many have not seen this person, cannot help but dumbfounded, places oneself the person in that beautiful multi-colored sunlight, feels to shock, vanishes to be full of praise regarding Shen Xiang this alchemy! At a loss for words from Shen Xiang recent Fan Yakun, before dumbstruck looks at the Shen Xiang body, that erupts the beautiful Hong Xia alchemy process, this process he, only then can see in alchemic furnace, but that process appears in his mind, with personally sees very big difference, did not say is he, many old alchemy masters by this scene shocking. Fan Yakun has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly will use such one, he knows certainly that before Shen Xiang does not depend upon alchemic furnace also to be able alchemy, but has not thought of Shen Xiang unexpectedly also when pill furnace originally will break to pieces, will transfer inside to pill furnace that in that will unable to see, seeing Shen Xiang this vanishing, Fan Yakun to have the impulsion that will plant to acknowledge as teacher!